Echo Park council president drops reelection bid following outburst

Council President Ari Bessendorf

Council President Ari Bessendorf

The leadership of the Echo Park neighborhood council is up for grabs.  Council President  Ari Bessendorf  has decided against seeking a second term following an outburst at a recent meeting that apparently prompted treasurer Eva Mejia to resign, leading the city to temporarily freeze the council’s funds until a new treasurer is appointed and trained. Meanwhile, former council President Jose Sigala is now running to replace Bessendorf in the April 12  election and will face off against an executive of the Dream Center, a large Echo Park charity affiliated with Angelus Temple, and a neighborhood activist.

Bessendorf, an attorney, said his outburst at an executive council meeting last month was not appropriate behavior for a council president. Bessendorf said he will complete his term as head of the Greater Echo Park Neighborhood Council but withdrew his candidacy in the April election because he did not want the incident to become a political issue during the campaign. Bessendorf in an email said:

At the Executive Committee meeting of February 17, I succumbed to the combined pressures and yelled at our replacement treasurer, who then resigned.  I am disappointed that I didn’t live up to my own standards. It is not the first time my passion has gotten the better of me, and it has forced me to re-evaluate my role as President.

Despite efforts to build a “a culture of transparency, respect and accountability,” Bessendorf  said he and fellow council members were under “enormous pressure” to deal with numerous challenges. “We have worked hard to put the NC on firm footing to serve the community and there are many great candidates running who will be able to carry the work we have done forward,” Bessendorf said.

A new council treasurer, Susan Reimers, was selected Tuesday night during a special council meeting.

In his first run for public office, Bessendorf was  declared the winner of the 2012 neighborhood council  election, beating then Vice President Francisco Torrero by only two votes. Torrero was a close ally of former President Sigala, who decided not to run after he launched a losing campaign to succeed Eric Garcetti as councilman of District 13.

Sigala will face Clint Carlton, Public Relations Manager for the Dream Center, and activist Kwazi Nkrumah in the contest for council president . Click here for more details and statements submitted by the candidates running for presidents and other board seats.


  1. Lisa Baca-Sigala

    Hi Jesus –
    Thank you for your article on Ari Bessendorf’s ongoing outbursts as GEPENC President.

    There is an error in your article, ” … Torrero was a close ally of former President Sigala, who
    decided not to run after he launched a losing campaign to succeed Eric Garcetti as
    councilman of District 13.”

    Jose Sigala selected not to run for relection of GEPENC because he WAS running for
    LA City Council CD13. The GEPENC election took place October 2012 and the CD 13 election
    took place March 2013. Thank you – Lisa

    • Lisa,

      Your husband, Jose, said just that during a public forum during his failed run for City Councilmember. Jose specifically said that he DID NOT RUN for reelection on the GEPENC because he wanted to focus all his time and energy running for CD13. Please stop trying to rewrite history for your husband and his failed attempt to be our City Councilman.

      Also, I would pass judgement on Mr. Bessendorf recent outburst if I were you. Have your forgotten “Mr. Fat, bald-headed, Mussolini” behavior during his term as GEPENC president?

      • Uh, Augustus, you might want to read Lisa’s comment again. She said the same thing you are saying. The way the article phrased it, it sounded to most readers like it was saying that only after he lost the City Council race did he decide not to run for reelection to the NC. But as Lisa corrected and you agree with her correction, he decided that when he chose to run for City Council.

  2. Oh my god, the PR guy for the Dream Center/Angelus Temple?!? Folks, this is worth mobilizing against.

    • Echo Park Resident

      Um, I know. Even I overlooked that the first time I read about the candidates — and I usually notice these things!

      I think it would do our neighborhood a great disservice if someone who is the PR machine for these radical, rude Christian organizations gained control for GEPENC. Angelus Temple causes enough problems in the area as it is, and I have a lot of issues with their organization’s “messages.”

  3. Ah, the jockeying for…uh… power?

  4. Yes, Skeeter, it is. Unfortuantely, the way this article is written, most people reading it will get the impression the only two in the race who count are Jose Sigala and Clint Carlton, the PR manager at the Dream Center. Only in the last paragraph does this article mention Kwazi Nkrumah.

    In fact, Kwazi Nkrumah has a long history of work on behalf of the betterment of the community and the people in it. He also is a longtime resident of Echo Park, unlike the outgoing president, a newbie here. And he has served on the Neighborhood Council for 3 1/2 years already, so he has the experience with it. He has taken on several roles for the council, from handling budget issues with the city and representing the EP Council at the regional alliance. He is chair of the NC’s Parks, Public Works and Environmental Concerns Committee.

