L.A. River lives up to its name

Friday’s storm turned the usually placid L.A. River into a torrent.  Luis Lopez shot this video in Atwater Village as the water gushed past the Red Car pylons near the Glendale Hyperion bridge.


  1. Do people not realize how danger it is in the river? Ther is floating needle everywhere an gang types jumping on inoccents an stab and stealing them. And don’t you dare forgot the “hiding man” who live in the brush and bush. He prolly angred by all this waters and seeking vengernce on the path way. Their is poster all over path warn of his kind living in river only stupid go down their now.

  2. At the bottom of the screen, from around 0:17 to 0:24, I could swear I see someone in the water. When I watched the video in full-screen mode he/it was easier to see.

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