Eastside Property: How much would you pay for an acre of Silver Lake?

1.25-acres of Silver Lake for sale | LoopNet

How about $10.25 million? That’s the asking price for slightly more than an acre (54,859-square-feet, to be exact) of Silver Lake real estate now occupied by Phil’ s Transfer & Storage and surrounding parcels at the corner of Silver Lake Boulevard and Dillon Street. The LoopNet listing promotes the property as a “development opportunity” suitable for apartments and other types of residential development.  The sales pitch makes note of the area’s  high rental demand and a 19% projected increase in rents  by 2016.  If that was not enough to get a developer’s attention, the listing also mentions that that Silver Lake was voted the nation’s “Best Hipster Neighborhood” by Forbes magazine.

A hipster-friendly development might attract more shops and cafes to the southern stretch of Silver Lake Boulevard but it could also generate opposition from residents who have already complained about smaller but numerous  small-lot townhouse projects popping up across the neighborhood.



  1. Crap, just when I got used to Highland Park being hippest, it changed. I’m losing my edge.

  2. I wish the developer luck in attempting to get anything new, unique or useful constructed on this site because theis once hip neighborhood clearly hates change

  3. How about a gated small lot subdivision,

    “Eastside Estates,” maybe?

  4. “The Dillon Live/Work Lofts” …for those discerning enough to say ‘only the fumes from the 101 North will do’.”.

  5. I pity the fool who buys this and has to deal with all the NIMBYs. They’ll raise ire when they hear their dumpy, neighborhood storage lot is about to go.

    • And ironically, the same exact people who fight mid-rise apartment construction, also tend to be the ones complaining that an influx of residents is making rents unaffordable… Facepalm!

    • As a resident who owns a home in this ‘dumpy neighborhood’ (but thanks for your perspective on my beloved home) i am very excited to see what is done with this space. (double face palm)

  6. Here comes the pitchforks and overalls.

    • Lol, pitchforks and bonfires. It may be a good site for a mixed use development. Trader Joe’s fronting Silver Lake Bl and townhouses on Robinson?

  7. That’s a pretty grim, rundown area. I can’t imagine wanting to live there.

    • I live on Marathon just a couple of block away from this lot, and I’ve never thought of my corner of the neighborhood as grim or rundown at all.

      It is close to the 101, though.

      The city should buy this lot and turn it into a park! It’s already right next to a school, and green space would help with air quality from the freeway. And most importantly, Bill will be happy that it’s a little less grim and rundown.

      Can’t believe I’m the first commenter to suggest a park.

      Come on guys! It’s an ironclad law of Eastsider comments that you have to yell “Park!” before you can yell “NIMBY!”

    • i live there…

  8. Whatever ends up being there will have epic freeway and gas station views.
    The constant howl of traffic from the 101 will be quite lovely

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