Nothing says East L.A. like Silver Lake

2014 East L.A. Calendar/Photo by Angeleno Heights resident

If some people get irate when Silver Lake is called “the Eastside,” imagine what they will think when they spot the “2014 East L.A. Calendar” with a drawing of Silver Lake on the cover?  One reader snapped a photo of the East L.A. Calendar, which is now on sale at an Echo Park book store.


  1. Ha — I laughed at this earlier this year when I flipped through it at a few stores.

    • Tired Old Argument

      I hear this argument a lot. Is it official that downtown is considered the middle of LA? Otherwise, I don’t understand why this is debated so frequently.

      Now, can we get back to the other tired argument of Hipster Vs. Gangsta? I don’t think that dead horse has been beaten enough yet.

      • Yes. Downtown L.A. is the center of the L.A. bordered by the 134, 710, 105, and 405. That is L.A.-proper. Don’t let some transplant tell you different.

        • But unfortunately, that “LA” contains of a lot of areas not in the city of LA. The classic native Angeleno definition of the eastside only contains about 5% of the city’s area

          • The only area within the specified borders not represented by an elected L.A. official are parts of Glendale. Another functional way of looking at it is if the area is patrolled by LAPD, then it’s L.A. Otherwise, LAPD doesn’t subcontract and we don’t pay to patrol separate cities.

          • Btw, the “classic definition” of East L.A. is between Soto and Ford Blvd. Bordered by the 5, 60, 710, and Valley Blvd to the north.

      • Yes, it is official and yes, it is tired and old.

        • just because its east of something doesnt make it "the Eastside"

          The only reason it’s been an issue (and now a tired and old one) is due to the transplants and the silver lake, echo park realtors who will not give up trying to rename and re-centralize L.A. for their own benefit and profit. When they stop, this issue will stop.

  2. Who created the calendar? Do they have an explanation of some sort?

  3. ImontheeastsideFairfaxandBeverly

    I reserve my LOLs for special occasions, this one definitely qualifies.

    This is the problem with transplants trying to rename things, they have no idea what they’re doing.

  4. Oh, who cares ! East, west, north, south…..whatever.

    • just because its east of something doesnt make it "the Eastside"

      Some of us DO care! If you don’t, then STFU.

      • HAHAHA! You think posting a comment on a blog is going to change anything? I mean people could be mis-labeling the moon and your effort would be useless!! HAHAHA I’m sitting in Echo Park happily calling it the eastside! HAHAHA! Now what? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  5. Apoplectic is the correct word. Don’t try to convince me otherwise.

  6. Why is the Eastsider that covers SL and EP so surprised that the East LA calender included Silver Lake

    • Because East LA and Silver Lake are two completely different places. ELA is unincorporated Los Angeles County, SL is a neighborhood in the city of L.A.

      SL is northwest of downtown (and the river) BTW, which means it’s not actually part of the eastside.

    • The thing I find weird is that Silver Lake and Echo Park count as Eastside, but Chinatown and Westlake don’t. I suspect it’s because those neighborhoods are too “urban” to face the same issues as the other neighborhoods covered here, but I’m not sure.

  7. The Eastside and East LA refer to different areas.

  8. The area that transplants have erroneously labeled the eastside is actually the near westside of the City of Los Angeles. That’s why all the street signs in the communities of Echo Park and Silver Lake say west and not east. The real eastside of the City is east of the Los Angeles River with Downtown Los Angeles being the center of the City hence the Central City. But again the transplants with very little knowledge of the City’ s traditional regional boundaries have set out to rearrange those boundaries to suit their reality. Unfortunately many of the questions being asked here show that their version of L.A. Is winning wrong as it is.

    • just because its east of something doesnt make it "the Eastside"

      It helps when the person who runs Eastsider LA is a shill for the local realtors. Just look at the ads.

      • I think The Eastsider clearly distinguishes its sponsored posts from the rest of the articles, and in order for us to continue to enjoy this blog for free, it needs advertisers. It seems to me that a lot of work goes into this website, and I’m not sure why you feel it’s a “shill for local realtors.” Are you picking up on some sort of editorial bias? If not, your criticism seems a bit unfair. Are you advocating that Eastsider L.A. refuse all forms of advertising and instead hold regular fund drives, similar to public radio? Nothing is free, and the ads seem like a small price to pay for such a solid, well-put-together website.

  9. So when is a transplant a Transplant? When is a local a Local? After 5 years, 15 years, 25 years?
    When was the East Side west of Soto St? When was it a mile west of the LA river?

    As long as there have been cities, boundaries have expanded and contracted on a yearly basis and will continue to do so as long as there are cities. Getting all worked up about it is a waste of time

  10. No one is getting worked up over anything, I’m merely stating facts.

  11. Silver Lake is not located in the eastside…it being considered as part of East Los Angeles is a ridiculous concept. The designer of the calendar is misinformed & should have done some geographical fact checks before finalizing the front cover illustration to his silly 2014 calendar. Haha, what a joker!

    • Give it up dude.
      Consider this: Do you think anyone who lives in Silver Lake would EVER even CONSIDER living in East LA? NO. The reason people call Silver Lake and Echo Park “the eastside” is merely for lack of a better term – it’s not “the west side” and thus sorta opposite the west side is the east side.

      By no means are people trying to steal what ever “cred” you are trying to defend with your argument. It’s not even a consideration, because again, they would never want to live there or be associated with East LA.

  12. As I suspected, the calendar was designed by a well intended, but ill informed artist/illustrator….a New York transplant none the less *sigh*


  13. It’s a very sweet little calendar……..I don’t see any ” East L.A”. illustrations but perhaps she meant East of Vermont?
    seems reasonable for a transplant?


  14. But it is the westside Mr. Wellington, that’s why all the street signs indicate west instead of east. The only reason transplants call it eastside is because most of them think of “L.A.” as being centered in the far westside. So from their perspective everything east of that is eastside. That being said, they don’t acknowledge Downtown Los Angeles as the City’s core. But in reality Downtown Los Angeles is the center of the east and everything west of the Central City is the westside. In short the Echo. Park/Silver Lake area is locate in the near westside of the City. The only thing east about it is that it is on the eastern side of the larger westside region of the City.

    As for nobody ever wanting to live in my community of Boyle Heights/East Los Angeles, your wrong there as well. For the area is becoming more and more gentrified as it becomes “cool” to live here.

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