Echo Park residents feel shut out after Dodgers decide to reopen Scott Gate*

Echo Park Dodger Stadium traffic

The Dodgers plan to reopen the Scott Avenue gate during all games this season.

The Dodgers on Tuesday night hosted a community meeting to review their plans for the upcoming baseball season, including the reopening of the Scott Gate, which some Echo Park residents fear will worsen traffic in the primarily residential area west of the stadium.  The Dodgers have said they need to reopen the Scott Avenue entrance to the stadium to help handle what is expected to be record-breaking attendance this year and to relieve pressure on the other ballpark entrances.  The Eastsider did not attend the meeting but some of the residents who did, including Dana Starfield, were disappointed by what they heard.

Starfield said that residents voiced concern about the need to increase the safety of people walking to the games as well as those exposed to traffic congestion and rowdy fans. “After attending last evening’s meeting at Dodger Stadium regarding the re-opening of the Scott Ave Gate, it became clear that the meeting was more of an informational [session] than a community discussion about steps to ameliorate the impact on local residents,” Starfield said in an email. “Had the Dodgers intended on including the community in a discussion, they would have done so months ago, not after they’d solidified their plans with an announcement weeks before opening day.”

In response, Starfield, who moved to Echo Park about  year ago from the Mid City area, has begun an online petition she hopes will convince the Dodgers to keep the Scott Gate closed this season.

* Update:  Dodger spokeswoman Renata Simril the reopening of the Scott Gate, now called the Stadium Way Gate B, will not result in changes to “signage and/or neighborhood protection” intended to shield Echo Park residents from game-day traffic.  Said Simril:

There is existing signage at Scott and Glendale Boulevard indicating ‘No Stadium Access’ and we are proposing to add additional signage directing drivers to access the stadium via Sunset Boulevard. To further address resident concerns that were raised at several community meetings, we are proposing to add DOT officers at key intersections along Scott Avenue.  Drivers who attempt to use Scott will be directed to turn around. We are also working to create parking placards which will be issued to residents on Scott and surrounding streets so that they will be able to gain entrance to their streets.


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  1. i remember about 5 years ago when they had a community meeting for the same thing. they acted as if they wanted our input, but all of the pieces were already in place (including dedicated lanes on the freeway). the meeting was a formality and not a source of community input.

    Scott being open makes it a nightmare for the community. traffic ends up on Morton and all the way up Echo Park blvd. as people try and find a way out besides Scott. We all have horror stories of drunken fans doing the things that drunken fans do.

    And before someone pipes in with “why did you move to the neighborhood then A-hole? you knew there was a stadium here.” I did know there was a stadium here, but the Scott street gate was closed until about 5 years ago (and it was supposed to be temporary). I have been in EP for about 15 years and it was never a problem on Echo Park Blvd. until they opened the Scott gate.

    • hopefully this helps alleviate the intense traffic that builds at the Stadium Way/Academy Road intersection. It’d be nice if the Dodgers still gave complimentary tix to a couple games for the hassle we have to deal with.

  2. If they close off the Scott / Stadium Way intersection so traffic can’t enter the stadium from Scott, but has to take Stadium Way to Scott to get to the gate, then there won’t be any problem. Traffic would still enter the stadium faster because the extra gate will be open, so the back up on Sunset will be helped. It sounds like the Dodgers plan is to *encourage* cars to enter the Scott gate via Stadium Way, but we will assume many will just take Scott all the way from Glendale if that is possible. I can’t figure out of there’s any plan to close the Scott / Stadium intersection, does anyone know if that can be suggested / encouraged / forced?

