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Monthly Archives: January 2014

The art of punk and the dive at Cafe NELA


Illuminated by the glow of a neon beer sign, David Travis crosses the checkered-tiled floor of Cypress Park’s Cafe NELA as a hardcore punk band plays on a modest stage. Patrons and performers come in all shapes and dress: tattered leather jackets with safety pins, women ... Read More »

Neighborhood Fixture: Atwater’s Red Car Pylons

Situated next to the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge are the Red Car Pylons, support structures built in 1929 that allowed the Red Cars of the Pacific Electric Railway to shuttle busy passengers between Silver Lake and Atwater Village along its route, which extended into Glendale and culminated in ... Read More »

Echo Park plays a supporting role in puppet productions


Puppeteer Bob Baker brought his puppet-making skills and his marionette theater to the southern edge of Echo Park more than fifty years ago. Now, a new generation of puppeteers are calling Echo Park home, making puppets for live performances as well as part of animated productions. ... Read More »

Signs of Elysian Park trees in trouble


A bright orange “X” has popped up on trees in Elysian Park that are destined to be cut down after they have died or have been weakened as a result of drought and bugs. Jeanne Wyshak came across the “X”s on a recent walk through the ... Read More »

Sponsored Post: Finance For Poets

Kagan - Headshot (1)

L.A. is crazy expensive, particularly if you’re not a Wolf of Wall Street or playing one on screen. So, how do the rest of us save enough to stop worrying about money and enjoy life? Here’s a bit of wisdom passed down in immigrant families like ... Read More »

For Rent: Charming Home PLUS Urban Farm


814 N. Coronado St  |  $2,300/month  |  Property Website From The Rental Girl:  Are you an animal lover and love to garden? Are you into urban homesteading? If so, I’ve got this awesome property for you! This special house comes with a yard and it’s not an ... Read More »