Moms say Atwater park has gone to the dogs

There really is not much to Glenhurst Park – a swath of lawn, a few trees and benches and a playground squeezed into a small rectangle between homes in the southern edge Atwater Village. But it’s the only park in this part of the neighborhood and has served as a popular spot for parents and their kids as well as pet owners and their dogs. Now, a group of Atwater moms and residents concerned about safety say that Glenhurst Park is not big enough for kids and dogs, and they want dogs banned from the park.

Some parents have complained about some dog owners who allow their animals to roam unleashed and don’t clean up after their pets. Some moms said dogs have nipped at their kids and have made them feel unsafe. “It feels dangerous to me, ” said one mother during a  recent meeting of the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council, which had been asked to send a letter to the city asking to make Glenhurt Park dog-free.  “Now there are very few moms to go to the park,” said another woman. “It’s sad.”

Dog owners and many other residents, however,  countered by saying  that there is no problem and that they and their pets have a right to use the the approximately 12,000-square-foot park at Glenhurst and Garden avenues. “I really don’t see a problem,” said one dog owner. “It’s a park for all of us to use.”

While some council members were sympathetic to the parents, others were skeptical about the problem and about how the dog ban would be enforced.  Dogs are currently required to be leashed at the park but apparently that rule goes unenforced. In the end, the council decided to send the issue back to a committee for further review, with some recommending that a proposed dog ban at Glenhurst Park be linked to a proposal to create a dog park on a nearby site.  It was proposal that seemed to get backing from pet owners as well as some parents.

“If you want to ban dogs from this one park, then you should have open access to dogs in another park,” said one dog owner.


  1. As a responsible dog owner myself, the problem is like with any group, that irresponsible set. I see it all the time I pick up after my dog, I keep my dog on a leash at all times, I don’t let my dog go on barking endlessly, I keep the dog in check and in my control for her safety and the safety of others. Yet, when I go on walks to Echo Park or in the neighborhood, I see dog crap left in medians, lawns, sometimes on the sidewalks. I see dogs large and small being walked off leash — as if the owner really has complete control over what the dog does or knows with certainty it won’t go running off into traffic. Maybe very old dogs, which barely hobble along, ok fine, but otherwise. So many owners think it is OK just to leave crap behind, or that their free-roaming whatever.. I don’t understand. How hard could it be to show consideration when you’re in a public space.


      Adolescents use for a place to just hang out, young couples to make out, men to play cards, and dog owners to enable their dogs to enjoy some grass. Whether you dislike any or all of these groups and/or disapprove of their behavior, this is a public space and these people are very much a park of the “public..” Incidences with ONE single member of any of these groups does not justify “banning” the entire group but should properly be dealt with directly, with the party actually responsible. Quit being silly. Your attempts to bully others set a poor behavioral precedent for your children.

      I have been taking my dog to this park for three years. Interestingly, “moms” and their kids were seldom seen even a year ago. Now kids, moms, dads, and nannies are there quite frequently, like the park has somehow been “discovered” by the gentrifying, breeder crowd. In any event, this is a non sequitor. My first main point is that the majority of dog owners have the sense to not let their dogs roam freely around small children. In any case where this does occur, of course the guardian has every right to request that the dog be leashed. I highly doubt there are cases where dog owners simply refused to oblige by this request. Secondly–and this I can vouch for from three years of at least bi-weekly personal experience–there is NOT any major problem with dog excrement being left in this park. If so, I would be as bothered as anyone else, as I always pick up after my dog. One can find some every now and then, but again, it is not like it is common, or all over the place, and certainly no more common than the stray empty drinking container or toy left by other park users.


      • The solution is enforcement. It is unlawful to unleash your dog in public. It is unlawful to leave your dog’s excrement behind.

        As soon as this broke city sniffs this out as a revenue driver as they have done with parking enforcement and bureaucracies such as the LAHD, look forward to the fines…

      • THANK YOU JOHN !

        I’ve been asking this question for weeks, as this been a major discussion on Nextdoor…..why do these mom’s rights trump my rights do enjoy a PUBLIC park?
        why am i a second class citizen because I have dogs?
        why are the taxes that I pay not equal to the taxes that these Moms pay?