    • Hi there neighbor. While Dodgers reps claim they will try to redirect traffic away from Scott for fans ENTERING the stadium, they have confirmed that fans will be exiting via Scott Ave residential area for all 81 home games, which means we will be stuck in mayhem for 50% of the calendar for the next sixth months. The petition I formed (linked in the article above) aims to directly address your comment- the petition calls for our City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell and Mayor Eric Garcetti to stop the Dodger’s planned use of our residential roads to dump stadium traffic by creating a road blockade on Scott Ave near Elysian Park in order to stop fans from cutting through our residential streets and causing mayhem. O’Farrell seems receptive to several ideas of this nature but according to his office, he is relying on community support to bolster his efforts.

    • Also lives on Scott

      Dodgers said last nite that they plan on having a DOT officer at Stadium and Scott, that all everyone coming down Scott can only turn right or left on Stadium, so they think that will teach people not to use Scott as a shortcut. Dodgers also said they will put DOT at EP Ave and Scott and Portia and Scott to only let residents go on Scott. I’ll believe it when I see it enforced.

      • I live off Lake Shore, and the intersection at Scott/Lake Shore is already a nightmare due to a lack of stop signs, crosswalks and a hill which creates a blind intersection. Even just the slightest bit of traffic/backup from people attempting to turn onto Glendale during rush hour causes near-accidents. I can’t imagine what several hundred to several thousand Dodgers fans, some of them intoxicated, will do to this intersection on game days. It’s ignorant of the Dodgers to think fans will follow directions from some dinky signs. If people need to get to the 2 or the 5, they’re going to use Scott as a shortcut to get to Glendale.

        I’m imagining there will be a DOT or traffic officer at Scott and Echo Park for a few high impact games — but I doubt they’ll be there all season. I think we’ll see them for a month or two, and they’ll be gone for the remainder of the season : (

  3. I wasn’t able to attend the meetings. is there a link to any details that outlines the Dodgers plan and what steps they are going to take to mitigate any negative impact by traffic overflow and unruly fans. Happy to sign the petition, but I’d like to see their specific plans (signage, traffic cops,intersections impacted, map, etc) are as well

    • Unfortunately, the “plan” the Dodgers presented at the meeting was a 2 slide slides how. The first showed a map of the stadium with points at the gates. The second included the phone number for the LAPD officer who will be taking calls regarding illegal and suspicious activity in the area during game day. They have openly stated that their only plan to help residents is to add an LADOT officer or two to attempt to turn cars entering Scott BEFORE the game around. After the game, we will just be barraged with everyone being dumped out of gate B. Other “plans” presented include the continued promotion of a dodger express bus from union station. They offered no other solid plan (see the official response from the dodgers above and that is the full outline of their plan), despite being prompted by several residents to provide us with a written plan. There were also calls for the dodgers to provide us with their system of calculating exactly how much using the Scott ave gate will improve the stadium’s traffic situation. The response was basically “Uhh we’ll look into it and get you something…at some point.” They could not even give us a concrete response on the final bullet point of their EXTREMELY bare agenda sheets: setting an exact date for a follow-up community meeting. The main problem with the dodgers’ plan: there basically isn’t one.

    • Additionally, calls for increased LAPD presence on game day was met with “we don’t pay for the Lapd, just LADOT,” from the dodgers and “we don’t have the budget to put out sufficient officers for the problems you face” from the LAPD. When a resident suggested that the LAPD applicants at the police academy who jog around some areas surrounding Elysian park just change their route to jog near problem areas on game day (merely to present the guise of security to tailgating and rowdy fans who harass the community), the response from the LAPD was that since the joggers are applicants, not yet cadets, the LAPD is charged with keeping the applicants safe and it would be TOO DANGEROUS FOR THEM TO JOG in several of the areas where residents experience harassment on game days. So in short, the hellish situation created by the dodgers on game days is too dangerous for police recruits to even JOG near. But the rest of us are supposed to just deal with it. On the positive side, the officer who gave out her number was genuinely concerned with the interests of the community and tried to offer creative solutions. The LAPD has at least suggested they might deploy ONE officer around Scott Ave on game days.

