Highland Park 7-Eleven store employee shot dead*

A convenience store employee was fatally shot Sunday night during a robbery of a 7-Eleven store in Highland Park, according to a City News story published by the Daily News.  The man was pronounced dead at a hospital after being shot at about 10:30 p.m. in the store located at at Avenue 52 and Figueroa Street.

Police told CBS2 that two male suspects made off with an unknown amount of cash.  A 7-Eleven store in Lincoln Heights was robbed about an hour earlier than the Highland Park incident but police are not sure if the two crimes are connected.

* Update: Police release photos of suspects in Highland Park convenience store killing.

* Update: Family and friends have set up an online fundraising website to help pay for burial costs and bring Perez’ parents to Los Angeles for the funeral.


  1. This is awful. I go to this 7-11 all of the time. The employees are always so friendly and nice. Does anybody know his name? I hope the perpetrators fry.

  2. Why did they kill the clerk?! There couldn’t have possibly been enough money to justify such a dumb crime.

    Is there some way to help out the victim’s family?

  3. I saw all this action last night as I drove past, and prayed everyone was OK.

    What can we do to help?

  4. Typical idiot thieves. I love how stupid these guys are. Shoot and kill a guy for a few hundred bucks??? Genius fellas, very genius. Maybe next you’ll kill a mouse just to get a piece of its cheese. Sucks that the clerk died. Especially with the holidays here. Hey thieves, how about you come over to my house and rob me. And you’ll see what will be waiting for you. I DARE you to come over and rob me. And I’ll even make it easy for you two since I live alone.

  5. The last comment by Dan is totally uncalled for and absurd. It’s a tragedy that the clerk died at the hands of two cowards, but there is no need to swing your dic and to try to act tough in light if this horrible event.

    • There’s nothing absurd about Dan’s comment or his reaction to the event. I think many people have similar reactions when we read about innocent people who are killed at the hands of criminals; we want revenge, or some sort of eye-for-an-eye justice. It might not be politically correct to express such emotions, but I wouldn’t call such a reaction absurd.

      • Thanks for your comment James! Seriously, how is my comment absurd??? An innocent man was killed at the hands of scumbags while working and has left behind a 5 year old little girl. Of course my reaction is going to be revenge. And it still is. And I’m not acting tough, I’m being ME. It’s who I am. I don’t fear anyone. We’re all meant to be on this earth for a certain amount of time and then leave. I’m just being real Trust. I’m the type of person to stand up for someone when they can’t and try to make things right, whatever that might be. Coincedentally, time has now run out on those two and hopefully karma will take care of it.

  6. So sad. I read in one article that he has a five year old daughter.
    If he was indeed a father, is there a fund set up for donations?

    • There is a donation box at the counter,as the store is open for business.
      Very sad and tragic that this happened. Hoping that the survilleance footage reveals something which is helpful.

    • Amazing that we rely on news outlets for information. Two “reputable” news sources reported different names and ages for the same person: ABC has it as Gonzalo Garcia, 31 and NBC has it as Gonzalo Perez, 38. I emailed 7-Eleven, Inc. (Corporate) and told them that many like us would like to contribute so Gonzalo’s family can have a proper burial and so his 5 yr old daughter has some sort of future ahead of her. She needs to know that people care, despite what happened to her father. I asked them to send a web link or name and phone number of anyone who might be establishing a verified, legitimate account in the victim’s name. Have not received a response yet. I encourage you to call and email them and ask the same thing. As a dad, I would hope someone might do the same for my daughters if it happened to me.

  7. Thank god hipsters are gentrifying the neighborhood.. Hopefully this will be a thing of the past in the coming decades. Prayers to the families involved.

    • I think it’s crass to bring gentrification politics into the mix.

      All residents who live here, new or not, deserve safety and to be able to work in peace.

      Can LAPD step up patrols along the Figueroa corridor?

      Why are the LAPD confident this isn’t related to the 7-11 robbery in Lincoln Heights on the same evening?

      • The story said the police weren’t sure if there was a connection between the two incidents.

      • Did not say they were confident. Said they were not sure. Not sure is different than confident. First of all they are spelled differently. The second thing is that one is of them is two words (not sure) , and the other is one word (confident). Do you see the difference? Also, they mean different things.

  8. I’m almost completely certain that the two incidents are related. To much of a coincidence. Two men rob a 7/11 like 30 minutes apart from one another. Using one gun. What are the chances. The M.O. The timing, the locations. It’s almost a no brainer. – Here’s the part that really bothers me. I walked into the 7/11 on Broadway (Lincoln Heights) ) And walked right into the middle of an armed Robbery.

    Last night around 10:30ish, I know it was after 10pm cause I realized the smart and final was closed which is where I would normally go for Milk, I walked right in on two little thugs who were seconds away from knocking over the store I walked into.

    I pullled into the 7/11 parking lot and was 3 parking spaces from the front door. I was tired so I didn’t pay to much mind/ or give to much concern to the fact that two gentlemen were standing at the register with their hoodies over their heads. I figured they were possibly stoned and forgot they had it on. I open the door and noticed these two guys both had black gloves on (It really wasn’t that cold outside). At this point I knew what I walked into and what was about to go down. But I walked in anyway cause I didn’t want to show fear or cause alarm. Anyway, I eye balled them. Saw that they both looked nervous, that they were watching me, that they looked out of place and I knew for sure what was happening. I know the clerk there and he gave me a look too.

