Captain America, where are you? Superheroes needed to recover stolen Eagle Rock comic books collection

EAGLE ROCK — Writer and teacher Adam Rose has been collecting comic books for 30 years, amassing 8,000 books that were stored in 14 white boxes in the garage of his Eagle Rock home. But earlier this month, as his family had gathered to celebrate his 40th birthday, Rose was up at 6 a.m. to walk his dog when he noticed that the garage door was wide open and those 14 white boxes were gone.

“They took nothing else and even moved my nice bike to get to boxes,” said Rose of the theft from his home in the north end Eagle Rock.  “I am still in shock to say the least. Thirty years of collecting down the drain.”

Rose reported the crime to police but  is asking for help to recover his treasure trove of comic books, which included such titles as X Factor, Death of Superman, Dark Knight Returns, Incredible Hulk #340 and the entire run of Justice League International.  A list of the most valuable books in his collection has been posted on Bleeding Cool; he asks fellow comic book fans to watch out for these titles  on Craigslist, ebay  or the local comic book store.


  1. Must have been someone he knows at least a little, to take only the comics and nothing else. They knew what they were doing, and would have probably been in that garage at some previous point, or been told that he keeps his collection there at least.

  2. That sucks. The only bright side is that the collection probably wasn’t worth much. There are two markets for comic books. There’s the market for gold-plated issues with megawatt cultural significance, which sell for hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars i.e. Action Comics’ No. 1, Most other comics never sell for what owners think they will and most people don’t even break even on them.


  3. How do I get a hold of Adam Rose?! Someone on one of my local buy and sale FB groups just posted a huge lot of old comic books. I have pictures I can show him to see if there his. Anyone know how to contact him?

  4. Teresa,

    I’m Adam!!! Please send me what you know. Thanks so much….
    [email protected]

  5. Hi Adam;

    Only heard about the theft of your comics from a friend who heard about it on the news yesterday. Sorry about
    your loss, as your collection sounds similar to mine, i.e., comics accumulated over your lifetime, personal favorites,
    etc., rather than a “professional” type collection assembled of ‘investment’ grade issues with profit in mind.
    Anyway, hopefully perhaps by now you have received useful information that will help you recover your books.
    I am communicating because yesterday I saw an add in the L..A. Times classified from someone supposedly wanting
    to BUY comics. I called the number, which was a 626 area code, and had a cordial conversation with a guy. There
    was nothing inherently suspiscious about it except that he asked me for my address. I told him I’d get back to
    him after sorting through my stuff to see how much I had of the kind of comics he was interested in.
    Then a few hours later when I was told about your loss, I just wondered if perhaps by chance you had by
    chance talked to the same guy and given him your address. If you have not communicated with anyone recently
    about wanting to maybe sell your comics, then never mind. But the fact that this fuy twice asked me for my
    address in a 5 minute talk did strike me as a little odd.
    Anyway , hope you get your comics back. Let me know if there is any progeress on your case.

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