Storefront Report: New Sunset Boulevard restaurant underway in Echo Park

New restaurant preparing to open in Echo Park storefront

The former Sunset Boulevard home of Nuvia’s Restaurant & Pupuseria had sat empty for a few years, with tables and counters gathering dust inside the Echo Park storefront. But recently, the interior of the building at 1525 Sunset has been gutted as new owners prepare to open a new restaurant. What kind?

The new owners declined to provide details about their menu but said they plan to open in four months in the approximately 1,100-square-foot building  wedged between the former Villainy General Store and a hair salon. With new and soon-to-open Echo Park restaurants offering up everything from vegan cuisine to meaty sandwiches, what gap is left to be filled in the neighborhood’s restaurant scene?


  1. Really hoping it’s a pizzeria. J/K.

    Would *love* some good Mediterranean. Or Indian.

  2. Pizza?? There’s about 8 of them already, with a new one opening in Silverlake on Sunset. I think we have more than enough Pizza.

  3. I’m still amazed that our neighborhood, so close to Dodger Stadium, doesn’t have a dedicated sports bar. It seems like such a no-brainer to me. A clean place serving decent pub grub, with big screens to watch the game, real dart boards and craft beers would get my patronage.

  4. Ethiopian please! Then we wouldn’t have to schlep all the way to Fairfax…

  5. Indian, Mediterranean, Couscous, Oaxacan, Chinese Hong Kong type cafe, or Wings and Beer.

  6. How about some soul food? 🙂

  7. legit Chinese. There’s a glut of them in the San Gabriel Valley. The first one to open in LA proper will be rolling in $$$.

  8. I second “legit Chinese”, Ethiopian and Mediterranean. A great Indian place would be great too. So tired of all the pizza and craft beer,

  9. Indian food! Please….someone, open a great Indian food restaurant.

  10. how about a japanese place

  11. There’s the new “India’s Restaurant” in Silver Lake, on Fountain in the mini mall right behind Akbar. Check them out, great food. There’s also Agra in the other mini mall across Sunset from Akbar. I would love a “legit Chinese” or falafel maybe? I don’t think we get to choose, though. It will probably be pizza. (hopefully J/K)

    • Echo Park resident

      We got delivery from India’s Restaurant, and it was pretty good! Anything is better than Point Dume — that’s horrible Chinese place with a rotating C rating that used to occupy the spot.

  12. YES!!! falafel please……Mediterranean or indian. We have enough craft beer bars and trendy restaurants…..

  13. Echo Park resident

    I would love a good deli/cold sandwich place. Not too many of those, and Eastside Deli isn’t exactly in a walkable location. Indian is easy to find in the area, as many Silver Lake locations will deliver to Echo Park. There’s also a few Mediterranean spots in the area, so not sure why we’d need more of those.

    I’d love a REAL Chinese restaurant — not Panda Express-style food, but perhaps something like dumplings? Or a good casual, cheap restaurant with healthy and fresh food — salads, sandwiches, etc. We could also use a good seafood restaurant.

    No pizza, please.

    • Besides, Elf – where is there Mediterranean food in Echo Park? (I’m not counting Coco’s International Food on Alvarado which has stuff from just about everywhere.)

      • Google is your friend

        First of all, Elf isn’t a Mediterranean restaurant by any means.

        Secondly, there’s an excess of places you can find kabobs and hummus and pita or whatever you’re looking for in Downtown, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Atwater, etc. Just because it’s not on Echo Park Ave. doesn’t mean there’s an absence of the food in this area. Any place in the nearby neighborhoods can deliver to Echo Park. It takes, what? 3 minutes to drive to Meze in Silver Lake? And five to get to Spitz, Sidewalk Grill, etc?

        Saying Echo Park “needs” Mediterranean is like saying we need more taco and burrito joints. There’s plenty nearby already. Let’s focus on something unique, new and hard to find in a 4 mile radius.

        • All those places you mentioned suck. So actually we do need good Mediterranean food.

