Would you pay $600,000 to live on Tom Mix Road?

The  site of the city’s first permanent movie studio that opened  more than a century ago on the border of Echo Park and Silver Lake will soon be covered with 70 homes.  While the Selig Polyscope studio is long gone,  the developer of what is know as SL70 project has decided to honor the place where the studios of Edendale – as the area was once known – began churning out silent films and minting some of the industry’s first movie stars.  “We worked hard to create a subtle, but substantive way to pay homage to this properties history,”  Mark Higgins, Senior Vice President at Trumark.  But instead of a plaque, Trumark decided to honor Selig-Polyscope with street names in the small-lot development:

  • Edendale Lane
  • Fox Lane (named after William Fox, who purchased the selig-Polyscope studio)
  • Polyscope Place
  • Silent Era Drive
  • Silent Era Road
  • Selig Drive
  • Tom Mix Road (named after the actor who became a star in movie Westerns produced by Selig-Polyscope)

Higgins said it took some convincing but city officials finally signed off on the studio-related names.

The first batch of homes, priced in the $600,000-range, are expected to be completed early next year.


  1. $600,000 to live next to one of the most congested fwy off ramps? Yeah…

  2. Whatever the roads are named – my question is, how the heck are all those people going to use them to get out onto Glendale Blvd during morning rush hour?

  3. They have to do special construction to shield the residents from the noise (not to mention the pollution). What a horrible idea. Plus, seventy homes squeezed into something like 3 acres… say you had three people per home on average, that’s 70 people per acre. We have nearly and acre, and there’s only five of us living there. I couldn’t imagine 65 more! Like hamsters, I tell ya…

  4. Silent Era? How about Keystone Kourt?

  5. It appears they’re building it with no HOA. Kind of a cool trend I’ve been seeing… unless you have a neighbor with ugly landscaping 🙂

  6. I actually fell in love with this little corridor. Echo Park on one side, Silver Lake on the other. I’d live there if it felt like a true “community” and I could walk everywhere. But yeah, they’re going to have to deal with the traffic on Glendale. Somebody with some brains and a sophisticated sense of neighborhood design…

  7. Normally I wouldn’t want to see a project of this size, but it actually could really revitalize that section of Glendale Blvd. If they do it right, it could add much needed community vibrancy that has been vacant and unused for years.

  8. Hmmm, sounds like a lot of private streets & a gated community.

  9. does that price include gas masks?

  10. As much as the DOT continues to make “improvements” to move more cars through this corridor there is a growing movement to remove the 2 freeway from the 5 to Glendale Blvd.. Then replace it with a medium to large surface street and create residential space with park space, The 2 was stopped from connection with the 101 what remains should be returned to the residents.

    • That’s a good idea! That’s a real mess over there. Although it doesn’t eliminate the problem of people going from the 5 and the 2 into downtown via Alvarado/Glendale. Still it would HAVE to be better than what is there.

  11. Hey! Selig Drive already exists in Lincoln Heights! Cultural banditry! I am sharpening my pitch fork now.

    I am going to march on the property and take the Selig Dr. sign and return it to Lincoln Heights.

  12. uh whhhhhat?

    Friendly banter among commenters with a smidge of useful information about the area?

    No slams on ****sters or ***sters moving in?

    No authentication by whinging about “what it used to be like”?

    I could really like this being cordial to other people’s opinions/observations thing….

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