Makeover in the works for Echo Park Lake restrooms

When Echo Park Lake reopened last summer, the public was treated to a sparkling and cleaned up lake, newly landscaped grounds and a renovated boat house.  One thing that remained untouched, however, were the public restrooms, which are housed in two separate buildings on the north and east sides of the park. While the buildings look fine from the outside, the restrooms inside, like any other  public restrooms, have their problems with odors and maintenance that have even been mentioned  in Yelp! reviews.   But it now appears those restrooms will get spruced up after the City Council committee that deals with parks approved transferring more than $103,000 for what’s called the Echo Park Lake Restroom Renovation project.

What will that $103,000 pay for?  Waterless urinals? Baby changing tables? A large supply of those pine-tree shaped car fresheners?  It’s not clear from online records how that money will be used, only that the renovation project is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.  The Eastsider has contacted the city’s Recreation and Parks Department for more info.  Until then, hold your breath.


  1. Can someone explain to me why it’s always a nasty flat piece of metal that they jam toilet paper rolls over, as if it’s a luxury to find a circular piece of metal that allows the roll to rotate as you pull it?

    • It Keeps People From Useing To Mutch Paper . People Will Use The Whole Roll SomeTimes . This Flat Bar Keeps People From Useing A Lot Of Toiletpaper”

  2. Hopefully some of that dough will go towards getting rid of that awful poo smell that smacks my nose when I jog by. I think there must be something wrong with the sewer vent.

    • I didn’t have a problem with the restrooms when it first opened up. The park and all of it’s facilities were glorious! Decided to have my birthday there a couple wks later…….the day was the WORST!

      The park was beautiful, but the nearest restroom was not. It was littered in soggy toilet paper with the smell of urine emanating from the floor. And that’s not even the worst part. In half of the stalls, someone thought it would be funny on a lovely summer day to put feces on the walls. I AM NOT KIDDING. The stalls on one side of the bathroom had POOP all over their walls.

      So if you think you are smelling poo, it’s probably the walls.

      I am happy they are renovating, but seriously, the bathrooms were fine opening wk in comparison to most park bathrooms and what brought them to s*#! is the people in our community who have treated the bathrooms horribly (those that wasted the toilet paper, peed on the floors, and pooped up the walls).

      Maybe they missed cause they need better lighting (and now a scrub down) but when it comes down to it, visitors to the park need to respect the bathrooms and it’s visitors by keeping them clean for all of us.

  3. It’s almost completely dark in there, even during the daytime. Hopefully they can fix that!

  4. I had a date that ended there.

  5. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Doors don’t lock, dark and unclean.
    My 8 year daughter went to use the restroom near the playground and when she opened there was a man in there screamed at her “You Fucken Bitch!”.
    She was terrified and trembling. When I went to look for the idiot that would speak to my daughter like this he was gone.

    She even said, “I would have not opened the door if it was locked”.
    She has been traumatized ever since to use those toilets.

  6. The restrooms are actually not that bad, considering some of the park bathrooms in LA. They could do a lot by installing solar powered lights in them because as another poster commented they are VERY dark. They wouldn’t even need to have a battery supply because the park is closed at night?

  7. The main problem with these bathrooms is the lack of lighting; once the door closes, you really can’t see a thing.

    One of the biggest design flaws with this park is the placement of the benches. It’s almost impossible to find one that’s in the shade and who wants to sit in the sun these days? All in all, I love the newly restored park; the parks department did a great job.

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