Developer wants to build a big, small-lot project in Eagle Rock

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Rendering of proposed of townhome project | Urban Village Development/Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council

An Orange County developer is seeking  permission to build a 45-townhome, small-lot project that would rank as one of Eagle Rock’s single largest new home projects in recent years.

The development of three-story townhomes, which would be built on a nearly two-acre site next to the Eagle Rock Boulevard office of TimeWarner Cable, is more than twice as large as some of the previous small-lot projects that have been constructed in Eagle Rock. Builders can pack more homes on  a property than would normally be allowed if  the project meets certain guidelines under the city’s small-lot subdivision ordinance,  primarily by allowing homes to be built within inches of each other and reducing the amount of open space.

Urban Village Development Co. of Irvine, which is scheduled to present its plans for the project tonight before the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council’s Land Use and Planning Committee, proposes tearing down a few small residential and commercial structures to build the 45 townhomes. The project of contemporary-style development would include a small amount of commercial space in the units facing Eagle Rock Boulevard, according to plans and renderings posted on the council website.  “Special attention has been made to have diversity among the facades of the dwelling units at the frontage to create a dynamic pedestrian experience as each structure possesses a unique design and material choice,”  according to a statement submitted by the developer.

The developer is seeking approval to build the homes without the space that the city normally requires between the homes and adjacent properties.  Tonight’s meeting is scheduled to be held at 7:00 pm at Eagle Rock City Hall, 2035 Colorado Boulevard.


  1. While I don’t live in Eagle Rock, I am interested in how these Small Lot projects are taking shape around the East Side, since we have plenty of them going in Silverlake and EP. If someone who is going tonight could post an update on the developer’s presentation, that would be great.

    In particular, it is interesting to see ground floor retail mixed in to the SLS format. The developers aren’t doing this at SL70 on Glendale Blvd at the 2, where Trumark is cramming 70 tiny houses next to the off-ramp. With fee-simple holding and Single-family financing, how does the retail component work? Will Urban Village Development hold onto those units with the retail and rent out what I am assuming is the second and third story residential? Will the developer give preference to local businesses?

    Are any low-income residences being eliminated to make way for this project? If so, residents might want to advocate for a portion of the project to be available to low-income buyers or renters (if Urban Villiage is holding some of the units.)

    Please post an update on the meeting.


    • Jennifer D, I was at tonight’s presentation. The residential units fronting Eagle Rock Boulevard that will include retail space will be sold as live-work spaces to individual owners, and those who want to lease out the commercial space rather than use it for their own business will be free to do so. There is apparently no low-income housing either being eliminated or created in this development.

  2. Who is going to buy these things?

    The ones across the street and up a ways on ER boulevard next to the Bucket have never sold.

    The ones near the freeway ramp are better than a McDonald’s that was offered up years ago, and that piece of property is about useless for anything else. but air quality right on a freeway and all the noise?

    This new one is going to be near the old TW cable place and I am assuming right next to the other project being built where LA Scaffolding used to be.

    I am all for maximizing land, but when people are crammed in like rats, it’s a mess…….

  3. A lot of these stack-and-pack developments are starting to look the same. Do we really have an inventory issue in Eagle Rock?

  4. Keep this crap in Orange County where it belongs! There’s already an excess of prefab, uninspired pricey condos in the area. People want yards, greenery and a sense of uniqueness for their home.

  5. Too much density. Not near transit. Thumbs down.

  6. Yay density and mixed use! Boo to Palm trees in rendering– they provide no shade!

  7. I’m all for tearing down those run-down cruddy buildings and erecting something nicer, even if it is from Irvine. However I agree with Salts – replace the palm trees with real shade trees.

  8. awesome. i love seeing Eagle Rock Blvd upgraded. get rid of all the run down crap that is there…build some decent shops so i can have something in walking distance of my house.

  9. This is a cool project! What a great idea for infill development to incorporate some vibrancy on what is currently a really sad looking block on the south side… That one lot next to the church has been vacant since the Rodney King riots when the home that was previously there got burned down. Also, the rest of the buildings at that location currently are all tagged-up with graffiti. I am happy these aren’t condos or stacked flats—their concept looks super innovative for a small lot project and is way better for the community.

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