    Top my mind, Nkrumah is the clear preference to become the next council president. Too bad this article all but ignored him, focusing everyone’s consideration only on Sigala and Carlton.

    • Nkrumah is also pro-gang and anti-police. Likes to hang out with anarchists and gang members.

      • Hey Ian, I’m actually curious about this statement. You have any links/proof you can point me towards that shows Nkrumah is pro-gang? Not doubting you, but I’d like to see something that demonstrates this. Is he pals with the Youth Justice Coalition, or something? Because I was considering him, based upon the fact that I do NOT want a Dream Center goon anywhere near GEPENC, and I think Jose is a bit of a tool.

        • Here is the link to S.TA.Y.’s facebook page.


          if you look on the january 31st entry you will see a photo of Nkrumah with his STAY and YJC buddies trying to block the injunction at court (they failed).

          Also, on the february 13th entry they mention a meeting they held at his residence.

          For those who don’t know, STAY is a organization of the EXP gang family members and friends who attempted to derail the injunction. Their leader Veronica Allerando is also trying to run for a set in district 1. They currently have a member on the board in Jill Contreras. they have been working closely with the YJC and are responsible for bringing them to echo park.

          Also, while I’m at it, check this out:


          A facebook group for EP. if you scroll down to february 4th, you’ll see a post about a gang injunction article and a comment by current council member Luiza Padilla-Mavropoulos (who’s running for reelection) she says

          ‘Funny I never felt fear till we got invaded by whites. I used to walk around my Hood at night. Not anymore. Those blue eyes stare asking what are you doing here. The hueros selling heroin by B of A I fear. Eric was nothing but nice to me.’

          Here’s a list of all GEPENC candidates


          I notice in district 1 there’s also a charming Billy Mavropoulos running. Related?

          • That Facebook post by Luiza Padilla-Mavropoulos is disheartening. I personally don’t tolerate racism or hatred of fellow neighbors by ANYONE in Echo Park — white, Latino or otherwise. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

            People seem to be confusing “white hatred” with a desire to make sure trash is off the street/out of the gutters, graffiti is eliminated from the area and that schools and other public spaces are improved. Wanting a safe, clean neighborhood doesn’t mean we hate our Hispanic neighbors 🙁

          • Thank you, Ian, for that wealth of useful information on the many grassroots social justice organizations working to improve our neighborhood. I’m impressed with the passion of these young people standing up to speak truthfully about issues concerning them. I note that many are running for election to the neighborhood council! This is democracy in action. Great work in sharing these resources for the community, Ian. It really is time for a change!

          • Thanks for sharing Ian. Not a good look for a candidate to be aligned with YJC

          • And wow, didn’t know there was another pro-crime racist group out there besides YJC. Some of the events and views written on STAY’s Facebook page are alarming and threatening. I’ve never seen so much anti-community action by claiming to be pro-community. We are all here together, STAY. Please be more respectful of ALL of your neighbors, whether they are new, old, young, brown, white, black, or yellow.

          • Check out all the hate on this Facebook page, many death threats to “hipsters” “white devils” and “blue eyed” people. https://www.facebook.com/groups/137949276291885/

          • There are additional candidates. associated with S.T.A.Y……easy to connect the dots.

          • wow, Luiza Padilla-Mavropoulos sounds like she has some real racial animosity. Not a good fit for public office, I’d say.
            Could you imagine if she were white saying that about brown or black people? Holy Cow! They’d be marching in the streets with torches.. and rightly so.

          • It just keeps getting better. On Luiza Padilla-Mavropoulos Facebook page (July 12, 2013) … she has a post about moms smoking marijuana…

            She states that “Im a medical cannibal patient ” … cannibal.. now that’s funny.

          • A racist cannibal? Just what this neighborhood council needs!

          • Luiza Padilla-Mavropoulos is going OFF on that linked Facebook group, directing people to this article saying “brown people are under attack.”

            I’m Latino. There’s no brown people attacking going on here — just pointing out Luiza Padilla-Mavropoulos’ bigotry and racism. Yo, lady — you can’t call attacks on “blue eyed people” because that makes you racist. Also, my 100% Latina great aunt has blue eyes, so you might want to check yourself before you keep on making yourself look STUPID.

