Scenes & Sightings: Dodger Stadium is black and blue

Dodger Stadium, parking

You can be sure all these spaces will be filled on opening day.

The sea of parking lots surrounding Dodger Stadium are getting new blacktop and being restriped in advance of the opening day on April 4. The Eastsider took a few pictures after Jeanne Wyshak noted the work was underway. Parking on that new blacktop is going to cost more this season, with prices rising to $15 a vehicle from $10. However, fans can save $5 if they purchase parking in advance online.

On another stadium-related note, the Dodgers will be holding another community meeting tonight to discuss the upcoming season and their controversial decision to reopen the Scott Avenue entrance for all games.

Dodger Stadium, parking


  1. It does sadden me that so much land in one of our largest city parks is devoted exclusively to paved parking for that grand total equivalent of about 17 days (for MLB games) that it is in use (81 games times 5 hours/game times divided by 24 hours in a day). Is this really the best use of all this space? Can’t even some of it be turned into grassland that is used as spillover parking when necessary? I’ve yet to see the ENTIRE lot at Dodger Stadium full, and that’s even on opening day.

    There’s just over one parking space for every three seats in the stadium. (19,000 spots for 56,000 seats). And Metro’s Dodger Stadium express averaged about 2,600 persons/game last year, further reducing the need for parking. Regardless, all that pavement just seems like such a grand waste of space, like we don’t really value it for anything except the convenience of parking on those occasions that we go to a game.

  2. Paved Paradise

  3. I guess the fee bump helps to afford the $14M per year rent for the parking facility, roughly half of which goes to McCourt. The parking lot biz — do virtually nothing, collect fees, and wait until the land can be redeveloped. Classic so-cal money making setup.

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