Motorcyclist injured after street race ends with crash in Echo Park*

Motorcycle crashed into fire station No. 20 in Echo Park

A car and motorcycle that were racing down Sunset Boulevard at more than 60 miles per hour ended in a crash Thursday night in front of the Echo Park fire station, leaving the cyclist in critical condition.

Police said the two vehicles were heading eastbound at about 11:35 p.m. on a curving section of Sunset Boulevard when the motorcyclist lost control and veered off into the side Fire Station N0. 20 at the corner of Sunset and Mohawk Street, according to details from the LAPD Central Traffic Division.

“He was taken to LAC+USC Medical Center by paramedics from Station 20 with severe head injuries,” according to the LAPD announcement. The  motorcycle driver, described as an approximately 20-year-old male Latino,  was listed in critical condition.

The driver of the car, described as a possible white, Mitsubishi Lancer, fled  the scene eastbound on Sunset Boulevard.

The curving section of Sunset Boulevard, known as Mohawk Bend, has over the years been the scene of numerous  collisions and crashes, with motorists losing control as they take on the curve going too fast. In 2009, a 21-year-old driver was killed when her car -traveling at at estimated 70 miles per hour – skidded out of control and slammed into the corner of Lucy’s Laundrymart.

Anyone with information about Thursday night’s crash is asked to contact the LAPD Central Traffic Division Detectives at (213) 833-3713 or Detective Felix Padilla at (213) 486-0753 or the Central Traffic Division Watch Commander at   (213) 486-3713.

* Update on Monday, Feb. 17:  The motorcyclist, 20-year-old Jaime Aguilar of Los Angeles, died on Saturday morning, according to Detective Padilla. The driver of the other vehicle has not been found.


  1. Smart, smart…Now he’s racing for his life!

    • Shame on you for your misinformation on the fatal motorcycle crash 02/13/2014!! His name was jimmy 20yrs , well mannered boy, he WAS NOT racing, he was a victim of road rage!! Went to Marshall high, and rhe negative remarks are just proof of the morons out there! Did your mother not love you enough to teach you better??

      • Hmmm. Road rage? Sounds like a great excuse to be FLYING down Sunset at very excessive speeds at night.

        Musta got his coffee at Dumb Starbucks.

        • Our community would be better off without these manners learned elsewhere, you bring nothing but shame. An outsider wouldn’t understand.

        • He was truly the best cousin i ever had in my life always caring for me and be there for me and its sad that he had to go out like that. I feel so depressed whenever i here his name because it just makes me remember him. I remember all the good times we had me and him. He was truly the best cousin i ever had in my entire life. I love him to death and i wish i can see his face one more time but ill see him soon. You always in my heart and i hope to see that great smile. Rest in Paradise Jimmy “Joints” Aguliar Adrian loves you very much Man much love <3

      • My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of this young man.
        The family lives down the street from me and although I didnt get to know himhe would often greet me with a smile and a friendly Hello when I passed by on one of my walks….he was always outside with his bike which you could tell he was so proud to own.
        So sad are the cruel and heartless posts…have we lost all sense of careing? We rush to judgement to quick.
        May his family find healing in this sad loss of a good guy who lost his life way to early

      • Dear Diana, I’m just commenting on the article stating that they were racing…Not assuming anything. Did you at least, read the article? What kind of smart person would race at 60 MPH down Sunset? Sorry for the accident, but seems to me he was really racing with his life!

        And my mother taught me not to race in any vehicle!

  2. There’s a reason that restaurant is called “Mohawk Bend.”

  3. To quote Nelson Muntz, “Ha ha!”

  4. All I can say is thank god no innocent people were hurt, just the douche who put everyone’s lives at risk by racing down Sunset Blvd. god, people like this guy are just complete self-centered morons.