            Where can we file a complaint against this? I do not think people should be allowed to run if they’re spouting racist views.

          • Lol, Gang Leader I Love how people think they know what there talking about keep feeding your lies. today’s quoet of the day is “Don’t Speak on What YOU Don’t Know!”

            I AM PROUD TO BE CALLED A PART OF YOUR GANG. If Veronica Arellano is a gangster – who I have seen defend, and feed, and love the youth day and night AS A VOLUNTEER while simultaneously squashing conflict, removing weapons from the streets, chasing youth down to get them into school, and organizing activities to keep youth safe and productive – then we should consider ourselves blessed to have her as our OG.

  5. Jose Sigala is a joke.

    • Troy,

      I am no joke. I am a community volunteer who loves this great L.A. neighborhood and has worked very hard to improve it over the many, many years.

      I look forward to winning the upcoming election and serving the Echo Park community with my lovely wife Lisa. Who has also worked hard to improve our community.


      • Echo Park Resident

        Jose, neither you nor Lisa have won yet. Hold your horses. There seems to be a wealth of qualified candidates running for the District 1 seat — your wife is no shoo-in. I also took issue with the fact that she capitalized/called out that she’s the ‘strong Latina voice’ in the race when there are clearly two (three? can’t tell) other Latina women running for the District 1 seat alone AND there are many, many other Latina women running for other seats. Way to pull the race card, dude.

      • Yes, you are and a mean one at that. I’ve viewed quite a few of the unedited meetings while you served as president and sat on several committees of this neighborhood council. My favorite: the September 2012 board of governors meeting. Remember that one? It involved a local restaurant and (correct me if I’m wrong) their $500.00 contribution to your failed CD 13 campaign.

  6. As of now, neither DONE/Empower LA nor the City Clerks Office has been able to post the final list of candidates
    for the GEPENC Elections scheduled for April 12. Both these agencies are in the process of examining documents
    that candidates had to submit before being approved. Hopefully by the time of the Election, this list will be available to the public..

    As for the former GEPENC Office, the past GEPENC administration can parade the agencies , including DONE
    that approvced the space. . However,had these agencies been less trusting of GEPENC’s story, they would have
    realized that the space had no fire extinguisher, interior space handled without permits or assistence of a licensed
    contractor, that the certificate of occupancy was for the Bank and not the annex etc. The bottom line is that the use
    of the space from 2010- 2012 was questionable and a liability to the City should anything have happened.
    Furthermore it cost DONE/ current GEPENC Board over $6,000.00 to simply restore the interior space after the contract was not renewed. Need more be said?

  7. Our choices are Sigala or “an executive of the Dream Center”? What a nightmare lack of choices. I am going to write in and vote for my greyhound, Carl. Feel free to do the same…a vote for Carl is…a vote for Carl.

  8. There will be a GEPENC election. despite its turbulant history, non compliance (funds frozen 4 times etc),
    disregard for the Brown Act, abandonment of the Grievence process etc. etc. etc. However, the fault also
    rests with DONE that turned a blind eye on pretty much non compliance e.g. 74 of the 95 NCs under DONE
    failed to file 339 Fiscal Quarterly Reports, a required under the City’s Neighborhood Plan. The NC Budget Advocates whose focus is to advise the Mayor on the City’s budget, failed to file about 50% of the Fiscal Quarterly reports. In fact one of its Advocates had 14 Fiscal Quarterly Reports missing. In a single City City Council District of some 18( I think) NCs within its boundry, 17 NCs had Fiscal Quarterly reports missing that spoke for close to 25% of 339 Fiscal Quarterly Reports Missing. In 2010, GEPENC’s reported to DONE that it had lost 45 of the 90 receipts to be submited. No questions asked. NoDONE audit either………

    Before, residents go to the polls on April 12, they need to ask DONE how such disregard for compliance is
    supported since this fails to promote civic engagement. The again, why should Boards care if DONE will not De Certify or shut down poorly operated NCs? 74 NCs out of 95 failing to be in compliance speaks volumes. for
    the viability of the NC system as currently in operation. NCs talk of a process and By Laws. In reality these are
    words of little consequence. A series of several candidate forums at a place easily accessed by the community will somewhat provide a measure of clarity. . In addition, DONE’s GM should be asked to participate in an open discussion with residents and candidates as to how DONE will meaningfully answer the issue of non compliance and outright lawlessness. that makes a mockery of civic engagement. This community of Echo Park deserves better than glib responses and two more years of the same turmoil. Does Echo Park not deserve better?

