Postal carrier ejected from truck after collision with 13-year-old driver in Angeleno Heights*

Postal truck and pick up crash in Angeleno Heights 12-9-2013 7-13-012

A postal carrier was thrown out of her truck after her vehicle was rammed by a pick-up truck driven by a 13-year-old driver during a late afternoon collision in Angeleno Heights.

The  postal truck ended up on top of the female postal carrier but she was in stable condition following the collision at the intersection of Douglas Street and Calumet Avenue, said Sgt. Dave Rich with the LAPD’s Central Traffic Bureau. The underage driver was being detained.

The collision took place at about 4:20 p.m. when the pick-up truck, headed westbound on Calumet, broadsided the postal carrier’s vehicle as it was traveling southbound on Douglas Street, Rich said.

The intersection was closed to traffic at about 6 p.m. as the investigation continued.

*Update: KTLA reports the postal carrier suffered head injuries and a possible fractured or dislocated hip.


  1. I’ve often wondered how those hold up in accidents. And whether they always wear seatbelts when they are popping in and out of the truck. Hope she recovers quickly.

    • those vehicles have no airbags!! your required to ALWAYS put your seat belt on when moving the truck, no exception. The USPS does stress this allot, Un fortunately, this time of year newer workers take shortcuts to save time. As a 30 year employee, you will never see me in a moving truck without my seatbelt!!!

  2. Ummm……13 year old driver? What the???

  3. This happened right in front of my apartment and learning that it was a 13 year old driver makes me sick to my stomach. I hope she recovers quickly and that the child or child’s parents are held accountable.

    • How many other times has this 13 year old taken the pick-up truck. He’s lucky he didnt kill that postal worker.

    • She’s my ladies cousin. She somehow only suffered a dislocated pelvis from the truck pinning her underneath. They say she should make a full recovery. How was the scene of the accident? We haven’t been giving to many details & shes been heavily sedated up until this point.

      • Please send some prayers and love over to her family. I live around the corner and was really saddened by this news. She is such a sweet woman and this is such an unfortunate incident. I wish her fast and painless recovery. And yes, the fact that there is a 13 year old constantly taking a truck (even once) and driving around is horrifying. This is exactly why.

      • Apparently her injuries are a bit more grave than you had heard. Fractured skull, hip, legs, and spine. She is apparently stable and in decent spirits. Her colleagues at Edendale post office can apparently help with donations, etc.

    • The sad part is that the postal morons will do all they can to fire the driver of the truck. All they are concerned about is if someone is caught without a seatbelt they will spend as much as it takes to terminate that employee. And……………… after they terminate the employee, the management will celebrate with an elaborate 5 to 6 hundred thousand dollar party in Big Sur. You have to had to work for the post office to realize the scum bags that are put in control of the insanity, the more the post office loses the more the bonus cheks start flowing.

  4. Thank god the fire hydrant is OK!

  5. Please dont ever let that 13 yr old ever have a lic a life time bus passenger !!

  6. Looks like a kamikaze attack. Who would want to deliberately hit a postal truck, since he obviously wasn’t some sort of terrorist?

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