          • Hear, hear.

            And I’m looking for something to *walk* to. Which is why I’m hoping for a Mediterranean place nearby. (Didn’t use the word “need,” by the way.)

            Thanks for the helpful Google tip, though. Never heard of it. Guess I should check it out.. 😉

          • Spitz sucks? Sidewalk Cafe sucks? Care to be more elaborate with your criticisms?

            Sidewalk is one of the few places that has a pretty solid 4/4.5 rating — so not sure how it “sucks.” Have you ever eaten at either placE?

  14. Why is Echo Park full of so many amateur hour restaurants. Why don’t any experienced operators open in the area? Gimme some real food by real restauranteurs who know what they are doing and can execute. Its incredibly hard thing to do and this place in putting forward that your going to have vegan (please enough!) and meat you are trying to be everything to everybody which is literally a recipe for disaster. I know that most of the people in EP have never been to a great restaurant but I think they would like it if one actually existed. 9/10 restaurants fail because the people running them have no experience or record of success (both financial and gastronomical).

    Alumet? fail.
    Lot 13? fail.
    Park? fail.
    Xioa? fail
    El Compadre? fail.
    Red Hill? FAIL!
    Masa? Ha ha ha
    Mohawk bend? fail.

    Guisados? Awesome!

    There is hope with what is going into the ePac building*

    *no I do not post on yelp just my humble opinion based on 15 years of living and working in EP and a lifetime passion for restaurants and food from italy to spain to france to thailand to mexico city to baja to NYC to… fuck even the valley has better dinning.

    A Bestia would be nice.

    • Bestia has gone down the drain recently. The chef has moved on to his new project.

    • Echo Park resident

      Uhh, what’s wrong with Masa? The food is great, and the restaurant is a strong local presence who also hires from within the community. Compared to a lot of places nearby, Masa is one of the only local joints that appeals to eaters of all types — adventurous and picky. I cannot find anything bad to say about Masa whatsoever. Nice employees, great food.

      As to your other “critiques” — Alumette got the stamp of approval from Jonathan Gold, so failing to see how it can be considered a “fail.” The Park is a great restaurant that has managed to offer really affordable lunches ($5 on weekdays) as to not alienate low income locals without sacrificing the high-quality nature of its evening fare. Xoia isn’t “authentic,” but I wouldn’t call it bad food or a bad restaurant; it delivers what it promises.

      Based upon your entire comment, you appear to be a negative individual who enjoys ripping others apart while failing to do anything of merit yourself. For someone who wants to brag about how cultured they are, you pretty much attacked every high-end restaurant in EP. What are you a fan of, Happy Toms? Heck, how can I take you seriously when you’re trying to force Bestia on Echo Park (what a joke!) and cannot even spell “dining”?

      You want snooty food? Move to Beverly Hills and shut up.

      • “EPR” I get it you’re a simple man with simple tastes and simple intelligence who critiques local restaurants (which by the way is what I’m here doing) by how diverse the menu is, how cheap it is and and how “appropriate” they are for the locals. You bring nothing to the conversation and I feel sorry for anybody who has to spend time with such a bore. You want snooty? look in the mirror.

        • Echo Park resident

          Thanks for making assumptions about my intelligence and worldliness based on an internet comment. Just because I don’t have the heart or the desire to make baseless attacks on a local restaurant that actively supports and engages with the community while demonstrating a love for the food they serve doesn’t mean I’m a simpleton with white bread tastes. I honestly can’t wrap my head around how you think a pizza/pasta restaurant is not “appropriate” for locals. Last time I checked, pizza doesn’t alienate eaters across cultural lines; I’ve seen diners of all colors and backgrounds at Masa. How “diverse” do you want a menu at a restaurant that focuses on one branch of food/one type of ethnic food to be? Not everywhere has to be a damn Cheesecake Factory.

          What’s not appropriate for the locals is suggesting an extremely overpriced, trendy restaurant enter the area.

    • Grahm Wellington

      Ollie is just an old bitter queen.

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