  9. Ari, can you uncancel please? your warts are nothing compared to the skin cancers some of the other candidates have. arf.

  10. I don’t know anything about Kwazi Nkrumah (or any of the other candidates, for that matter), but I think I’d rather vote for the real, authentic Nkrumah rather than a Kwazi Nkrumah.

  11. So it’s the Dream Center vs Angelus Temple vs Gang Man? Well, look at the bright side people, at least neighborhood councils don’t mean jack squat.

  12. What was Ari even going to run on? All he brought was division and lead the NC to get nothing done. He withdrew from both running for President and District 1 Rep…hopefully to deal with his temperament.

    From what I hear, this is one of many incidents, only that this time it put the NC in a bind.

    • Oh yeah that dude nothing, if you don’t count unfreezing its funds after the mess Jose and Lisa made, getting out of that god-forsaken office, getting GEPENC’s money out into the community (grants to the Rec Centers, Central City Action), keeping the libraries clean….yeah nothing….Ari’s got class, intelligence and skill….the new mix of candidates leave something to be desired that’s for sure.

  13. Hello EastsiderLA Readers,

    Just to be clear the previous posting associated with my name is not from me. Maybe the EastsiderLA editors can clarify that in future postings. They have my account details and know my information. I have no problem with folks posting what they want whether is true or not but that is not my posting.



  14. What is sad about this whole thing is that you have people that really want to help the neighborhood and they are being caught in the crossfires. I too am running for District 2 and want to keep the neighborhood a neighborhood, keep family values and Golden Rule enforced, but this nonsense that was said at the past NC meetings and now is repeated here makes me think that there is sooo much division here. You are all crippled by HATE and not thinking about community. That is just so 1960’s and we need to move on.
    Just my two cents.

  15. This sites a joke, Topic of debate candidate s for Neighborhood council.
    Stop it!!! Luiza has worked my years within echo park community towards progress. Gentrification is what’s going on in this community, along with Over Development , and Increased population density!!! Watch it take place before your very eyes.

  16. Anyone having concerns should Volunteer there personal time and dedication to ones community and Participate on this open government body, rather then just blogging about candidates. Come on now.

    • @rasco : I think it very relevant to bring up the racist comments from Luiza Padilla-Mavropoulos. She hopes to represent a community.. a community that’s made up of more than just brown people. When she openly spouts here prejudice remarks about white people, such as: “Funny I never felt fear till we got invaded by whites.” ….

      Even if I were not white, this is not the type of person I would want representing me or my community. Absolutely disgusting in this day and age.

      • It’s spelled c-a-n-n-a-b-i-s. For decades your modus operandi was to accuse others of attacking you. Time for a new routine. You are and will continue to be your sole and worst enemy.

      • Might want to put away the cannabis, I think it is causing paranoid delusions.
        I don’t need to know you, nor do I want to know you. Your racist views are very clear to me from what you’ve posted here and elsewhere. The internet is a biatch, ain’t it? Preserves all of our comments for others to read.

        The good part, is it can give a glimpse at the true person. So, if you really feel this way about your new white neighbors, I suggest that you think twice about running for any public position… because you would not be a good fit if you feel this way.

        If you don’t feel this way, perhaps you can explain to the people of Echo Park why you make comments about “blue eyed devils” and being afraid after EP was “invaded by whites” …

      • WOW! Is this really a response from one of the candidates? What a disgusting display. You are awful, Luiza. Truly a sadd sadd day.

      • you’re scaring me lady. i would like someone who represents my interests, and judging by what I saw from my 3 minute gland at your FB and the tone you are using here as rebuttal: you are not fit for public office. too much anger and vitriol, not enough inclusive vision to bring the neighborhood together.

      • Echo Park resident

        Luiza, no one is “attacking” you needlessly. You made racist comments in a public forum — yes, Facebook is PUBLIC and the group you posted to is viewable by any and all people with Facebook access — and, as someone running for public office, those comments are subject to scrutiny by the members of this community.

        You cannot expect to run for public office on a platform that openly discriminates, insults and makes stereotypes about a certain racial/ethnic group. As someone who is half Hispanic and half white, it really disappoints me to know that you would judge me and have hostile feelings towards me simply because of the ethnicity of one of my parents. Being half white doesn’t mean I’m a bad person, nor does it mean I am responsible for bringing a new crowd into Echo Park. EVERYONE in Echo Park deserves respect — and you have to give respect to earn it. Right now, you’re showing the non-Latino members of this community that you do not care about them, their needs or what they have to contribute to Echo Park. That’s the very definition of disrespectful.

