Dodger Stadium beating suspects plead guilty to assault charges

Photo by Scott Fajack

Two men pleaded guilty today to  charges in connection with the  brutal 2011 assault of Giants fans Bryan Stow in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium on opening .  Judge George G. Lomeli described the two men – 30-year-old Marvin Norwood and 31-year-old Louie Sanchez – as the “biggest nightmare” for people who attend public events, according to L.A. Now.

Norwood was sentenced to four years in prison after agreeing to plead to assault; Sanchez received an eight-year prison sentence for one count of mayhem, according to L.A. Now.

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  1. 4 years and 8 years. Somehow just doesn’t seem remotely enough for all the pain and suffering they caused. At least 20 for good measure. One can only hope they’ll get a little taste in prison of what they dished out in prison.

  2. amazing. people get sentenced to longer sentences for pot. this seems ridiculous, unless i’m missing something…

  3. Just the lowest form of human existence. Watching that guy smirk while the judge spoke to him was absolutely appalling.

  4. Do they get a crazy low sentence because they pleaded guilty?

    What if they’re not guilty and pleaded for the lesser sentence. Does anybody else remember when Stow was beaten and they had a picture of a suspect? Didn’t he have tatts covering his neck? I don’t see any on these two guys.

    • They arrested a guy before these two that did have a lot of tattoos, but he was cleared, and was never charged. I don’t remember how they had connected him to the beating originally, but he was able to prove that it wasn’t him.

  5. never mind the link explains it all.

  6. It seems to me that in cases like this, the length of the defendants’ sentences should be tied to the length of time it takes the victim to recover. Since it seems that Brian Stow will never fully recover from his brain injuries, it doesn’t seem fair that the attackers get to go free (after serving their fairly short sentences) while Stow will still be struggling to feed and clean himself.

  7. They are going to jail on federal weapons charge for 10 years each since they had felonys and weapons.
    They will be transferred to federal prison right after .
    18 years is still not enough for these scum.
    But I guess they found not get the attempted murder charge to stick which would have been 20 years.

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