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Daily Archives: January 27, 2014

For Rent: Charming Home PLUS Urban Farm


814 N. Coronado St  |  $2,300/month  |  Property Website From The Rental Girl:  Are you an animal lover and love to garden? Are you into urban homesteading? If so, I’ve got this awesome property for you! This special house comes with a yard and it’s not an ... Read More »

For Rent: Remodeled from Head to Toe


3522 London St.  |  $2,000/month  |  Property Website From The Rental Girl: This cottage is like a deliciously wrapped chocolate, so much amazingness in a small package! A house that fulfills every desire, and sits nestled behind the front home. It’s full of natural light and completely ... Read More »

For Rent: Lovely Cottage on Tree-Lined Street


3524 London St.  | $2,500/month  |  Property Website From The Rental Girl:  Oh-so-lovely 1920’s detached home under a huge tree. This front home comes complete with a classic porch swing for your morning brew. The small gated front yard is just the place to grow your tomatoes as ... Read More »

For Rent: Oasis Bungalow with Deck


2336 Teviot St.  | $2,500/month  |  Property Website If you are looking for a private home that has at least one bedroom with space to work and be creative, you’ve found it! This lovely home is unique indeed! It’s nestled in the Silver Lake hills, yet ... Read More »

For Rent: Fantastically Spacious 2-Story Apartment


4608 Russell Ave #1  |  $2,295/month  |  Property Website From The Rental Girl:  Located in the heart of the Village! Right smack in the middle of all the hot spots on Hillhurst and Vermont, such as The Los Feliz Three Movie Theater, The Alcove Café, Home Restaurant, ... Read More »