  4. Why is everyone getting so worked up?

    Dodger fans have been exiting via the Scott Gate for several years already, after games with high attendance. IT HAS BEEN FINE. It usually takes about an hour after the game is over.

    No disrespect, but the article above says that one of the most vocal opponents here moved to Echo Park from midcity about a year ago. I would really recommend just seeing how one Dodger season goes–or at least one month of the new season–before getting all worked up and spending a lot of time being angry and anxious and organizing around something that really may not turn out to be that big of a deal.

    • If it’s no big deal then I’m sure you won’t mind helping me pick the broken beer bottles and used condoms out of my front yard every single game, as I had to do last year. Maybe you wouldn’t mind accompanying the nursery school teacher who had threats made on her family’s life when she told drunken Dodger fans to stop exposing themselves to her young students. Maybe, before passing judgement, you could show up to the meeting where residents voiced horror stories from previous game days that you yourself have been fortunate enough to avoid. Maybe people with young children at the local schools would prefer to have their children (whose schoolyard is on Scott) “merely” choke on exhaust fumes every once in awhile rather than on a regular basis. Maybe residents who are pregnant would also prefer to only inhale those exhaust fumes every once in awhile, rather than every other day for months. Maybe it doesn’t take more than one season to realize that the short-lived chaos experienced last year would be ten times worse if experienced for all 81 days. We all know these nuisances are part of the experience of living by the stadium, but no community should have to pay that price NEARLY 50% OF A 6 MONTH PERIOD. Maybe I don’t want to wait “and see” until my family or my dogs get hit by the drunk drivers passing through our residential street. Maybe I have enough pride in Echo Park to call it my home and stand up for my community (the only negative thing I have found in this community is how many long time residents perceive those who haven’t lived here for 20 years as outsiders. I lived a couple of miles away for decades. Someone lived here longer than you, too. This isn’t a pissing contest where who’s lived here the longest somehow gets the last word). I am very happy for you that you haven’t experienced what many other residents at last night’s community meeting experienced. But I ask you: can you quote a single POSITIVE aspect of thousands of cars being rerouted for 81 games through our residential roads? An aspect that is positive for the residents of Echo Park affected by the change, not just for those exiting Dodger stadium? Or is “it’s not so bad for me” the best you can do for your community? Maybe I’m just a naive newcomer, but I know Echo Park deserves better.

      • Echo Park Resident

        Petition-maker, can you please include your email or a good contact on these email update you send out? They only have a generic Change.org email as the sender, and it would be good to get in touch because I have a lot of questions about your updates!

      • This is part of living in Echo Park! These newbe hipsters need to stop moving in and then complaining!!! 20 years…. is still recent! The stadium has been here much longer. Maybe try silver lake?

    • @buster keaton…..

      you may have missed the part that this is for ingress as well as egress…..which for the last few decades has been disallowed…back in the day….when Scott., or the now renamed, Gate B/Stadium way (Via Elysian Park Ave to Scott) was opened….it was gridlock from Glendale to Boylston. Pity the poor residents of Boylston who now will be land locked on both sides of their short street……I can only hope these 18 property’s get vocal, and rail loud and often at their representative Mr. Cedillo for advocating for this without any community input!!! such a pity……poorly thought out, hell, not thought out at all!!!


  5. I can recall being in Chicago and going to a Cubs game. Caught the “loop” in downtown, which dropped us off literally across the street from Wrigley Field(?!). Afterwards, it dropped us off a couple of blocks from our hotel. As a lifelong Angeleno and Dodgers fan, it felt almost miraculous. “This is civilized” is the thought that kept crossing my mind. There was a whole Lot of public drunkenness all around the stadium but I didn’t witness any violence or even belligerence from anyone and I was wearing an L.A. cap. Anyway, it may take a miracle to ever establish effective and convenient public transportation in L.A. but establishing direct transportation to traffic-clogging sporting events would be a logical and encouraging start. I Love L.A. but there would be even more to love if we didn’t have to navigate clogged freeways to every entertainment venue.

