Echo Park car fires continue with fourth blaze*

Burned car parked off Academy Road in Elysian Park | Echo Park resident

An arson investigator has been assigned to look into a series of recent car and rubbish fires in Echo Park, with the burned wreckage of a fourth vehicle reported this morning. Police were seen  inspecting what appeared to be a Toyota Tercel that burned in a parking area off Academy Road in Elysian Park, according to one resident.  It’s not clear how the vehicle caught fire or if it’s connected with the other blazes.

Two other vehicles have burned while parked on Portia Street in the past week while another vehicle was torched on Sunset Boulevard, according to Senior Lead Officer Gina Chovan with the LAPD Northeast Division. In addition to cars, several recycling bins and abandoned mattresses have also been set on fire in the area.

In response to the blazes, a Los Angeles Fire Department arson investigator was assigned to the case on Tuesday and began interviewing business owners and residents.  Anyone who has information about the fires or sees any suspicious activity is asked to contact the police or fire department.

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*Update: Arson investigators told CBS2  said today’s fire appears unrelated to the other car fires but the investigation into the fire continues.


  1. I saw the trucks tearing up Portia again last night at exactly the same time as Tuesday’s fire and wondered what it was. This is getting ridiculous.

  2. like i said if the cops take a walk on the fire road from scott to academy and look up in the bushes to the left. thats where its coming from. might want to walk above on the dirt trail and look in the bushes too. lots of encampments

    then walk behind the barlow cabins

    a group of about 4-10 homeless white kids with a mess of trash and constantly causing problems, being aggressive to kids and women in the park and lighting fires

    a police patrol once in the while in this part of the park (scott to academy) above the fireroad would be a great help.

    • @charliep… those are Homeless street kids… they’re harmless, if not super annoying.

      Why isn’t anyone asking about the first fire? The one back on Jan 29th on Baxter street, which was one of the gangster house guys’ cars who are always hanging at Fargo and EP ave? Could it be another instance of a rival gang coming into exp hood to cause problems? Probably worth a look.

  3. *Update: Arson investigators told CBS2 said today’s fire appears unrelated to the other car fires but the investigation into the fire continues.

    I like how they keep denying these fires are related. Very cute. Yeah, cars spontaneously combust all the time, Just a coincidence its been happening one night after another in the same neighborhood.

  4. maybe the tire slashing priest has switched to arson?

  5. What really needs to be discussed/reported is why the LAFD and LAPD refuse to call these arson incidents unrelated (or even arson in the first place). They claimed the first car burned wasn’t arson. Why is LAFD and LAPD being so lax about these incidents?

  6. This is embarrassing for the LAFD and LAPD and becoming an increasingly dangerous situation. Will they wait till Elysian Park is ablaze before they act? This is a few block radius in an area where there are more than enough resources to get you a parking ticket the moment your car so much as looks in the wrong direction. Why aren’t there resources to identify and apprehend a clear arsonist operating at the same time every night in a very small radius of the neighborhood?

    • Big applause! Agree 100% Time for the cops to stop getting all the credit for reducing crime, when the housing market is the only true reason.

      None of us care about your parking laws, where you dedicate so many resources, yet we ALL want the (EASY TO SOLVE) crime problems eradicated from EP.

      • Ha, maybe that’s the answer. Switch street cleaning from mornings to night and have the plentiful parking attendants keep their eyes out around the neighborhood while they ticket us! Sigh.

  7. What do you expect from LAPD? They’re not there to assist the community. My parents had their car handles broken from two of their cars and the ignition key entrance mangled and ruined to the extent that they couldn’t turn on their cars. We contacted LAPD and asked them to fingerprint the vehicles so that they would have some type of record in case the perpetrators were apprehended… What did they tell my parents? “We don’t fingerprint unless it’s a serious crime.” Yeah, thanks. Pathetic.

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