    I went for my milk and at the back of the store, looked back at those two guys and sure enough they were watching me. I gave them a mean look. Deathly mean like I’m no one to be messed with. They chatted amongst themselves and they headed back to the Beer Fridge. They were nervous and kind of confused. I walk up to the register and the normally up beat clerk behind the counter says, “Hey man, those guys look suspicious.” And I loudly reply so I can be heard, “Yeah. No SHIT!” I asked him quietly, “What are you going to do?” “I don’t know, think I should call the cops?”
    (Keep in mind they haven’t committed any crime yet; they just looked super shady).

    “Heck yeah. I would!”
    I could sense the clerk tense up as if to suggest that they were coming back. – “Good luck man.” I tell him quietly and looking at him intensely. At this point I could feel the guys stand 2 feet behind me.
    “QUANTO” I shout in a strong macho tone so as to shock and confuse the robbers.
    “$3.54” <–(guess)
    I pay in cash to expedite the transaction.
    "Do you want a bag?"
    "Nah, I'll carry it out." "See you later man."
    I step outside and get in my car. When I look up the skinner and taller suspect is behind the counter with the clerk. I decided to leave because I didn't want to be sitting there watching when they stepped out and because I was hoping to god that there was a police car patrolling on Broadway. No such luck.

    I go down Broadway, One block with no police within site, I go around the block and come back to see if I can get a car make, model and license plate to call the police and let them know, but the two guys were gone.

    After reading this article I feel really really bad and guilty. I really wish there was something that I could have done. Maybe someone would be alive today. My gut was honestly telling me that these guys were about to do something really dirty and there was a high chance that they were armed. I'm really mad at myself. I can't stop thinking that there could have been something for me to do.

    • Hey Eddie, all the information you just shared should be forwarded to the LAPD. You might be able to help identify the suspects!!!

      • Very True Oscar. I ran into a police officer the following day and gave him all my info. Detective Gonzalo has contacted me and we’re going to connect so I can help out in anyway I can. I think it’s up to us the community that lives here to get involved and do what we can to help in anyway we can.

    • Echo Park resident

      Did the people you saw match the photos of the suspects released today? Were they African American?

  9. The updates are that the victim is 38 yrs. old and has a 5yr.old child. Also LAPD is looking for 2 African-American males between 25 and 30. Anyone hear of what area he lived in or what help we can be?

  10. Yes, please keep us posted if there’s a fund we can all help with. Such a tragedy. If I don’t hear of anything in the neighborhood, I would be willing to help start a fund to give the family.

  11. Wonder if this is also linked to the to black males in the shooting at glassell park? Any word on a vehicle?

  12. His name was Gonzalo Garcia, he was my wife’s cousin, 28 years old. Prior to 7-11 he was the butcher at the store on the corner of York & Ave. 56.

    • Thanks for all of the info. I would really like to donate. This breaks my heart. if I give at 7-11, does the family actually get it? If I mail a check to that address on Ave 56, is that actually his family?

      I read that he ran, and they shot him. Why couldn’t they just go? They got their money. There is a terrible criminal element moving into our area, murdering innocent victims. Be safe and vigilant you guys!

    • Carlos … encourage your wife or other of Gonzalo’s family members to set up a bank account to receive donations and then post the bank, address and branch manager contact info here. No offense, but I’m not gonna just drop off a couple hundred bucks on someone’s doorstep or in a cash box on the counter at 7-Eleven. I’m happy to donate, but I’ve burned by people too often. If it’s worth it to the family, they’ll do it. Thanks for the info Carlos.

      • Good idea, thanks for the advice. This is all new to us, we are all still in shock and trying to gather ourselves. I will keep you posted on bank info. In the meantime please feel free to contact me at Cf4maxbuild@aol.com. I will be more than happy to speak with anyone who needs info. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.

        • Carlos … any progress on the family’s fund? I’m concerned that this site continues to describe him as 38-yr old Gonzalo Lopez, yet you state that he’s 28-yr old Gonzalo GARCIA. Any idea where news outlets are getting info about what essentially amounts to a completely different person?

  13. NOE Homicide Detectives

    This message is for “Eddie” who posted a comment on December 23, 2013, at 7:23 pm. Can you please contact the LAPD/ Northeast Homicide Detectives at (323) 344-5744 so we can speak with you. You can still help by providing some information and identifying the suspects down the road. Anyone else with information can also call. If you wish to remain anonymous you can call “Crime Stoppers” at (800) 222-TIPS (8477).

  14. He was my uncle yes this is so heartbreaking for our whole family. Christmas was so sad this year being it was his favorite holiday of the year. He was such a happy and caring person I still can’t believe he is gone . I pray that those people that committee this evil crime get caught . There is a donation box at the store for those who would like to help we also have a fundraiser website people have been helping so much. If anyone would like to help out. I appreciate all the support . https://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/7-11-highland-park-shooting-victim/120023

  15. they should pass a law for clerks to be allowed to have guns,just like the guy at that li

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