A tiny house in Echo Park meets with big demand

It’s about the size of a taco truck and comes with a living room, bathroom and bedroom.  This 1925, pint-sized bungalow  is perhaps one of Echo Park’s smallest, free-standing  homes with less than 300-square-feet of space, according to online property records.  Located behind a  larger home at the corner of Lake Shore Avenue and Berkeley Street, the tiny, wood-sided home measures only 9-feet, 6-inches wide – barely big enough to fit a front door and window –  by 22-feet, five-inches long, said co-owner Ted Dorsey.  After buying and renovating the property last year, Dorsey and his partner were a bit concerned about finding a tenant for the pint-sized property when they put it up for rent late last year.  The house, according to one neighbor, was put up for rent at about $1,000 a month. But despite its smallish dimensions,   there was no shortage of applicants for the place, Dorsey said. “People were falling all over themselves to rent it,” said Dorsey, standing in front of the newly painted house that faces Lake Shore. In fact, the new tenant has already taken up residence in the tiny house  Hope there is room for a  house-warming party.

House before renovation/Jim Schneweiss

Photo by Jim Schneweiss


  1. Echo park resident

    We live just a few doors down form this property. Both the tiny house and main house have been tastefully redone with a lot of attention to period details. Definitely an improvement over the blighted, neglected space this lot was before!

    I do believe the landlord said the tiny house was rented for $900/month — which, for a studio with no shared walls in Echo Park is pretty standard. The main house is a bit too pricy at $2450/month, which might be why it’s still vacant. If it gets lowered to $2200 it might go very quickly.

    • Your attitude screas Westsider who thinks 2,200 dollars is reasonable for rent ! ridiculous !

      • Your attitude “screas” (I assume you mean screams) RENTER who has been crippled -like so many others- by rent control!

        What are you going to do if you ever have to leave that below market rent dwelling? Boy oh boy is that going to be painful! HAHAHA you’d better wake up to reality soon bucko!

    • The chain link fence is a nice period detail.

  2. Welcome to the neighborhood. I mean this sincerely but don’t expect to find much truth or integrity in the Eastsider’s comment sections.

  3. ^haha dang.

    $900 isn’t bad for a newly remodeled studio space.

  4. I’m assuming that this unit is registered with LAHD and subject to the L..A. Rent Control Ordinance and their inspections. Can of worms, anyone?

  5. “Less than 300 square feet” is an understatement! 22.5’x9.5′ is 214 sq. ft., and that’s only if the walls have 0 thickness!

  6. It’s $1,000 a month and there’s no kitchen?

  7. hi way robbery !flippers suck !

  8. I don’t imagine anyone held a gun to the head of the renter — that is to say, the renter was willing to pay that amount. Ignorant whiners suck.

  9. You may not agree with the market-rate for rentals in LA, but it is a free market so if someone wants to pay $900 for a 214 sq ft bungalow then that is up to them. I wouldn’t want to live there, but it is a cool area and the unit is detached.

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