Police release photos of suspects in Highland Park convenience store killing*

Police today released  photos of two suspects believed responsible for the  fatal shooting of Highland Park convenience store worker Gonzalo Perez.

Police released more details of the shooting, which took place on the evening of Sunday, Dec. 22 at the 7-Eleven store at the corner of Avenue 52 and Figueroa Street., that left Perez, 38, lying on the floor with a gunshot wound. He died later at a hospital. The police, in a press release said:

The victim was working in the convenience store as suspects entered the location posing as customers. The victim walked to the register to assist the suspects. Suspect-1 jumped over the counter and produced a handgun demanding money from the cash register. The victim walked away in an attempt to flee. Suspect-1 then fired one round striking the victim. The suspects fled the location. Suspect-1 and Suspect-2 are both described as male Blacks, between the ages of 25-30-years-old. There was no vehicle seen.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is urged to call Northeast Division Homicide Detectives Zesati and Aguilar at (323) 344-5744.

* Update: Family and friends have set up an online fundraising website to help pay for burial costs and bring Perez’ parents to Los Angeles for the funeral.


  1. Must Be From South L..A . They Must Have Escaped Down South On The 110

    • No offense 90032 but perhaps you should consider that there are black people in other parts of the city and that there is no ‘must’ needed in describing where they live. For all you know, they could live in El Sereno.

  2. I doubt El Sereno, don’t crap where you live. I agree though, could be from San Diego as far as any of us know.

  3. I Live In A Small Community Rose Hill . So There Is Not To Many Blacks . So These Too I Dont Reconize In The Area .I Am The Graffiti Guy I Am All Over The Rose Hill Area Looking For Graffiti . No Grafftiti In Rose Hill’

  4. Parasitic scum.

  5. Find them and fry them. We shouldn’t tolerate scum like this in a civil society.

  6. What idiots. Took this guys life away for nothing. I remember Gonzalo from the Guerrero market. Nicest guy ever.

  7. I’m normally not a conspiracy theorist, but the latest violence in Northeast L.A. – this killing as well as the robbery/murder of the man in Glassell Park – makes me wonder if there’s something larger at work, as if a large Northeast L.A. gang is saying, “If they’re going to crack down on us, we’ll stop protecting our area from outsiders.” Either that, or maybe it’s the law of unintended consequences; maybe the Latino gangs in Northeast L.A. have been weakened to the point that outsiders (read: black gang members) think it’s okay to come in and victimize the community. It just strikes me as odd – and more than a little brazen -for criminals from out of the area to attempt such attacks in neighborhoods that have historically had strong connections with … a large, powerful “upstate” group.

    • gosh, maybe we should ask the Latino gangs to come back to protect us

    • I don’t think its crazy at all. There has been a lot of violence. Having the gang members protecting us seems odd and unlikely. Its just ridiculous though. The cops know the players but laws written in favor of civil rights tie their hands. We need civil rights however, it should apply to decent society and not these animals. Will look forward to vigilantism. Its really the only way we will be able to take back our city.

      • I wouldn’t mind dirtbags taking out dirtbags if they drove out to the desert and took care of business here. The problem is, gang retaliations happen on our local streets. This d-bag on d-bag violence unnerves many people, strikes fear into some, causes some to feel unsafe in their own community. Additionally, and far too often, there’s collateral damage by innocents being hit by gunfire.

        Snitch on the perps and let the authorities take them down.

        • One day I hope the levee breaks. I hope that the community gets so outraged where the scum bags fear us and not the other way around. I do feel the police are being diligent about catching these guys. This is a higher profile kind of murder and not some random gang on gang act. Funny how piss poor the CCP are in this state. The do drug busts and warrant checks on the gang houses and they have an armory and I have to turn tricks to buy a bb gun.

        • Death squads really aren’t the answer.

    • I agree with your read of things. The first gangs in Mexican/Latino and Black neighborhoods in L.A. in the early 20th century sprang up as a mutual defense against outside groups attacking young men in a neighborhood. The rule of law is actually quite weak and the gang on “our side” (aka the civil police) cannot police an area as effectively nor as cheaply as a group of homeboys on the block. The homeboys come with their own set of issues quite apart from the direct costs like salaries and equipment that the police consume. Your point is well taken.

