Does “Figueroa Plaza” sound like Highland Park to you?

The newly expanded Vons shopping center at Figueroa Street and La Loma Road in Eagle Rock is nearing completion, with a roster of  tenants that includes The Habit (grilled onions, please), Wells Fargo, T-Mobile and Supercuts, according to information posted inside the supermarket.  While some residents in Eagle Rock might take issue with the preponderance of chain stores, others are not too happy with the name given to the formerly nameless shopping center: Figueroa Plaza.   The Boulevard Sentinel reports that the name did not got over well with some of those who attended a recent Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce meeting. Their main problem? “Figueroa”  makes it sound like the center is in Highland Park. Says the Sentinel:

Critics say that the name implies the center is in Highland Park, which has a much larger identity with North Figueroa Street than does Eagle Rock. They contend that the name should not have “Figueroa” in it, but instead should include “Eagle Rock” or “Colorado.”

The Sentinel offers some alternatives – La Loma Plaza or Annandale Plaza – but there is no indication that the name will be changed. Perhaps critics will take some comfort in the fact that the shopping center is building an Eagle Rock monument sign at the corner of the property.


  1. How silly. The actual Eagle Rock is located off of Figueroa after all.. (Well, Scholl Canyon I guess.)

  2. I am a near by resident. I am not upset by the name of the plaza, but by the choices of stores going in. Why a t mobile and a Super cuts? These stores do not add to the charm of Eagle Rock area.

  3. The address is Figueroa, right? case closed!

  4. A Supercuts? Really? Lame.

  5. How about “Mall ‘o’ Chains”????

  6. Why not complain about something pertinent, like what a nightmare parking is going to be there now.

  7. a supercuts and a t-mobile, great can’t wait to see what they put in the old El Boston spot

  8. Comments from the Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce, as reported by the Boulevard Sentinel? Let’s get real. Just say, “Tom Topping and one of his high school friends…”. The Chamber is about as forward-looking, realistic, and relevant to ER as, say, Barney Fife.

  9. Who really cares what it’s called? It’s an ugly strip mall, nothing any community wants to be associated with. Surprising that the name Figueroa Plaza wasn’t taken already.

  10. “‘Figueroa’ makes it sound like the center is in Highland Park”? Based on what? Would including “Colorado” in the name make it sound like it’s in Pasadena or Glendale? (And, would anyone complain then?) How petty, absurd, and arbitrary. The fact of the matter is that those very streets run in and through those neighborhoods—not to mention literally adjacent to the site-in-question’s location!

    Don’t get me wrong: I think “Figueroa Plaza” sounds as dull and sterile as what this shopping center is shaping up to be (no offense, new tenants), but the basis of its opposition here seems arguable by reductio ad absurdum.

    • “Highland Park” has more emotional value than “Eagle Rock”. It’s a good thing. Let it go. Maybe all the nasty old wartime Republicans will run to Fontana where they belong.

  11. Sounds like the Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce is trying to out-douche the Sliver Lake Neighborhood Council. So far, it’s a dead heat.

  12. I have been wondering what all this hubbub was about. They’ve been building all this up for seemingly 2 years now, with no indication as to what it’s for. Super Cuts would have been good a year ago (I finally found somewhere else not too terribly far away for haircuts). But it’s too bad they didn’t put in like a Chipotle or somewhere good to eat, there’s a scarcity of real food around there. And to the poster above – I actually think parking will be okay, it is a huge lot. We will see (someday).

    • Geez, Nale. I think there’s a utopia awaiting you somewhere in the IE for much lower cost of living.

      • In her defense, she did say Chipotle OR somewhere good to eat, but perhaps that was just a grammatical error.

      • What’s wrong with Chipotle? I think it’s good. So if people eat it they’re inferior and should move to the IE? People aren’t allowed to like anything anymore without some sort of criticism.smh!!

  13. Maybe it should be Eagle Rock, Figueroa Plaza

  14. Why does the strip mall need a 100′ ft sign?? It just adds to the visual blight. Lower signage are the way to go…

  15. Big city, big signs. Anything is better than having those vacant lots full of weeds and trash.

  16. I think the plaza’s name should be changed to “LA LOMA Plaza. It’s unique, it happens to be located on the same street & LA LOMA starts in eagle rock and just passed figuroa it becomes part of Pasadena.

  17. Yes, the new shops are ugly as hell and do nothing to contribute to the uniqueness of Eagle Rock… but guess what– neither do 80% of the buildings along Colorado between Figueroa and the 2 Freeway. And I’ll put money on the fact that the people complaining most about the design and the tenant mix will be the first ones in line at The Habit.

  18. “La Loma” and “Annendale” belong the Pasadena.

    Call it what it is “Figrock Mini-Mall”.

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