        Dogs should be leashed, and the owners need to clean up after their dogs……simple.

        Help the AC and Police by calling people out on this, if you see someone breaking the laws.

        • The problem is that public parks are not “dog parks”. Dogs should be allowed, but need to be leashed at all times and dog owners need to respect the area and pick up after their dogs. I live across the street from ERRC and there are way too many people going there with their dogs off leash. All public parks require all dogs to be leashed unless it’s a designated dog park.

          • The ERRC is more than big enough for off leash dogs and people. I refuse to let the ERRC be used only by taggers, beer drinking partiers and ER high students who litter relentlessly. There is a lovely fenced in playground for the kiddies, let me play fetch with my dog!

          • Sorry eastsidearts, but it is the law that your dog must be leashed in the park. (And mind you I am not advocating for a dog ban). I know that you may think your little doggie is the tamest and most well behaved in the entire city, but the truth of the matter is that he’s an animal who on instinct may bite someone (including a small child who might not know the correct way to approach or handle a dog). There is the nearby Silver Lake dog park for off leash play. And before you jump on me as being a dog hater – I own two dogs (both rescues) whom I always keep on leash when in public spaces.

          • SLPapa, as I said… there is a very nice fenced playground for the kiddies at ERRC. There are also handball, basketball and tennis courts, 2 baseball diamonds with a huge outfield that runs to the pool house. Behind the poorhouse there is another large area that extends up into the amphitheater. Surely there is enough room, law or not. The SL dog park is by no means “nearby” the ERRC. I would never assume you to be a dog hater, just perhaps uninformed about the dimensions of the ERRC.

          • if you look at the sign above it says that dogs must be leashed. end of story.

            i have kids and am totally cool with people and their dogs, as long as they’re on a leash. the other day someones bulldog leapt at my daughters face. luckily it was on a leash, or we would have ended up at the emergency room.

          • Michael,
            I’m sorry, that;s scary. Happens with dogs too. Were you at the Eagle Rock Rec Center?

          • @ eastsidearts: yeah, I know (we have a dog who has been bitten a few times). I expect that sort of thing from time to time, and I was just pointing out that it’s a good reason to keep your dog on a leash. the dog that leapt at my daughter seemed perfectly nice until he jumped at her. you never know, so better to be safe than sorry.

        • Hello, wake up. Dogs are animals.

      • John – not sure why the reply was to me. as. A) I’m not a mom and B) nowhere in my reply was any mention of banning anyone, merely my observations in general as I use public space (read the post) along with others. And where oh where is there bullying in the commentary? Thou protests too much. – perhaps a perpetrator are you?

        • Ihearthecho,

          There’s a quite simple answer: I read the article, read your post, and clicked “reply.” My post went under yours, but that was not my intention. My intended audience was general, certainly not just you.

          And why are you launching your accusations Shakespearean style? Silly.


    • That’s it! Time to take the kids to the Dog Park. Less crap there.

  2. someone tel me WHERE nearby there’s a viable space to create a dog park?
    and will small children be BANNED from the new dog park?
    who will enforce all of this BANNING?

    this is completely RIDICULOUS !
    jeez people, let’s work together — and live together in harmony !

  3. People having their dogs off leash is a constant problem. It doesn’t matter whether a dog is “fine” or small or whatever–if the park’s rules state that dogs must be leashed, then they must be leashed, at all times, period, and this should be enforced. Perhaps this group of moms should call Animal Services and report the unleashed dogs.

    If you choose to own a dog, it is your responsibility to follow dog-related ordinances at all times, not just when it’s convenient for you. If you live in an apartment or a neighborhood that does not contain enough outdoor space for your dog–that is a choice you have made, period, and it does not entitle you to impinge on other people’s space or sense of safety, especially children’s safety. In that case, you need to devote more resources and time to finding an appropriate place to exercise your dog–whether during long walks or by taking your dog to dog parks designated for off-leash dogs. If you are too lazy or strapped for time to walk your own dog on a leash daily, there are many well-qualified, reliable dog walkers throughout the area who can walk your dog for you. There are also several doggie day care places where dogs can exercise and socialize with each other in an appropriate setting.

  4. I don’t have a dog, or a child. I would like an over 55 yr old only park that doesn’t allow moms, children, dogs, or cats. Thank you..

