Man dies after being struck by two hit-and-run drivers in Silver Lake

Police are looking for two drivers in connection with the  fatal hit-and-run of a man who was struck twice as he crossed a Silver Lake street on Thursday night.

The victim, described as a 45-year-old white male, was hit by one vehicle at about 10 p.m. as he crossed  the 2200 block of Riverside  Drive in front of  Allesandro Elementary School, according to police and media reports. “As he was lying on the pavement he was struck by a second vehicle and dragged as short distance,” according to a statement issued by the LAPD Central Traffic Division. “Both drivers left the scene without stopping to identify themselves or rendering aid.”

The victim, who was wearing dark clothing at the time of the collision, was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

One of the vehicles is believed to be a black Hyundai or Kia with damage to the left side.

Anyone with information about the incident can call LAPD Central Traffic Division detectives at (213) 833-3713; Detective Felix Padilla at (213) 486-0753 or the Central Traffic Division Watch Commander at (213) 486-3713.

The deadly hit-and-run took place after the LAPD Northeast Division, which patrols Silver Lake,  announced it would be redeploying five officers to improve traffic safety and reduce the potential for collisions, including hit-and-runs. About half of the approximately 2,100 collisions reported in the Northeast Division last year involved hit-and-run drivers, according to Capt. Jeff Bert.

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  1. Los Angeles’s hit and runs are out of control. This is disgusting behavior.

  2. Wow! I was biking there an hour earlier, I My payers to the victim’s family!

  3. 2 different drivers and neither stopped…Jesus! What the hell is wrong with people in this city?

  4. It is a shame this happened, but hopefully it will serve as a reminder to pedestrians to not dart across busy roadways like Riverside Dr. or Sunset — especially while wearing dark clothes at night. I’ve seen way too many close calls.

  5. I don’t understand the behavior of people who flee a situation like this. In this case, it was 10 pm, completely dark, the pedestrian was wearing dark clothing and there’s no marked crosswalk – it’s a tragic occurrence, but it would be labeled an accident. Unless the driver had been drinking, had a suspended license or no legal license. I’m going to guess that most of the people who don’t stop are evil, drunk sociopaths. And it IS L.A., so …

    • They flee because the odds are in favor of both drivers being illegal just the same as the statistics show that most illegals are also uninsured. It’s not a bigoted statement, just fact.

  6. Sad. Unnecessary.

    News copters showed the accident happening at the corner of Fletcher/Riverside Dr. not in front of Allessandro though. Clear photo of the covered body still in the crosswalk. Is this a second hit and run on the same night or a typo on ESLA?

    #correction ??

  7. nevermind, my fault for reading CBS news report before Eastsider.

  8. That’s a dark little stretch of Riverside Drive, in both senses of the word. Aside from the scene of the hit-and-run, it’s the same area where Bree’Anna Guzman’s body was dumped, and “Six Feet Under” viewers will recognize it as the spot where David (Michael C. Hall) gives a ride to a hitchhiker who ends up kidnapping him. Some Silver Lake residents also recognize it as the area where we go to choose which insincere sociopaths will have power over us for a given period of time (Allesandro Elementary was a polling location for years).

  9. This “dark little stretch of Riverside Drive” is where I and my family (including two young children) live. Where hundreds of precious children spend their days. And where a man lost his life. Pop culture tie ins are interesting. But let’s not forget that this is a place where important and vital things happen every day. Thank you for calling attention to the importance of crossing at designated areas and wearing appropriately visible clothes when doing so at night. My prayers also go out to the victim and his family and friends. And to those who fled. I can’t imagine your situation. I pray you find peace and do what you can to make this right.

  10. Hit and run in LA is literally and epidemic 48% that’s 4 times higher than the national average. The people of L.A. need to band together and force a change.

  11. Four days later and we still don’t know the name of this poor man? So very sad.

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