LA Marathon brings in 25,000 runners and a slew of Echo Park & Silver Lake street closures

L.A. Marathon, street closures, Echo Park, Silver Lake

Runners pass by Echo Park Lake during 2010 marathon.

By Hayley Fox

Early this Sunday morning while most of us are snuggled comfortably in our beds, throngs of runners will be up-and-at-‘em for the annual L.A. Marathon. This 26.2 mile race starts at Dodger Stadium and passes through  Echo Park – which is described by a marathon guide as a magnet for “creative, underground, and independent elements of society” – and Silver Lake  –  “known for its eclectic gathering of hipsters and creative types” – on its way to  Santa Monica. To accommodate the approximately 25,000 runners who will be stampeding from Downtown to the Westside, many of our neighborhood streets,  bus routes and freeway offramps will be temporarily closed. And city officials mean business so take heed of your street signs.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) said violators will be cited and possibly impounded for parking on the “restricted, no-parking streets.”  In addition,  MTA and Dash bus riders should expect that numerous lines will be rerouted or service postponed for much of the day.

So move your cars and cheer some runners on! And for an added twist, Sunday is also Daylight Savings Time (spring forward, kids). The races have staggered start times but most start between 7 and 7:30 a.m. Here is the comprehensive list of the March 9 street closures between Echo Park and Hollywood :

Streets closures begin at 3:15 AM  and reopen by 10:20 AM

Elysian Park Av between Dodger Stadium and Sunset Bl
Sunset Bl / Cesar Chavez Av between Douglas St and Alameda St
Temple St between Alameda St and Glendale Bl
Beaudry Av between 1st St and Sunset Bl
E. Edgeware Rd between Temple St and Bellevue Av
Bellevue Av between E. Edgeware Rd and Glendale Bl
Glendale Bl between Scott Av and Temple St

Streets closures begin at 3:45 AM  and reopen by 10:52 AM

Parkman Av between Glendale Bl and Sunset Bl
Sunset Bl between Echo Park Av and Hollywood Bl
Alvarado St between Glendale Bl and Temple St
Santa Monica Bl between Hoover St and Sunset Bl
Griffith Park Bl between Effie St and Sunset Bl
Fountain Av between Myra Av and Virgil Av
Hillhurst Av / Virgil Av between Franklin Av and Fountain Av
(may be closed to Santa Monica Bl, if necessary)
Sunset Bl between Vermont Av and Virgil Av

Street closures begin at 3:55 AM  and reopen by at 11:24 AM

Hollywood Bl between Sunset Bl and La Brea Av
Vermont Av between Sunset Bl and Franklin Av
Normandie Av between Sunset Bl and Franklin Av
Western Av between Sunset Bl and Franklin Av
Wilton Pl between Sunset Bl and Franklin Av
Bronson Av between Sunset Bl and Franklin Av
Gower St between Sunset Bl and Franklin Av
Vine St between Sunset Bl and Franklin Av
Cahuenga Bl between Sunset Bl and Franklin Av

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Time-lapse video of 2013 marathon runners passing through Elysian Park Drive and Sunset Boulevard.
Hayley Fox is an L.A. native now living in Echo Park. After getting her master’s in journalism at the Annenberg school, Fox worked at public radio station KPCC 89.3 where she wrote and produced stories for online and on air. She covered mostly downtown L.A. and South L.A. news, as well as covering city-wide crime, breaking news and the occasional adorable animal story.


  1. Why do they never do this along the beach and save the city the annoyance? Wouldn’t it also be nicer to run along the ocean?

    • I think it’s because they want to show off the most iconic parts of the city for the marathon runners. 26 miles is a long way, and if all you see is the beach, it probably gets boring. Much more interesting to start with Dodgers Stadium, see Chinatown, the Historic Core, Echo Park, Hollywood Blvd, the Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, and then eventually the beach as the final destination.

      Also, this particular route involves several places where there are tunnels under the route – people (on foot, bike, car, or bus) can cross under Sunset on Glendale and on Myra, as well as the various freeways. In many other parts of the city the marathon route would be completely impassable.

    • Because it is the l.a. Marathon not the beach marathon . Plus , many coastal cities host their own 10 and 5 k’s.
      Its once a year on a Sunday for a few hours for christs sakes , it really is not that annoying !
      Its awesome to see people setting a goal and setting out to do it .
      Its fun to sit at the edge of Echo park , the place ive lived all my life 46 years , and cheer people on !
      Cheers !

  2. Just saw all the No Stopping signs that popped up on Sunset in Silver Lake for 12:00am-1:00am Sunday for this. Kind of screws over the businesses on Sunset that are open late on Saturday night. If street closures aren’t until 3:45am, why couldn’t they let people park until 2:00am?

    • Correction: I meant 12:00am-1:00pm – like the sign in the photo. But my question still stands re: why can’t this start at 2:00am? It is a Saturday night and there are many businesses on Sunset that are open until 2:00am.

      • I’m sure it’s an inconvenience to many businesses on Sunset, but I think there are plenty of people who flock to Los Angeles for the marathon, and it’s only one day a year, so I think it’s a win-win for the city. I joined a group hike in Griffith Park today and met a guy who is in town from Australia to run in tomorrow’s marathon.

        • I hear ya, James. I get that it is a big deal and only one day a year. And I know a lot of people are really excited about it, and understandably so. It is a great event.

          I guess I just don’t see why they couldn’t make the “No Stopping” start a bit later since the route covers many streets (not just Sunset) that have multiple businesses on them with late hours and it is a Saturday night – the biggest night of the week for the majority of these businesses. Since the street closure isn’t slated until 3:45am, at least maybe compromise to 1:00am for the “No Stopping” to consider the businesses a little, and still have time to get things sorted..

          And there is another one right around the corner too, on April 5th. – The Hollywood 1/2 Marathon. Wonder if they will do this again. I’m guessing so. It covers a lot of the same major streets. Midnight just seems too early on the weekend to not allow parking on major streets full of businesses.. Especially with 2 of these within a month of each other. Seems like overkill when the street closures aren’t until almost 4 hours later.

          • Grahm Wellington

            By “businesses” open until 2am you mean bars, right? Well you shouldn’t be driving after coming out of a bar at 2am anyway. Would it kill you to take a taxi one day out of the year drunky?

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