    • WOW . You are so NAIVE.. It’s unbelievable how you still have the nerve to bring in & use god into your words. Your No One! to be judging others or to even share your thoughts.. & not just you but this goes out to ALL OF YOU NAIVE NARROW MINDED people that left nothing but shameful comments & to those who’ll continue to do so. Its sickening to see how todays society is. Very few who stand up for what’s right and so many blinded & quick to judge. Open your eyes , your talking about a human being. that’s someones brother, son , relative ! A good soul who brought nothing but good vibes, happiness, joy, smiles to those all around him . Whether he knew them or not he treated everyone equal & no different . & that right there is what makes him better than you’ll ever be you blind mindless naive fool . Your actions & perspectives saids a lot about you. Cuz everything you say always reflects back. R E V E A L I N G the real “self centered morons” ….. & those who See different sides of

      • *should treasure it . Cuz in the end you’ll see this out come in our society .. A good soul was lost who I’m sureee made a difference to those around him . While we’re left with pain & suffer. & people like ‘chapps’ in this world … I didn’t know you like others did but your in a better place now R.I.P. Jaime A. Gone but won’t be forgotten

  5. I never wish people harm, but when I see assholes on motorcycles racing I gotta admit I sorta hope for a big wipe out. Anyone with a motorcycle has to be at least somewhat of a selfish individual, especially if they have a family. The loud ones are the worst, and people go out of there way to make em even louder. I hope this guy is ok, but if I could only spread out so much hope I wouldn’t give any to him.

    • We biker’s are so selfish, we operate vehicles that use much less gas, we try not to take up precious car spaces when parking, we use less room on crowded streets. I suppose the world would be better off for all vehicles to be gas guzzling cars occupied by solo drivers. The fact that you are ignorant about responsible motorcycle usage, doesn’t excuse your nasty desire to see people maimed and killed.

  6. The motorcyclists’ name was Jimmy Aguilar and he is currently brain dead on life support. His parents were scheduled to pull the plug this evening. god rest his soul and I pray these young kids learn that there is a real danger to their childish antics. We will miss you so much Jimmy!!!!!!!

  7. The fact that this is a young man has been overlooked by most here. As reckless as is actions were, It disturbs me to see that even though no one other than the driver was hurt, people still mock the fact that a life may end as it began to blossom. These are not proper comments and I can’t help but wonder if these were made by the supposedly “Intellectual” and “Tolerant” residents of this community. Who else would take interest in such things? Yes, worse happens around planet, younger lives are extinguished. Some die through starvation, others through war. This doesn’t change the fact that the bulk of these comments are repugnant, and they should be considered shameful. They reflect a morally impoverished community that is far from educated,

    What about all those vegan restaurants in the area? Wouldn’t that suggest that this is a community that is “Conscious” about “Ethics” and “Life” ? Isn’t this an area that “represents” our generation? What makes this individual’s fatal experience something to be criticized or made a pun out of? This looks bad on society and says even more of the individual, who in turn make humanity look worse.
    Think about it.

  8. I had a Honda 90 when I was 16, and I remember going to the DMV for my motorcycle license exam and barely passing (I was supposed to keep my feet up on the bike while riding in a circle, and my feet touched the ground once or twice). On the way home, my father was following me in his car while I was riding the Honda 90, and I turned left a bit too close to an oncoming car. It scared my dad, and he ended up letting me use my stepmother’s 1980 Buick for the rest of high school. (I crashed it later that year while listening to a Metallica cassette, and I had to pay for the damage out of my $4.10-an-hour fast-food wage.)

    I’m pretty sure that if I had continued to ride a motorcycle, I would have had an accident. Of the three people whom I know from high school who died in their late teens or early twenties, one woman died of a drug overdose and two guys died of motorcycle accidents. No matter how responsible a rider is, you’re at the mercy of distracted drivers. Just in the past few years, I was rear-ended on the 5 south, then rear-ended again on Alvarado going south (just past the post office), and I came very close to being rear-ended on the 101 north. If I were on a motorcycle, any of those accidents could have been fatalities. For me, the pleasure of riding a motorcycle isn’t worth the risk.

