Elderly man killed crossing Glassell Park street*

crashA man believed to be in his 80s died early Sunday evening after being struck by at car on Eagle Rock Boulevard in Glassell Park, according to a City News report in the Daily News. The man was in a crosswalk at Eagle Rock Boulevard and Avenue 41 when he was hit by a northbound vehicle. The driver “basically said he didn’t see the man” a traffic officer told City News.

The fatal collision prompted the closure of Eagle Rock Boulevard traffic lanes for several hours.

* Update:  The pedestrian has been identified as 83-year-old Jeremias Ignacio.


  1. More crosswalks need to have lights that flash when a pedestrian is crossing.

  2. We were coming back from Trader Joes last night and saw all the emergency vehicles there. We only saw one car and immediately knew it was a pedestrian who was crossing that dangerous crosswalk got hit. It is so dark there. Residents and community members have been advocating for increase lighting and street improvements for decades all along Eagle Rock Blvd. It’s very difficult when you have 3 council districts to deal with. No continuity. Yes, a light assisted crosswalk will be installed there soon. When? What if it was already installed? Poor soul. My condolences to the family.

  3. A lighted crosswalk is a $250,000 fixture which will need to be maintained. It only has a local effect in terms of crossing safety. A road section re-striped to narrow lanes (for example) and bring top car speeds down to 25 mph would work over a larger area and would cost less than $250,000.

    The likelihood that a pedestrian will survive being hit by a car depends very much on how fast that car is driving. Average car speeds on Eagle Rock rarely get up to 25 mph – but people hit 45 mph between lights. If max. speeds were lowered through road design we’d have fewer fatal crashes and those that occurred would be less injurious as well.

    The smart money is not on lighted crosswalks. The smart money is a slower overall road design for Eagle Rock Blvd. The bike lanes on the lower portion of Eagle Rock Blvd in Glassell Park barely affect car speeds. Bike lanes alone are not working here. We need the LADOT to re-think the design speed on this stretch of road and allocate road space to drop maximum car speeds.

    • Good response, thanks! The first time I drove on Eagle Rock Blvd, I was like, “where the heck am I? Why is there a giant, six lane, nearly empty road in this neighborhood?” It feels very unfriendly, and it doesn’t fit in with the neighborhood.

      How about simply adding more sodium lights to the street? It’s a pretty dark place. How cost-effective would more lights be?

  4. A life is a priceless thing. The gentleman that passed was my husbands grandfather & my 2 son’s great grandfather. He was the dad of 9 children who came to America from the Philippines for a better life. Our hearts are breaking…My husband returned 3 months ago from Afghanistan, and they lost his 30 year old cousin unexpectedly in September. Last night, we received a phone call to our home on the east coast saying his grandfather had passed….Please remember no amount of money can be spared at the cost of a beautiful life….safety is a priceless thing, no family should ever have to go through this,

  5. That old man should have been more careful, I know that sounds cruel but what was he wearing?
    Did he just walk out in front of the car expecting it to stop?
    Was he in a crosswalk?
    If he was in a legal crosswalk (and that area has just all been re-striped)
    then I would think that driver is in deep doo-doo.

    But if the man was crossing in the dark, not in a crosswalk and dressed in black, well?

    • Don’t blame the victim… our streets are dangerous by design.

    • @BRADLEY The article is only four sentences long. The second sentence states that he was in a crosswalk. It might help to read before making comment.

    • Ignacio granddaughter

      Next time before you comment make sure you know the facts. Just by adding a disclaimer about being cruel does not make you ignorant.
      My grandfather was crossing on a legitimate crosswalk, which we drive by daily on the way to visit him at his home.
      Don’t post something if your comments do not add any substance and may harm the family members that are struggling at this time.
      Thank you.

  6. Bradley, your post is pretty damn insensitive — one day you will be in your early 80s, like this unfortunate gentleman, w/o a license to drive and needing to get across a busy street.

    Whether you are wearing black, white or Cal Trans worker orange you may be walking slowly, with arthritis or a cane, hip or knee replacements, or all above and obeying all pedestrial laws when some young, insensitive fool on his phone may slam into you.

    My take on this is 1/everyone drives too fast in crowded LA, 2/turn off the damned phone, people, 3/a slowly moving senior citizen, in any color of clothing, IS MOVING SLOW ENOUGH TO SEE AND STOP FOR.

    • i hate people talking/texting on their phones while driving as much as anyone, but let’s not pile your unsubstantiated speculation on top of bradley’s ignorance, eh? nowhere does the article state that the driver was on his phone at the time of the accident.

      i drive this stretch of eagle rock blvd. every day, and that particular crosswalk is beyond poorly lit, and the sidewalk from which pedestrians crossing from the south side of the street originate is twice as dark as the crosswalk itself. frankly, the only reason more pedestrians aren’t hit there at night is that the crosswalk is seldom used.

      slowing traffic to a 25mph crawl on a big, open six lane street is not the answer either. eagle rock blvd. is one of the few streets in LA on which automobiles actually move even at rush hour, and it contributes greatly to the relatively open flow of traffic in my neighborhood. i’d like to keep it that way, thanks.

      a couple of simple, strategically placed street lamps would make this crosswalk about 1000% safer and cost the city very little.

      my condolences to the family.

      • 25mph is not a crawl– this is a neighborhood, not a damn freeway. Leave the speeding for the race track Mr. Paul Walker Jr.

        • it’s absolutely a crawl, unless you’re a hundred years old and shouldn’t be driving any longer. eagle rock blvd. is not a residential street in any way, shape, or form. a 25mph speed limit would be ridiculous.

          another simple (and probably the cheapest) solution is to move the crosswalk a hundred yards down the street to the light at verdugo rd. with a walk/don’t walk protocol, and get rid of the one where this poor man was killed.

      • Day or night, drivers do not stop for pedestrians in this crosswalk. A light won’t change that.

  7. Does anyone really think the old man wearing a yellow shirt would have avoided this? Is death an adequate punishment for this old man not wearing a bright color? Are black people supposed to wear extra bright colors at night so they can be seen walking since they are darker than white people?

    Here’s my idea: cars, if traveling at night, should be painted bright neon pink so that pedestrians can see the cars that refuse to yield and jumped out of the way.

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