  5. I’m a dog owner and it constantly pisses me off when people don’t leash their dogs. It’s crazy from so many perspectives, totally irresponsible, and completely selfish. They’re also ruining it for the rest of us.

  6. i don’t care about the dogs, i always see drunks and people doing drugs around there!!!
    something i wouldn’t want my son to see.

  7. As a husband of a characteurized Atwater mom, let me say this: before mom’s started taking kids here, the park was garbage; literal garbage. Same sort of garbage that now exists in front of that shell of a mexican restaurant on Glendale, So, some moms came along and started playing with their kids their, They cleaned it up. And low and behold, they saw some people, (bring the hate,) those pre-gentrification people, pull up and let their dogs out to shit, Now they’d like better. And since being snarky gets more pages views, y’all are against. So cool. But that’s the real story, Bring on the hate. Also, go fuck yourselves. We’ll eventually win, since we have actual jobs. Yay gentrification!.

    • Wow. “…go fuck yourselves. We’ll win because we have jobs.” That was so nice. You must be part of that glorious 47% keeping the rest of us deadbeat Americans afloat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being makers and not takers. Wish I had a job. Oh wait, I have a job AND dogs, I pay taxes, I’m a homeowner and have never tried to have others banned from a public park. I don’t think your us-against-them tactics are going to win anything.

    • I’m an “Atwater Mom” and I find your comments here, Chris, pretty immature. If you want a place with conditions just as you like it, I’m sure you and your associates with your important jobs have lovely backyards to have your children play in. Though I agree the moms have helped with the improvements to the park (like having that gate put in), it is still a PUBLIC space and we must learn to share the space with people with dogs, etc., as long as they obey the rules and conduct themselves with respect for others. Making improvements to the public spaces around your community shouldn’t be done just so that you can enjoy them. They should be done out of a civic duty for the enjoyment of your neighbors (no matter their income) as well as yourself and your family.

      I always find it interesting that we teach our children tolerance, to learn to share (assuming you do, of course) yet some adults spout this kind of immaturity and hate as you are here. Not a great example to set for your child.

    • Looks like you’re trolling here Chris but in any event, it’s a blatant lie. The park was just as clean pre-breeder invasion as it is now. There was no wrecked park for Moms to fix. Aside from some tagging and the odd soccer game ripping of the grass, the park has been in pretty good condition for a number of years.

      • Way to keep throwing out all the meaningless, polarizing labels like “breeders” there, John. That’s not trolling at all.

        • Coming from one who calls him/herself “AVhipster” that is pretty funny! “Breeder” is a noun for (among other things), “something that reproduces.” If moms don’t fit the bill, I don’t know what does. Any negative connotations are a matter of pure interpretation; this is no “B” word. Ex-Pixie Kim Deal of The Breeders doesn’t seem to have a problem with it

  8. Dogs are for hunting and protection. Anything beyond that is sheer frivolity.

    • Grahm Wellington

      Yeah. Especially those ones that are bred to look like teddy bears. I guess they hunt dust bunnies and protect me from bad dreams…

  9. I’m a “breeder” dad. The first time I saw my infant son pick and try to eat dog poop was the last time we went to the park.
    Now we drive to Griffith Park just to find a clean(er) place for my progeny.

  10. Since we pay dog walkers more than nannies and both create jobs and it is not unheard of to find an occasional daper in the park along, abandoned dog poop, condoms and yes needles. I think all park users should be leashed except for the frogs that we used to have in the millions.

  11. I am old, and have been around, I’ve lived in many neighborhoods; before, and after. I consider the gate an elitist move. As are so many things that happen, when the “New” people move in. If you love your dog, you keep him on a leash. If you love your neighborhood, you pick up the poop, and the trash. The I, me, mine, moms, will always be around, and yes, eventually, they will clean up ; and the artful baby will be thrown out with the bathwater. Atwater will become just as homogenized as a tract

  12. Dogs are not humans. Save the parks for the kids and families. Another sign of gentrification are dog owners who think their dogs are in any way equivalent to humans.

    • i think in ron’s case a dog is superior to a human 🙂

      seriously though: dogs at the park, but always on a leash. if your dog is prone to nipping, then a muzzle or don’t go.

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