        Also, this is a NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL. No one needs to state whether or not they support medical marijuana because that’s not what GEPENC is about. Get a grip.

      • “be advised eastsider if anything happens to me, my family will make sure you pay ..”

        Yikes! And this person is running for public office?

        • Echo Park Resident

          Luiza’s comments are in direct violation of several candidate guidelines. I’ve already sent an email to the City office that runs the NC elections asking them to intervene and tone down the racist, bigoted and violent/threatening comments being made by the candidates associated with the STAY/pro-gang group. I don’t wish for anyone to be disqualified form running. But I would like the City to step up and let people know that serving on the NC means you serve ALL community members, irregardless of race.

          If anyone would like to file a complaint, you can do so by getting in touch with Empower offices:

          818-293-VOTE (8683)

    • Um, when a candidate runs for office, what the voters do is talk and blog about the candidates. You want us to ignore that Luiza Padilla-Mavropoulos is a racist? I’m sorry, but racists don’t belong in our neighborhood period, let alone be elected to office. We need to call the cops or get the authorities involved. Surely, it is against the law to wish death on white people???

  17. I think “racso serrot” is also Oscar Torres, a GEPENC candidate.

  18. A Homeless Gentleman

    I DEMAND that Ari run for office. These other candidates are monsters…I will not stand by as GEPENC is overrun by candidates who claim to represent the community but are racist. We need to bring people together, not divide.

    I will be on the streets fighting for thisQ!!!!

  19. Mike Castillo, district 5 candidate and former GEPENC Treasurer. First appointed by then-GEPENC President Jose Sigala as a member of GEPENC’s Planning & Land Use Committee (stakeholder position.) Castillo ran for GEPENC treasurer, and was elected in October 2012. Served about a year, then resigned….claimed not to have time. And now this, taken from Mike Castillo’s 2014 candidate statement. “….because I have and will continue to look out for the best interests of our neighbohood. In order to serve, one must not only have the ability but the will to put in the time required by our community.” Was your resignation by design? Dude, you’re out there flapping your gums in public, making a fool of yourself! What kind of game are you playing? You’re nothing more than a Sigala weakling.

  20. A Homeless Gentleman

    Sigala must be stopped at all costs.

  21. The neighborhood council candidates that are members of pro-gang EXP affiliated group ‘STAY’ (that I know of) are Veronica Allerano (D1), Cheryl Ortega (D2), Jill contreras (D3), Carolina Jiminez,D5 (who runs the STAY Facebook page), Phily Valente (D5), vincent ‘chente’ rodriguez (D5), the lovely Luiza Mavropolous, in D5, And for President, Kwazi Nkmurah. They are trying to get a majority of the 17 seats to control the council.

    Now as we know, the council does not have any ‘real’ power. they can’t stop developments or forbid non-hispanics from moving here. What they can do during their 2 year term is take the $50,000 annual GEPENC budget of taxpayer money and direct it however (and to whomever) they want. Hope this knowledge helps for the upcoming election on April 12th.

    • Paula Guadron (candidate, district 4) credits herself as a S.T.A.Y. co-orginizer.

      • TROY for someone that wants to Air out other peoples personal laundry , you should start with your own !!! For one use your real name and not some fake handle in order to hide behind. Sounds like your Barks louder then your Bite!!!Let me guess you must be:

        A. Member of EPIA

        B. Corrupted LAPD member ( most sued police department, I wonder why?)

        C. One of Mitch o Farrells Field Reps.

        Try this to start ,Be As Open with your personal background and information as you are with those who you try to reveal.

        • Three strikes – and you’re out Ruben T!!!!!

        • Three strikes – and you’re out Ruben T!!!!! Boxers or briefs…I prefer briefs.

          • what does this mean, Officer ?? You want to fight a civillian???? What are you going to do get on ur phone and say officer down so your buddies come kick some butt. Yeah, you’ll call for back up , you coward!

    • Ian the “Real” power comes from The People , not the council . Its sad to say that there are Non Hispanic Board members that don’t believe in Traditions or Historic Communities, Case and point Sunset corridor, what happened to Pioneers market? Barrigans restaurant? Pescado mojado? Sunset video?BBQ Kings?Payless shoe source? Should I continue??? Look at what has replaced these small and family owned businesses.