  6. @Petition:

    I’m not trying to have a pissing contest over who has lived here the longest (one of the most tedious arguments that happens with frequency on this blog.)

    It does sound like our experiences of Dodger fans have been completely different. It could be that the closer one is to Dodger Stadium, the more service/supervision one experiences. My experience has been that one nights when the Scott Gate is open, there is a fast exit by fans, heavily supervised and guided with traffic staff on each corner of Scott from Stadium Way to Echo Park Avenue. The whole thing usually takes about an hour and the whole atmosphere is pretty relaxed.

    It does sound possible that the farther away from Dodger Stadium (and supervision and DOT) that fans get, out into the neighborhood, the rowdier they get. I will say that the incidents you describe sound 180 degrees different from what I have experienced living blocks from Dodger Stadium.

    I will also say that your account of some of the incidents sounds a little overwrought. It is indeed horrible and inexcusable if Dodger fans are exposing themselves to children. I would hope that the police got involved with that series of incidents, including the threats to the nursery school teacher.

    After the incident where the Dodger fans beat the Giants fan almost to death on opening day, there has been a big LAPD crackdown on drinking around the Stadium and drunkenness in general around the games. There are frequent DUI checkpoints set up after Dodger games (which ironically, but unavoidably, adds to the traffic situation. However I am glad they are done because they are necessary.)

    I just have a hard time completely buying your description of out of control behavior regularly exhibited by Dodger fans. I simply have not seen it. But I am willing to believe that different Echo Park residents experience different kinds of behavior from fans depending on where they live. It does sound like there is worse behavior farther away from the LAPD/DOT presence near the stadium.

    @Edina — yes, I was trying to find out since the first Eastsider post about this issue whether there would now be ingress as well as egress. But there is still no clear answer in this discussion–@Petition’s comment above says “While Dodgers reps claim they will try to redirect traffic away from Scott for fans ENTERING the stadium, they have confirmed that fans will be exiting via Scott Ave residential area for all 81 home games,” So that sounds to me like Scott WILL NOT be used for ingress. Anybody have a clarification?

    Finally, @Petition: I do my bit on behalf of my community. I’m sorry you have had such a bad experience during your single season of living near Dodger Stadium, and I hope this year there are improvements. As far as positive aspects of having Dodger traffic drive through Echo Park–all I can say is, once again, it’s been happening for the past few years already. And also–when all the construction that is going on on new apartment buildings on Sunset and the surrounding area are complete–we’re going to see massive and permanent changes to the amount of traffic passing through the neighborhood, not just 6 months out of the year, but 365 days.

    • Beer bottles and condoms after every game??? EVERY GAME??? Even the exhibition games too? So Dodger fans are driving out of the stadium on Scott, pulling over, parking their cars, and then practicing safe sex in your front yard? Or do you think they’re just throwing out the condom from a moving car like a paper boy? Do you think it’s the same couple, or is it a different couple every time? Is it just your yard, or your neighbors yard too? I also have to wonder why people would pick your yard specifically to dispose of their beer bottles following all 81 Dodger home games. Do you live in Elysian Park? I’ve seen plenty of beer bottles improperly disposed of in Elysian Park. What I’ve never seen is people taking the time to walk down Scott with their beer bottles just so they can dispose of them in someone’s yard. Here’s another thing. All Dodger games end either at around 10pm (M-Sat) or 4pm (Sun). Last I checked, there is no school in session during those hours. So how are Dodger fans “exposing themselves” to “school children”? I went to Elysian Heights and the Montessori school right across the street and I don’t ever remember seeing or hearing about anything like that ever happening. EVER. As someone who was born and raised here, I realise that living next to Dodger Stadium can be a pain sometimes. Your complaints would have a lot more weight if you wouldn’t outright lie. If you’re going to lie about Dodger fans, at least give it a little more thought and try not to exaggerate. Having “pride” in your neighborhood doesn’t include making up BS stories to prove a point. GFY

