Cyclist wounded during drive-by shooting in Historic Filipinotown

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A cyclist was shot in the knee this morning in Historic Filipinotown after bullets were fired from a passing vehicle, police said.

The male cyclist, who was riding his bike on Beverly Boulevard near Alvarado Street when he was shot at about 7:50 a.m., was taken to a hospital for treatment, said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the LAPD Rampart Division. The victim is expected to recover from his injury, he said.

“The victim was not believed to be a gang member,” said Buhrmester in an email. “It isn’t clear what led to the shooting, but mistaken identity or road rage are being examined as possibilities.”

Detectives are conducting follow-up at this time as they search for suspects.


  1. Ack! I recently started commuting by bike, and I ride just a few blocks from here. It’s amazing how quickly the vibe changes once you cross the 101. It’s pretty mellow in the mornings, but still, I try to pass through this area as quickly and discreetly as possible.

    Glad this person’s injuries aren’t worse!!

    • I’ve been bike commuting down Rampart for a couple years now. I’ve never seen any indication of anything like this – the only scary thing is the left turn across Temple, and the left turn onto Hoover. I do tend to go a few hours later though – perhaps there are more guns around during morning rush hour?

  2. good thing we have a gang injunction in place otherwise dumb shit like this might be more commonplace.

  3. Efforts to clean up or patrol more often here in “HISTORIC FILIPINOTOWN” always ignore the area of Beverly and Alvarado. It’s as nasty as it was nine years ago, and as nasty as it was fourteen years ago. In fact it was nasty in 1987 when I lived on Benton Way. And that’s too bad for places nearby like the Bootleg Theater, which has tried to bring up the neighborhood. Or Brooklyn Bagel, a longtime business which hasn’t moved away yet, fortunately.
    Trash collection along Beverly started last month, then stopped. Homeless folks sleep
    in the entryways of the buildings overnight, having been chased out of other areas. At night it is desolate but sketchy, with the gang members patrolling on bikes on the residential blocks. What are they looking for? Rival gang members? People with iPhones? Walls to tag? Who knows? I live in the area, unfortunately. I bike the area daily, and it is out of control with either frustrated or unaware drivers, or the sketchy gangs.
    But I never considered the possibility of being shot in the kneecap. Something New for the New Year!
    (and as for ‘patrolling more’ that means, at least around here– police speeding up Rampart to get to Temple
    to fly right or left, in hot pursuit of something– pedestrians beware!

    Okay, end of rant.. Have a good year!
    I shall go about designing and marketing bulletproof bicycle clothing… It’s time.

    • I’ve lived a block away from Beverly and Alvarado for 10 years, and I think you’re 100% wrong. It’s absolutely nicer than it was when I moved here and continues to improve. Gang members patrolling on bikes on the residential blocks? That’s total fiction. Just take a look at the LA Times crime map. Historic Filipinotown, including the intersection of Beverly and Alvarado, is an oasis in the middle of crime-ridden Westlake. Sure, it still has a long way to go and that intersection hasn’t improved as quickly as the Temple corridor, but in no way is it the kind of gang wasteland you’re portraying it as.

  4. I’m sending my daughter off to the health science campus of USC for a 3 year program. Is the Monterey Hills are the best/safest place to live? Maybe planning on riding a bike to the campus would be too risky if there is gang activity. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

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