Ailing coyote takes a morning stroll through Echo Park

Photo by Echo Park resident

An Echo Park woman caught sight of a sickly-looking coyote as it wandered near Mohawk and Reservoir streets on Tuesday morning. The scrawny coyote appeared to be on the hunt as it wandered the streets and sniffed out yards at about 10:45 a.m. The woman, who snapped photos as she followed the coyote for 15 minutes, said the animal looked like it had not caught anything in quite a while:

Crows were following him and cawing very loudly. Not sure if they were waiting for a kill or waiting for him to die. But it is very sad that this guy isn’t trapped and taken to better hunting grounds.

Photo by Echo Park resident

Photo by Echo Park resident

Photo by Echo Park resident



  1. Such a beautiful creature.

  2. How sad. I hope the coyote either finds something to eat (other than someone’s pet) and gets back to a wilderness area, or painlessly passes away….

  3. My wife had a similar scrawny coyote stand outside her car door and stare at her when she parked up from Valeries … she rolled the window down a bit and made a shooing noise and it took off. She says it could have reached out and touched it. It may have been tracking on our cat which was crossing the street to await here arrival. This is a number of blocks from that location so I doubt it is the same one. But a scrawny, hungry coyote is a bold coyote so beware. Arf.

  4. Echo Park Neighbor

    When cat owners are posting signs around the neighborhood for their lost cat and wondering where their cat went, I hope they wake up and realize the coyotes are very real and they are hunting your pet. (A lot of cat owners are in denial and think “freedom” is worth the risk.)

  5. Next person who sees him should call or email Officer Greg Randall at LA Animal Control, (213) 485-8855, gregory.randall@lacity.org. He can help the coyote if you tell him where it is..

  6. i do believe it is illegal to relocate coyotes in CA.
    i think it has to do with spreading distemper to other packs of coyots…..

  7. If I have a day off this week, I’m going to drive down the 2, head to the McDonald’s on Glendale Blvd., then find this pobrecito and toss a double cheeseburger in his path.

  8. I’m no expert, but this coyote may have additional issues desides hunger. Poor thing.

  9. Saw a coyote with a kill yesterday morning around 6:30am across the alley in a neighbors yard while I was letting my (big) dog out in my backyard. This was in angelino heights. Hope it wasn’t a cat, was hard to tell from my location.

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