      • If you send me your email address I would be happy to send you photos of the experience I AND my neighbors have had. While constant and highly unsanitary trash has been part of my experience, the other experiences were experiences I relayed that were PUBLICLY VOICED BY OTHER MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY. So I suppose you are saying that everyone who attended the community meeting and everyone who is commenting on this petition is outright lying, too? THESE ARE THE SENTIMENTS OF NEIGHBORS AND THEIR EXPERIENCES AND CONCERNS THAT ARE BEING VOICED, WHICH I HAVE RELAYED – BUT THESE CONCERNS BY SPECIFIC NEIGHBORS CAN BE VIEWED PUBLICLY ON THE PETITION. I encourage you to peruse the comments section of the petition in which a resident has made such a claim about their children who have been exposed to this behavior (which echoes the experience of the nursery school teacher at the community meeting). Also please note that Elysian Heights Elementary School and the Montessori school is set WAY up on the hill- it’s not, unlike Logan and Gabriella, on the road where people park, tailgate, and exit the stadium. I assume things are generally lovely and tranquil up on cerro gordo, and how fortunate for you that they are. Those on Boylston, in Solano Canyon, and in many areas neighboring Scott Ave have not been having quite a fortunate experience. AGAIN, THESE ARE SPECIFIC COMPLAINTS FROM REAL LIVE MEMBERS OF THIS COMMUNITY – YOUR NEIGHBORS! TAKE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF ON THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THE PETITION AND SEE WHAT YOUR NEIGHBORS ARE EXPERIENCING.

        • ALL CAPS ALL CAPS ALL CAPS!!! Whatever guy. I have no idea why the Dodgers even hold these meetings. “Community meetings” typically do nothing but bring out the crazies. I’m not going to give out my email address to an insane person or open up my email address to the local cranks. I’m sure not everyone at the meeting claimed that they were picking up used condoms out of their front yards after every game, because that would clearly be bull and no one would take it seriously. Think about it. You didn’t answer my questions by the way. Do you think these awful sex crazed Dodger fans are actually having sex in your front yard or do they just fling the condoms out of the moving car like a paperboy? Seriously. Because if it was 10:30 pm and someone was screwing in my front yard, you’d better believe I’d hear it and I’d do something about other than rant and rave at a community meeting and bitch about it on the internet. Answer, don’t answer, I don’t really give a damn because here’s the bottom line: The Dodgers actually matter in this city and you don’t rate for jack. There’s gonna be 3.8 million people coming to Dodger Stadium this year and they are going to do everything they can to make that happen as efficiently as possible. If that means re-opening the Scott gate (it was open for years before you ever showed up), then so be it. You’d better just get used to it. Don’t like it? Well, you know what to do. Actually, on second though, tell the Dodgers that Brandon League has been leaving the condoms in your front yard.

      • PS just to clarify, I LOVE the Dodgers and I love Dodger fans! I AM one. The stories I have relayed are specific concerns voiced by an array of neighbors (some newer to the neighborhood, and some who have been here more than half a century) about some of the fallout that is experienced when event venue traffic (of ANY kind) is rerouted through a residential neighborhood. Some of the experiences voiced at the community meeting, many from longtime residents such as yourself, were heartbreaking.

        Whether we lived next to Dodger Stadium, the Hollywood Bowl, or the Disney Concert Hall, event venues cause a certain degree of mayhem (that much we can all accept). But I think it’s fair and reasonable for residents of any community to have their voices, personal experiences, and concerns heard when the traffic and partying from that venue is routed through a residential area.

        At the end of the day we are all neighbors, and by relaying the concerns voiced by mine, I was hoping to be a good one. If you, or your neighbors up in Elysian Heights, experience concerns that you wanted heard, I would happily do the same for you. I apologize if my previous comments were at all heated. Whatever our perspective, we are all behind the same team: Echo Park, and The Dodgers.

