City rolls out new repair stations with cyclists – and vandals – in mind

New bike repair station in Silver Lake

City workers today installed self-service, bike repair stations in Eagle Rock, Highland Park and Silver Lake as part of a $17,000 pilot program.  The black metal cylinders bolted to the ground serves not only as a place to mount a bike while it’s being repaired, it also houses a tool kit – including screw drivers and wrenches – and a bike pump.  The tools are attached to the stainless-steel stations – made by a Minnesota company called Dero – with metal cables and what are described as “tamper-proof” fasteners.  But one has to wonder how well these stations will stand up against vandals.  The Department of Transportation’s very own Bike Blog raised and addressed the issue:

One of the greatest concerns we heard from the last blog post was security. We will be working with the manufacturer to make the toolkit as vandal proof as possible. We also hope that by placing the stations in highly visible spaces in front of businesses that will care for them as a maintenance partner, we will deter theft with eyes on the street … By placing these stations near our bicycle corrals and bicycle friendly businesses, this program will create a Bicycle Friendly environment that will contribute to and enhance the larger community.

The three Eastside Bicycle Repair Stations were installed at Polka Dot Plaza in Silver Lake, the 5100 block of York Boulevard in Highland Park and Colorado Boulevard at La Roada Avenue   in Eagle Rock.  Another station was also to be installed in Leimert Park. Eventually seven stations will be installed under the pilot program.

Tools are stored inside the station.

Bike Repair Station includes a pump


  1. The Eagle Rock location is Colorado Boulevard at La Roda Ave., not La Road.

  2. Is this a new photo? What happened to the dots? Who doesn’t like dots?

  3. To be fair we should also be installing car and shoe repair stations.

    • As usual car drivers are coddled and catered to more than anyone else and 9 times more likely to be oblivious and privileged idiotos.


      When bicycles begin to get this type of treatment, we’ll talk!!

      • Your tone is rude, but your facts are correct and you have a point.

        To amplify your point, note also that the Metro Freeway Patrol has nice new trucks with significant equipment onboard, and a driver, backed with a dispatcher, so the cost of this service must be enormous compared with an unattended kiosk with DIY tools. That’s why this one is a hard call.

        I started bicycling when you had to carry your own tools, tube/patch kit, and pump, so I may be old school in this regard. Like my neighbors who do their own car repairs out of pride, I think cyclists should be prepared for these things, and that may be an old-fashioned attitude if you think of the bicycle as simply a transportation option that should have infrastructure support.

  4. as a self-professed bike fanatic, you might be surprised to find I think these stations are a waste of $$. FIrst, they are only moderately useful if someone has a problem near where one is located.. and they know it’s there. The only place they would really make sense is near transit stations or on college campuses. Secondly, I think this points to a larger problem plaguing the US right now: we are conditioning people to not take care of themselves.. that the gov’t will be there to protect you from yourself. All bike riders should be self sufficient. We should carry bike tubes or patches, a pump or CO2 inflater, and a multitool.

    • I don’t always agree with you, but when I do, it’s because I think you make some sense. I think the air pump is the most useful part of these and wouldn’t mind seeing some scattered around the city in thoughtful locations but maintenance can’t be neglected. Air pumps at Metro stations would be great, or major intersections or heck even outside bike shops.. Disagree with your self-reliance bit, I think it’s okay to provide accommodations for cyclists– after all, we should encourage more of it since it’s good for the city.

      I don’t see a harm in installing these since it’s from grant money obtained from Bikes Belong, but I do think attention is better focused elsewhere to make biking safer and more enjoyable.

  5. I’m a supporter of bike transportation, but I also think this is going too far. The city can’t even keep its own street trees watered, or repair its sidewalks. Just like all vehicles — you have to be prepared for trouble. I guess it’s OK to give a few a trial run, but I’d advise going very cautiously. And certainly not an enthusiastic thumbs up.

  6. Why it’s a good thing to have bicycle repair stations (in LA county):
    1. We are late bloomers, so encouraging people to cycle and repair, tune ups = air friendly and safety.
    2. If these stations with tools are included, might as well include signs for “remember to wear your helmet, put on reflectors, bell, blinking lights, and don’t wear dark clothes”. People!!! Put on those blinking lights, please! Where are the safety tip signs people could read while they tune up their bicycles? Let’s not worry too much of vandals. It’s a small promotion for now, but goes a long way….
    3. We could still have bicycles and cars. Let’s not fight. My bad cholesterol level decreased, so hey, why not cycle once in a while for short distance errands?
    4. We all could still be kids (again). More concentration on cycling, less in front of your mobile phones.

  7. Man people will complain about anything. A private foundation gives the city $17K of its own money to install services for cyclists that hurt absolutely no one and don’t cost a penny and people still complain. WTF

    It’s a PILOT PROGRAM. Maybe people will use them right away maybe they wont, maybe they’ll gradually catch on, maybe theyll encourage more people to bike. It’s called vision and creating the future you want.

    Thanks= you for the gift Bikes Belong!

    • tkandthesnowbears

      I come to this website just to read all the bitching people do about stuff getting better in the hood.

    • I only count 3 complaints in the comments. Mine is a little critical but I’m certainly not complaining, This was a gift from Bikes Belong and these stations definitely don’t make the neighborhood worse.

  8. Yhea 3 0ut of 10 (at that point ) negative comments and not one real thank you totally sucks when Bikes Belong did created something ONLY positive with not one negative to speak of… on their own initiative and with their own money I might add. Why would anyone want to contribute to Silver Lake withmost of the responses either negative or off topic complaining about something else. Unfortunately there are a lot entitled, ungrateful brats who post here.

  9. The article, as written, doesn’t mention that these installations didn’t use public monies, but rather were a donation. I’m fine with using non-public money for these things. Hopefully they will encourage more cycling..

    I still think as a society, individuals should strive for self-reliance.. and have less coddling, bailouts, handouts, etc.

  10. only loser ride bikes !

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