      I think it is also relevant to point out that a lot of these murders and robberies are facilitated by rapid access to the freeways in the area. People showing up in cars, committing crimes, and driving far away quickly could mean nothing but it could also mean that the folks being pushed out of the county to the exurbs in the Inland Empire and High Desert are using the freeway system to maraud into the urban core when they get desperate. Even if this is not occurring, I expect a new trope of crime fears to circle around the desperate and poor exurbanite, gentrified out of their old neighborhood to wage induced exile in San Bernardino or Lancaster (for example), coming back to L.A. to grab what they can and head back to their meth/human trafficking/etc. dens.

  8. El mejor de lo nuestro.

  9. The photo of these two cowards needs to be broadcast on the news! The proximity of the 7-11 to the 110 Freeway leads me to believe they are not from the Northeast area. Now could they be from Pasadena, Altadena, South LA or Moreno Valley etc…. “Yes, they could be! Someone will recognize these two fools! Sadly, they are probably waiting for REWARD money! And, yes there was a time in Highland Park’s past that people would be careful to venture into Avenues territory! Let’s not make this a gang or race issue! It’s a terrible crime and the community wants JUSTICE for the victim and his family.

  10. What an awful situation. May the victim rest in peace.

  11. 1. Criminals scope out the area before commuting a crime. This just shows a “Major” lack of policing on behalf of our finest LAPD.
    2. We need to demand better policing. We ca not go back to the crime rates of the 80s and 90s.

    • @Tony: community policing needs to start with the community, not the police. There’s simply not enough police to be everywhere at one. Additionally, marked police are easy to spot, giving bad folks the edge. We, as a community, need to keep an eye out, watch over ourselves and neighbors, and report suspicious people. I’m fortunate to live in a very low crime neighborhood. That is in large part due to the fact we have a strong neighborhood watch group which calls the police quite often to come check out suspicious people. I think local bad folks have gotten the message that it will be tough to get away with something near here. Additionally, many residents have security cams. Finally, we have a text messaging system where all the neighbors can alert each other instantly in the event of something serious.

  12. I’ve read these comments, and while I do think that most are well-meaning (all of us are shocked and horrified by the stupidity of this murder), most of these commenters are uninformed. Most crimes of this sort are not gang-initiated, and are not deterred by the presence of the local gangs. I would bet that those two guys spent very little time planning that robbery, and that the plans did not actually include shooting the cashier. All the planning consisted of, “yo, man, let’s go do a lick over there! We can get paid! Only one dude in there!” You cannot forget that stupidity and adrenaline are a lethal combination. I would guess–and I bet I’m right–that, if they had been in the store before (to scope it out), they concluded it would be a “good” place to rob because there was only one employee present. So they brought a gun, waved it around, and the fool who shot the cashier acted almost without thinking. I bet that very little time elapsed, and NO “reasoning” or mental process occurred, before he pulled the trigger. He got spooked, or he got mad, or he is just a trigger-happy idiot, and the gun got good to him, so he decided to pull, and blam! now both of them are looking at life sentences. The other guy–who didn’t shoot–is going to be mad as hell at the guy who did, and he’s going to claim that “he didn’t know” that his idiot friend was going to do it. Not that it makes any difference at all. I’ll also bet that both of them were high when it happened. That’s the true tragedy of the loss of this man’s life: it didn’t have to happen (I bet he’d give the $$), and the idiots who took his life never stopped to think twice about what might happen– either before going in there, or afterwards, when it dawned on them that they had just done something which will end their own lives, too.
    After all, if there had been any planning at all, they would have realized that there was a video system in place. They would have realized that they can’t get much money (what, a couple hundred?) out of a convenience store. They would have realized that the risk wasn’t worth the reward. But none of that happened. I bet they are now laying low, and hoping against hope that no one can ID them. But they also know they are now well and truly [email protected]#$-off. And no one has any sympathy for them. They took a life, and they will pay with their own lives. Unfortunately, they take so many people with them: the victim, his family, and their own families. And it never ends. They will go to jail, and some other young idiots will take their places.

  13. Now that the name of the suspect (Rasheen Childs) has been released, I searched online for information about him and found this Youtube video. I’m not sure if this is the same Rasheen Childs, but the age matches (he was a ninth-grader four years ago) and he’s also in the Los Angeles area – and there aren’t many other people with that name. The video shows him acting like a class clown, which makes sense, since the shorter man in the 7-11 footage was smiling, which I found unusual. Whether or not it’s the same young man, it’s interesting to watch him interact with the teacher in the video.


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