Morning walk reveals stolen Echo Park mail

Photo by Echo Park resident

If you live on Park Drive or Morton Place and your mail box seems emptier than normal, you may want to take a walk around the neighborhood.  An Echo Park woman walking along 1900 block of Park Drive this morning came across a pile of about 20 pieces of what appears to be stolen mail, including credit card statements and bank documents, from different residences.  She returned the important mail to the addresses on Morton Place and the 2100 -2200 blocks of Park Drive. But then she found another pile of magazine and junk mail dumped on the street at the north end of Park Drive.  “Thought folks should know,” she said.


  1. Maybe the thief took the mail directly from the mail truck…I’m glad the mail man delivers my mail late at around 6:30 PM when I’m back from work already!

  2. … or maybe it’s the deliverer.

    I am stunned at how much mail gets “lost” around here. I also know without any doubt whatsoever in my case that it’s not stolen. I have come to think of the postal service around here as completely unreliable. Maybe they’re severly overworked.

    It’s really an issue that needs attention, but like waiters who might spit on your food if you bitch too much, you don’t really want to piss off the people who are bringing your paycheck … what to do?

  3. This must be the perp that took my salt grinder I ordered from amazon.

  4. I am victim to the theft. Have 2 packages missing that are tracked as “delivered.” How do I get a hold of tbe open packages? I live on Morton Pl. 90026.

    • Hi Shani- I am the one who found the pile of opened mail. There was only one Priority Mail envelope addressed to a resident on Park Drive with the mail. It had been opened and whatever had been in the package was taken. You could look around on Park Drive to see if your packaging was dumped somewhere else on the street. Sorry to hear you lost two packages.

      • Thank you for being really descent and helping. I spoke to a few neighbors and they spotted someone in a pickup truck rummaging through mail boxes (on Morton Pl.) I will find more details and post them.

        My packages are a total loss and I’m really bummed. I’ll take you up on that and go through the park. Thank you again.

  5. Thanks good neighbor for trying to return the mangled mail. My neighbor saw a person in a pickup truck lingering in front of our mailboxes….then walked up to find one of her pieces of mail in the street. Police have no jurisdiction over mail theft and we must contact USPS. I totally agree that the mail carrier(s) in this neighborhood are terrible. In my former Silver Lake neighborhood I had an amazing mailman. 🙁

  6. I had money stolen out of a Valentine’s Day card yesterday over in Angelino Heights. I know you shouldn’t send cash, but you shouldn’t steal either!
    I also have had to complain numerous times to the Postmaster about our mail person putting the wrong mail in the wrong mailbox and cramming it in there. After one of my complaints the mailman confronted me. Sorry dude, put the mail in the right box, neatly.

  7. We had our mail stolen on Laveta Ter. as well. Packages were in the apt. box when I checked on my way out of the building and when I came back to bring them in they were gone. Others in our building have gotten packages stolen as well. I filled out a police report and reported it to the usps. I have no confidence in our mail anymore. I try to get packages delivered elsewhere now which is a huge inconvenience but I have to do it because people can’t get out of my mail and the post office is powerless against theft. Maybe the USPS should go out of business so we can get dependable mail service? I would pay for a dependable mail service…

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