Police make Echo Park arrests in connection with 2010 murder

ECHO PARK — Police made five arrests today after serving search warrants at five homes in the Echo Park area as part of an investigation into a 2010 murder.  Detective Brian Putnam with the LAPD Central Division said officers also confiscated several weapons and ammunition during the early morning raids, which involved members of the LAPD SWAT Team. Officers were seen this morning at several homes on Echo Park Avenue and Baxter Street.

Putnam said the 2010 murder did not take place in Echo Park but he declined to provide further details, including the what charges the suspects are facing. He said today’s search warrants were not related to the Echo Park gang injunction.


  1. Does anyone know any additional details?

    • Anotheruselessopinion

      About 3 or 4 of these guys had charges dropped. No evidence after spending over a year in jail. Sucks to see any kind of Echo Park residents wrongfully accused. Especially when these “gangsters” do own their properties. There should more updates on the lapd mistakes.

  2. Is it really any of your business?

  3. Thank you, LAPD !

  4. Five down, and only a few more left to go. If gentrification means getting rid of these losers, I’m all for it.

  5. Eastsider, any updates on what happened?

  6. Peter Lopez, wanted in connection with the in the back shooting of the young man who worked at Silverlake Trader Joes, has he been found yet? I know that was in 2011, but this reminded me of that.

  7. This neighborhood has history the real echo park people have pride in…ECHO PARK Ave was a known gang street for decades.Majority of Families in the area have respect for the gang and have ties to members. Weather they’re neighbors or went to school together. Just because they are gang members doesn’t mean they are unhuman and deserve treatment like animals. The whole area was a tough environment growing up as kids. And kids would group up against kids that live in their rivals neighborhoods. On these streets you couldn’t show weakness, staying strong and fighting was the only option if you wanted to keep your confidence and be treated with respect. Which influenced kids to join the neighborhood gang. On top of that their were violent crackheads, thieves, rapists and hypes walking these streets comitting crime, so being part of a gang that kills people that go against them, and packing a gun to defend yourself it was a way of keeping the real bad people away like the sick and insane and robbers. They would understand that gangs have guns and will kill…And know if they see a gangmember, he wont allow to be a victom. It was a warzone on these streets in and around the EP area. ECHO PARK GANG made their reputation for being one of the baddest and being one of the more violent gangs. And as being people growing up being violent, their ways may seem wicked, or evil. But at the same time there was always a purpose for the way they are.. The streets are nowhere as violent as before. Kids are being raised differently, Police are trigger happy x Marines that kill people and get away with it, Not as many thief’s, robbers, rapid running around the streets. The country is becoming weaker with laws carrying ridiculous sentences, and gay people with rights, young men being encouraged and rewarded for Snitching. Adults who knew this world and take pride in surviving, dont want their kids to live at risk. Boys are growing up soft, girls are getting tough ..There always been a tradition for gangsters to stay ready, because violence that took place in the past is always goanna be retaliated. These gangmbers are just men who made a life choice at a young age who developed a love and pride for what they stand for, a product of neighborhood history. This lifestyle has been on the fall because the city wants the EXP GANG and the 100’s of families its tied to OUT. And want gentrification in.. Garcettis plans.. Back in the days, just 5 years + it was all Echo love between everybody. Up Echo Park Avenue always through the best gangster parties Music blasting so loud you can hear it a half a mile away with neighborhood fellaz posted on the street having a good time.. To bad we might not witness this anymore. The real people of EP have to admit We all kind of liked the fact that neighborhood functions and gangsta parties like this took place all.weekend long. Family and friends would come visit like “Dayum Echo Park keeping that shit gangsta, its live rite here”

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