  9. You guys are effed up . Since you dont know him you guys dont give a crap . Jimmy was one of a kind happy full of life happy soul . Reading these comments sickens me you can say anything you guys want assume the worst but you guys never knew him .You guys just found out he existed & just read a article about his death and you guys talk shit . You guys are monsters mind your own business . Dont have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all . Writing fucked up comments dont make you any smarter or any better . You guys are going to tell me you guys are perfect and have never done anything wrong in your life ? .

  10. If you want to be informed please gather all the facts before you begin to post cruel and hurtful words. No matter the circumstance, a person has lost their life. Anyone who loses their life or even comes close to it should NOT be referred to as a “douche” or mocked for the situation they were in. You should be ashamed for the tasteless remarks you have made. Who are you to judge? This was a young man who has lost his life too soon and you don’t know who the innocent parties are. The driver of the other vehicle and their actions of fleeing the scene do not reflect innocence. I do not condone racing on the streets, but I do know that Jimmy had a record of being a safe driver. It is disappointing to see the magnitude of ignorance these “commenters” have. We are not perfect and it is not our responsibility to judge. If you must know he was a loving, sweet guy who had the biggest heart with a smile that would radiate through an entire room and exude happiness and laughter. It is truly heartbreaking to know that we have lost a beautiful soul, but I am glad that I was able to meet and get to know the genuine young man he was and witness the loving, generous, hard-working and kind heart he had. Rest Peacefully Jimmy. You will forever live in our hearts!

  11. Reading the cruel and hateful comments on this site is beyond belief. Young people have no respect for anything or anyone in today’s society. I have read numerous tragic stories of motorcyclists being accused of racing by those who were not even present at the scene with the driver of a car always getting away with … murder. As the driver of a vehicle, I know for a fact how other drivers DON”T signal, and they DON”T look in their mirrors when driving. The motorcyclist has a legal right to ride between lanes, etc. Usually, it’s the bone-headed vehicle drivers who are the ones cutting motorcyclists off or running them off the road. And they get angry at the motorcyclist. I will bet the car was chasing after this poor young man on the motorcycle. This is not the first time this has happened. I have also read of incidents where a motorcyclist will exit a freeway to get away from a deranged vehicle driver – what would you do if a car was chasing YOU? Since none of you ignorant posters were there that night, hold your holier than thou comments and put your joint out while you are at it. Only when someday you have a child who is in the same predicament and you are called to the hospital intensive care unit and you see your child lieing in a bed on life support and you are asked to pull the plug will you ever know how cruel and insensitive your evil comments are on this site. I don’t know this young man nor do I know his family, but my heart goes out to them reading this story. The cruel remarks that are equally heartbreaking. I would be willing to bet that some of these ignorant remarks were made by the murderer him or herself and their equally low IQ, criminal friends. I hope that someday when life turns on you, you remember what you posted here. My deep condolences to this young man and I would hope that other young drivers out there will take extreme caution. In this day and age, when young people are finding it difficult to find jobs or complete school, they may have to resort to a motorcycle as it is cheaper than a car. In the case of a good person who added something to this world, Jimmy Aguilar’s presence will be missed. To his family, I am so very sorry.

  12. It makes me sad that you lost your life Jimmy, I do appreciate the fact I at least got to meet you.

  13. I stopped by too see you bro. Not at the grave where you lay but where it all took place. I miss you bro and I know a lot of people miss you a gang. Yesterday I saw a girl crying and I had to ask if she was ok and she responded with herself also losing a close friend in motorcycle accident. I could only share my story and help comfort her in her pain. No one can replace an individual like you. No one can replace any of our lives when we pass. But we each tell our own story once we’re gone and Jimmy’s life story will forever live inside our hearts. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you. I see your mom from time to time, just thought you’d wana know how she’s doing. I truely don’t know how she’s doing because a loss like this is un-understandable and I pray she’s doing better and better each and eveyday. I love you bro. I’ll make sure to stop by in Feb. Marking your 3 years. May God bless us all, amen

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