Echo Park motorcycle crash victim dies

Sidewalk memorial for Jaime Aguilar

The motorcyclist who crashed on Thursday night while in an apparent street race through Echo Park has died, police said today.

The victim, 20-year-old Jaime Aguilar of Los Angeles, died Saturday morning from his injuries, according to Detective Felix Padilla with the LAPD Central Traffic Division.

Aguilar and the driver of a car were racing eastbound down Sunset Boulevard at more than 60 miles per hour when Aguilar lost control of his bike and slammed into the front of the Echo Park fire station at the corner of Sunset and Mohawk Street.

The driver of the car, described as a possible white, Mitsubishi Lancer, fled the scene eastbound on Sunset Boulevard and has not been found.

The curving section of Sunset Boulevard, known as Mohawk Bend, has over the years been the scene of numerous collisions and crashes, with motorists losing control as they take on the curve going too fast. In 2009, a 21-year-old driver was killed when her car -traveling at at estimated 70 miles per hour – skidded out of control and slammed into the corner of Lucy’s Laundrymart.

Anyone with information about Thursday night’s crash is asked to contact the LAPD Central Traffic Division Detectives at (213) 833-3713 or Detective Felix Padilla at (213) 486-0753 or the Central Traffic Division Watch Commander at (213) 486-3713.


  1. Deepest sympathies.

  2. No sympathies whatsoever. He, and the other jackass he was racing, could have easily killed other people.
    One less selfish c*nt on the road. Thanks Darwin!

    • No one needs your sympathy. Nor were your comments needed it. Jimmy was loved and appreciated. No one knows exactly what went on during this incident. Except for the driver who hit Jimmy who won’t come forward.

      • As I mentioned in my previous comment I’m not giving any sympathy away.
        My comments are more than needed if it shames people into not endangering other peoples lives.
        If Jimmy was as loved as you say, then maybe they should have told him to not ride like a jackass.
        And apparently you didn’t care enough yourself to read the article, where it clearly states: “Aguilar and the driver of a car were racing eastbound down Sunset Boulevard at more than 60 miles per hour when Aguilar lost control of his bike”

        • I agree with Aldo. If you mess with the bull, sometimes you get the horns.

        • That was an assumption, it was not for sure, the police was not there when this happened and they were assuming and since the cower who kill Jimmy won’t come forward, no one will really know what really happened. Stop your harsh comments. You probably are a good example of a good citizen….. no one have the right to judge unless you have the real truth of the event. Grow up please…..

    • We all agree that Jimmy was driving recklessly and that he put lives in danger while speeding, but please do not judge him based on one poor decision he made which DID NOT cost any other lives than his own. You say you have no sympathy for him but he was a beautiful person who did not deserve to die so tragically. Weeks before he passed he met with investors and started a non profit organization which is going to aid single mothers and help keep the children of those single mothers out of trouble by building a gym for them. Money from donations made will go towards building homes for these single mothers. The organization is now going to be named after him..The Jaime Aguilar Machuca Foundation. That alone should tell you how big of a heart and how good of a person Jimmy was. Also, Jimmy was his mother’s only son, if you have no sympathies for him at least have some sympathies for his mother who lost her only child.

      • **how big of a heart he had.
        Another thing, Jimmy was also an organ donor and his organs went to 8 different people. Even after death he is continuing to help others.

  3. Do not judge! You were not there. You don’t know if HE was speeding or trying to move away from a drunk driver. Have some respect. You didn’t know him. My prayers go out to him and his family.
    R.I.P Jimmy

    • Er, no I totally have the right to judge. (And btw I missed the accident by mere minutes.)
      I live and work in EP, as do my friends, neighbors and their families. Anyone of us could have been struck and killed by his recklessness. Maybe HE (as well as you) should have had some respect for the lives of others.
      He was going 60 mph down Sunset to get away from a drunk driver? Please.

  4. Aldo – There was a loss of life here. No need to be so harsh. Everyone makes mistakes, he was such a young man. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you live and work in EP then you need to be concerned with gangs as well, do you look down on them or are you trying to help correct the problem? Do you do any community service work for this area? Are you willing to give back to the youth and help them make better choices in life? Doubtful, since you are showing no compassion for this child of God who left this world too soon.

    Prayers to his friends and family.

    • It’s laisseze fair attitudes like yours towards other people’s selfishness and stupidity as to why we have situations like this to begin with. Perhaps YOU should adopt a more stringent attitude toward’s other’s reckless behavior and the impact it has on the others and the community around them.
      You have no idea who I am, where I volunteer. But feel free to keep making up more assumptions if it makes you feel any more self righteous.
      Compassion? I’m full of it. Compassion for everyone else in the neighborhood, gangs and youth included, who may have been struck and killed while Jimmy was on a joyride. Where’s your compassion for the other 99.9% of the surrounding pedestrians, motorists and their passengers who decided to NOT put others lives in danger?
      And God doesn’t even enter into it. Or at least he didn’t when he allowed that kid tear down the street and smack into the fire station (almost taking the life of one of the community’s firemen with him I might add.)

  5. This is a sad situation, but there are consequences for our actions and this young man learned the hard way that bad choices can cost you your life. No need to make excuses for him. Hopefully others will learn that street racing is incredibly dangerous and foolhardy. I feel for his family.

  6. What was he a victim of?
    This is extremely unfortunate but Aldo is correct. If he was racing as reported he put other peoples lives in jeopardy as well as his own. This type of thing should be judged and harshly so that other people don’t repeat it.

    • You’re all idiots if you’re trying to judge jimmy! No one freaken knows the real story and it sure as hell is easier for you guys to attack someone who is not here to defend themselves! All of you sound ignorant and selfish! Regardless, of where you could have been or where you were, someone lost a life! Be grateful and smart enough to keep your mouth shuts! How can you guys be so freaken cold hearted to say he deserved to die due to his speed! No one deserves to go at his age, especially when you’re as ambitious as he was! Don’t go around acting like you guys are a bunch of angels who don’t speed, everyone does it, and if you say otherwise you’re a huge LIAR!!!!

  7. I have read all the non-sense comments and I really don’t understand why people have the bad habit to judge first without having the real information. They assumed that it was a race, no one have enough balls (excuse my French) to come forward to speak the truth about what really happened. But yes there is a lot of people talking crap and judging Jimmy like if they were perfect and never make any type of mistake. People you don’t need to be so harsh with your comments, have consideration to his mother at least. You have no idea what really happens the information that has been giving are only assumptions, why people are so cruel they only talk because they have a tongue but don’t know the details of what really happens. No body is perfect and no one has the right to judge any body unless you were born perfect and has never done anything wrong in your life. Please people learn to respect others and is okay to speak your mind as long as you have the real truth of the event. HAVE RESPECT FOR THIS CHILD’S MOTHER….

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