Storefront Report: Does Echo Park need another place that sells coffee? Apparently so

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Coffee shop proposed for former vintage store

ECHO PARK – Work is underway to transform the former Bear Cat vintage store, which shut down less than a year after opening last summer, into a coffee shop at 1532 Sunset Boulevard, according to online city records and a construction worker in the storefront. The Eastsider is seeking more info about the owners and their plans but city records show the owners are looking to change the use of the space to a coffee shop from a bar, which appears to be a reference to the Los Pinos bar that occupied the space more than a decade ago.

The new coffee shop is located on a section of Sunset that is poised to see more change. The cafe is next door to the former Barragan’s Mexican restaurant, which closed last December after being sold to a new owner, and across the street from a new restaurant now under construction in the former Nuvia’s restaurant.


  1. About as much as it needed another vintage clothing store I imagine.

  2. If they can convince enough consumers that their product is truly unique, then they’ll do just fine. Best of luck to the owners and (anticipated) staff of this new business!

  3. How about a golf or a tennis store ??

  4. Actually, this location is perfect for those who live in Angeleno Heights and east of Echo Park Ave. I am looking forward to having a closer location to walk to for a pick me up beverage and snack. BTW, the new eatery Trencher looks like they are very close to opening.

  5. Wait, why would they want to change the use from a bar to a coffee shop?! They should just open a bar! So much more profit than selling $3 coffees.

  6. Echo Park is the only place I’ve ever lived where people have store fronts as a hobby and seem completely ok with passerby’s not knowing what the point of their business it. Whats with that place next to the yellow market on Echo Park ave? What does that place do? What can I get there? Or the Echo Park Outpost or whatever that is. OR the Time Mart ( i know it’s part of a non profit, but DO SOMETHING WITH IT YOU ARE IN A BUSY FUCKING AREA!), i mean COME ON! Who are these people able to start business’s that are against making money or providing a service for the community? It seems smug, spoiled, and selfish to take up valuable community space with bad art installations posing as stores.

    • Echo Park resident

      The Time Travel Mart is where 826LA holds their classes in addition to selling products to fund the program. That’s what they’re “doing” with that storefront. Their motivation isn’t to be a hip store — they’re a great community organization that helps LOCAL children. It’s your fault you haven’t bothered to figure out who they are or what they do.

      • I know exactly what it is they do. My point is they could have a storefront that serves a purpose AND would generate more income to help local children while using a key part of the city’s commons more effectively. Nobody buys anything at the time mart. You walk by, chuckle the first time, and then after seeing it everyday for 5 years you start getting annoyed at it like a joke you’ve heard a million times.

  7. And it’s STILL gonna take an hour to get a godamn cup of coffee just like everywhere else in LA.

  8. It’s all about walking distance and convenience. If the Brits can have a pub on every corner, and the French have a cafe or two at every intersection, we can have more coffee joints. I’d love it if the vacant storefront on the south-east corner of Benton Way would become a coffee shop. It has no parking, and it would serve a large group of walk-ins.

  9. I’m laughing too hard at Grahm Wellington’s comment to type my comment.

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