        • petition — just breath! Its the dodgers! get some tickets and go! Its why we live here…. go pick up the bottles and condoms and throw them in the trash!! Big deal!!!

      • Last time I checked, there are many daytime Dodgers game that occur during normal school hours.

        • Um…check again. This coming season there will be 3 total. Opening day and two “businessmen’s specials” aka “getaway games” on July 2nd and Sept 3rd. Those games start at 12:10 and typically have the lowest attendance of the season (which is why every team not named the Cubs avoids weekday day games). That’s it. 3 out of 81. That’s how it is every year. Sometimes you’ll have a 5:10 start on Saturdays for national broadcast games. No school on Saturday either. The whole “Dodger fans are exposing themselves to kids at school. Think of the children!” hysteria is nonsense.

          • Echo Park Resident

            Fans arrive early for games — so a 5pm start time means that fans can arrive at 1pm or 2pm to tailgate and get drunk. It happens. Don’t be ignorant.

          • There will be two 5:10 starts on school days this season. May 26th Sept 1st. Two. Funny that you’d tell me not to be ignorant, but you didn’t even bother to check the schedule. You cranks are hysterical.

    • @Buster Keaton. I am not responding to you, I am responding to “Petition”. My bad.

      • @cerrogordo–

        No, it’s cool, I knew. You know–I was thinking the same thing about the timing of schools vs the time Dodger games get out.

        Thumbs up to your comment

        • Here are just a few of the many comments from residents who listed their specific names on the petition, but out of respect, I will remove their names here:

          Dodger fans have exposed themselves to my children and attempted fights on the lawn of our home. We deal with enough fan based activities and those awful lights. I will not stand to not have access to and from my home. I use Scott everyday and have two small children. I have had to leave on emergency before. I have the records with Children’s Hospital. I will not stand to have Scott Ave blocked with trafficking of dodgers ungrateful fans.

          I live right off Scott and bike and walk my dogs every day and sometimes have small children with me…..the people that drive to and from the game R rowdy and many R drunk driving it is very scary

          I live and own property in echo park and this has not been a good for my tenants- trash, traffic, accidents and drunk yelling fans all over the streets

          I love my neighborhood and I’ve been here long enough to remember not only traffic congesting the entire elysian/EP area, but also numerous drunken fights, trash and vandalism. Please Mr. Mayor, do not allow this.

          I live on Morton and traffic, belligerent behavior, and drunk fans on my street is already bad enough without this gate open. Keeping this gate open for all 81 home games will create a serious quality of life issue for hundreds of local residents, with no apparent attempt to assuage our concerns by the Dodgers.

          It very greatly impacts my life. It renders me unable to go to emergency rooms, which I must do often.

          This would add traffic to Scott street during school dismissal at Logan Street School

          Re-opening this gate makes it extremely dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. I’ve seen near accidents because the streets become so congested that the drivers cant see if cars are driving up scott when making a left. And its makes it difficult for residents to park and walk home.

          • You know, I hate to be an asshole, but maybe a family with small children should have taken into consideration whether or not they would have 100% ability to drive in and out of a block where they live in case of emergency. And unfortunately, because of the location of Scott and the streets off of it in relation to Dodger Stadium, those streets are city streets that every single year have some limitations as far as accessibility by residents, for about half the year. So perhaps those particular streets and locations are not optimal places to live for a family that needs egress from their street 100% of the time.

          • I am also curious whether there is a racial element here. That curiosity might lead me to attend a community meeting about this issue.

          • You know what, I’m sorry–my comment about families with children sounds pretty unneighborly.

            What I was getting at is that it it well known that the area around Dodger Stadium has Dodger traffic half the year, and maybe that is even something that affects property value.

