Drink up in honor of an Echo Park ficus

Ficus tree logo/Courtesy Sunset Beer

The days are numbered for about three dozen Echo Park street trees that will be cut down and replaced as part of an improvement project along Sunset Boulevard.   But  one of those trees,  a giant ficus that towers more than three stories high and stretches halfway across the street, will continue to loom large – on the side of beer glasses.

An image of the tree in the 1500 block of Sunset  will appear on the side of glasses at Sunset Beer, the beer shop and tasting room located across the street from the doomed ficus.  The tree replaced a platypus that Sunset Beer had used as a logo on the glasses.  The  change was prompted after a Northern California beer shop that had used the same animal as a mascot asked Sunset Beer to find another image, said John Nugent, who co-owns the Echo Park store.   The tree seemed like the idea replacement.

“When you walk out our front door, the first thing you see is that immense ficus tree directly across the street,” said Nugent in an email.  “We wanted something else that was quintessentially LA/Echo Park/Sunset Blvd. to have on our shirts and glassware.  It’s sad the tree has to go. Its breadth almost seems to defy physics.  It’s gorgeous.  And there go our plans for a Sunset Beer treehouse!”

Nugent said the ficus will remain on the store’s beer glasses even after the tree is cut down.

” If we’re lucky enough to still be around, maybe ten years from now locals will be enjoying a beer in our bar and telling the youngins why there’s a giant ficus on their mug.”


  1. Awesome! Very cool…will be nostalgic times when cheering that glass.

  2. I get nostalgic looking at the now empty video store behind it. Chinese porn and super nintendo/Genesis carts galore!

  3. That stretch of Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park is going look like crap when they chop down these trees. Yes, the city will replant; but they will buy cheap little saplings that quickly die of neglect. Think I’m exaggerating? Go to the corner of Echo Park Ave and Sunset and see how many of those saplings are still alive? It would be mighty decent of the city to replace those dead saplings before chopping down the rest of our trees.

    The replacement “trees” further up on Sunset have been chopped in bushes and don’t provide any shade.
    The city needs to spend some bucks and plant larger and hardier trees to shade our streets. The sidewalks are going to be really hot this Summer!

    • Agreed on the new trees probably dying in a few months, but ficus trees are a blight. Cities plant them because they are cheap and grow fast, but they tear up the sidewalk wherever they are planted. This is just past bad planning being replaced by future bad planning. Hopefully something better is put in (and is watered!).

      This one has gone out of control worse than Andrew Bynum’s afro last year. Time to chop that sucker down!

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