      • You heard it here first folks: video stores payless shoes died out because of the white man’s hatred of tradition and historic communities.

      • GEPENC Candidate

        Have you even talked to any non-Hispanic candidate? I don’t see any one that’s running on an Anti-Community or Anti-History platform. One can be white and still care about the history of Echo Park and want to keep this community safe for everyone.

      • The loss of family-owned businesses in Echo Park is a shame — but I don’t how it is anything that the neighborhood council could have prevented.

  22. Get real TROY.Sounds to me your just some Sour Old Women that’s sitting on her porch in her rocking chair, chasing all the neighborhood children from playing ball on the sidewalk because she pays taxes, and feels as if its her duty to Gossip about others she could never be!!!Ruben T??? Sorry try again! How easily you use peoples names without truly knowing who it is your communicating with…. This forum should block you for such ignorance and dishonesty. You may fool people with your mind set , but what you say is nothing more then a Bad case of Diarrhea of the Mouth!!! Get that checked.

  23. Here is a Facebook page for ‘OG’ EXP gang members


    you will see many pictures of people on the injunction list happily flashing their gang signs and graffiti.

    If you scroll down to

    the february 12th entry, you will see a photo of Veronica Allerano, running for the neighborhood council from district 1.

    A entry on february 4th shows a photo of her husband Mike Contreras, AKA ‘Casper’ Posing with slain gang leader/enforcer Eric Zamarippa (Mike is in the budweiser shirt) There are many more photos of him throughout.

    Mike and Veronica are admitted EXP members who claim to be ‘out’. I honestly don’t know. But I do know they reside at the big blue house on the corner of EP ave and baxter and everyone told me when I moved here years ago that was the ‘gang house’ and to stay away from it. That they had seen a lot of shady activity happen there. So even if they are ‘out’, something is going on there. It is also right next to where slain EXP capo Eric Zamarippa lived.

  24. quote excerpts from STAY on their group page on 2/4: (most likely Carolina Jiminez) “The gang injunction is just a racist plot to chase away hispanic and latinos from their home, in order to make the white people feel more comfortable. Vandalism in Echo Park is being replaced by hipsters who call everything they do “Art.” Culture is being lost and justified by a reducing crime rate. The only real crime here is racism. The worse “gang” I see is the Los Angeles police department. Fuck the Injunction and most of all fuck Gentrification!”

    I’m not sure she wants to represent ALL of echo park. Just people like her.

    On the STAY Facebook group (look under ‘posts by others’ on october 16th Jill “Rio” Contreras posted “Isn’t it wrong that 11 year olds are wrongfully being arrested on suspicion of tagging? Aren’t kids allowed to make mistakes and isn’t it our responsibilities as communities to guide them with love not punishment?”

    So we should just let kids commit crimes and they should never learn that actions have consequences?

    STAY Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/Echo.park.united

    • you must be one of those trust fund babies the community speaks of, dont work, just play, all day on the internet, what a waste of a life. one postive thing I can say, you would make a great P.I …. too much time , promoting to much hate and division. Such a sadd state.

  25. I for one congratulate the people running for office. if you hate them so much why arent you running for office, Troy, True Freedom, Maise, Ian, and the rest of you posting such hateful comments. Ive never in my life been exposed to so much racist anger, its a shame. So for the people I list, please next time you look in the mirror see yourself for what you are:,blinded by rage, hate towards your fellow man/woman, who’s next the child?? Troy if your a cop, your actions and postings are unbecoming an officer, are you RAMPART officer? Ian I hope you spend as much time being positive as you are negative you sound like a stalker! you I would be afraid of. True Freedom I bet your a Tea Party Person. Enough said. I post Anon so as to not get blasted and called out of my name like that poor lady you are all calling out. You people are the TRUE RACISTS here. promoting hate and division. Age has taught me judge not least thee be judged.

  26. I just noticed it says on my post this comment is awaiting moderation. does this mean you blog people allowed these racist hateful posts. ??Why?? do you hate that Luiza person so much you would allow her to hang out and dry? no dont answer that. you have shown me never to use my true name. I could get killed because of you and that you allow to post. reality check here blog / domain owner, would that be you Mr. jesus sanchez . If I may ask what did that woman do to you to make her a target for you?? how easy to hide behind freedom of speech. right Mr. Sanchez?

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