            BUT–it’s not just children who need to get to an emergency room, it’s everyone, me too. Maybe we should ask the Dodger organization to get with the Dodger neighbors to put a set of emergency protocols together, or to let us know of those exist and what they are. What if there was a fire on Scott or surrounding streets during a time when fans were entering or exiting the stadium?–how would fire trucks get in and out, and what kind of personnel would be needed?

            And that is a concern–if a Dodger stadium neighbor needs to get out of the neighborhood quickly in an emergency like a medical one, how can that be facilitated? Can they be escorted out? Maybe we should ask for some emergency-related services like that to be planned for.

          • I wouldn’t worry too much about being “neighborly” or attending a meeting. I’ve been to enough of these community meetings to know that the majority of the people who show up to them are just the neighborhood cranks and sprinkled with a few genuinely concerned residents. The neighborhood councils (all of them) are powerless bodies where the local whack jobs go to rant about basic inconveniences associated with city living. “Graffiti! Loud Music!!! Traffic!” Nothing ever gets resolved at these things, but at least the local nuts get to feel like they’re doing something about it. It’s a nice relief valve for them. There is absolutely a racial angle to the complaints. You can tell when you see someone posting wistfully about how nice it is at Cubs games with no fighting or drunks. I’ve been to plenty of games at Wrigley and know that the only difference between the behavior of Cubs fans (or Red Sox, or Phillies, or Yankees…) is the predominant color of their skin. When you see a drunk frat boy in Wrigleyville (I mean can you imagine Dodger Stadium surrounded by bars??? These folks have no idea how good they have it.) acting a fool it’s easier to ignore because it’s a nice white boy. When you see a bald headed, neck tattooed, homeboy acting the same it’s more threatening. Especially to people who are not from around here. I’m sure it’s not all racial. Some people just like to complain to someone in power. Makes them feel important and self righteous. But some of these complaints are so ridiculous they aren’t even worth arguing about.”Awful lights”? “traffic”? It’s like these people didn’t even consider that there was a ballpark right down the street when they moved here. So let them rant and rave. The bottom line is that the Dodgers will be getting record attendance this season and the Dodgers and City Hall know it. Both parties are going to cooperate to make sure that gets handled in the best way possible and that includes having all available gates to the stadium open and that’s that. I’m ready for a great season.

  7. Echo Park Devil's Advocate

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I’m totally cool with this. I moved into the neighborhood knowing full well there was an MLB stadium next door. In fact I think it’s one of the best parts of being in the neighborhood.

    Now this is hearsay, so take it for what it’s worth, but I had a conversation with an 90’s era Dodgers executive who was there I believe when they originally closed the entrance. They had a similar battle with the neighborhood at the time. Even back then there were supposedly only a couple neighborhood home owners that had purchased before the stadium was built. Meaning, everyone else should have known what they were getting into when they purchased. Even those that have bought since the gate was closed had to at least be aware there was a chance it would open again one day. Similar to those west side folks who bought their homes next to a rail right-of-way and are now upset that it’s becoming the Expo line.

    I for one am excited and I live about three blocks from Scott/Echo Park Ave. And for selfish reasons, I’m looking forward to a much easier walk to the stadium when I’m going to games.

    • Don’t forget the people who bought next to SM Airport & now want to close it because of noise. LA City/County are responsible for traffic & public parking enforcement & can decide street closures, detours, permit parking, etc. Pressure them to devise a comprehensive traffic routing & neighborhood parking plan. I they prove to be incompetent, vote them out. It’s interesting that this subject didn’t surface during the last elections. Does anyone remember any candidates, winners or losers, discussing the subject of the planned change in the Scott gate usage?

  8. Would someone please post the name and number for the contact person who will be handling issues at the meeting? I was unable to attend both meetings as I had to work, but need the number as we’ve had to call about issues along Academy several times in the past during opening day.

    Who is our neighborhood contact for the Dodgers, is Renata replacing Rafael? If someone would be so kind as to post the contact name and number over there, that would be very helpful, thanks.

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