Dodger Stadium Express strikes out with fans

Dodger Express

Photo from Council District 13 website

Traffic has been a mess around Dodger Stadium during the first games of the season. But even fans who have taken mass transportation to avoid congestion have had a hard-time getting to and from the ballpark. On Tuesday,  fans were complaining  after the Dodger Stadium Express shuttle from Union Station suffered major delays getting to the ball park, with some buses taking up to 75 minutes to make the trip, according to The Source, Metro’s transportation news blog.  What went wrong? Metro blamed a hoodie giveaway that boosted attendance beyond 53,000 and problems with a bus-only lane on Sunset Boulevard for the delays:

Even with enforcement from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, many private vehicles used the bus-only lane on Sunset Boulevard — making it difficult for buses to reach the stadium in a timely manner. Even though a few citations were issued to those illegally using the lane, Metro will be working with the city of Los Angeles to improve signage and keep cars out of the bus lane. One possible solution may be to use pylons to mark off the lane.

The other problem occurred at the Patsaouras Transit Plaza at Union Station. Crowds arrived early to take the bus to the game and ultimately — and unfortunately — two separate lines ended up forming. It was confusing and some people rightly complained. To avoid similar problems, Metro staff will be at the transit plaza two hours before game time to ensure that there is one, well-organized line for those waiting to board buses.

The Source said Metro “will will try to make the bus shuttle faster and easier to use” but made no promises as the Dodgers expect record-high attendance this year.


  1. 15 minute walk to the stadium from the Chinatown Gold Line Station. I cant understand why any able bodied person would choose the shuttle over this short walk. Way faster than driving too, walked it last night and passed many cars before and after the games.

    • Because I’m fat and lazy also I’ve been brainwashed into thinking I need to drive a car every time I leave my house.

    • The original plans for the Gold Line had an extension from Chinatown to the Stadium. Too bad, no one wanted to pay for it!

  2. Attention all potential home buyers considering buying one of the to be completed $600k Condo’s on Sunset just South East of Dodgers Stadium, getting to and from your newly acquired 900sqft 3 bedroom luxury dwelling shouldn’t take more than an hour during Baseball season,,,,,,,,,,suckers!!!!!!!

  3. Rode the bicycle to opening day & hoody night. Both sold out games. Easy in & out. New bike lock-ups just outside the gate.

  4. All I know is, whatever has changed this year has made the traffic on EP avenue worse than I’ve seen it in years..

    • Echo Park Resident

      It’s because the Scott Gate was opened after 20 years! There is a community meeting at Logan Elementary TONIGHT at 7pm about the situation!

  5. classic: the Dodger traffic problem blocks the bus that is supposed to help with the traffic problem.

  6. LA drivers simply can’t comprehend the concept of a “Bus-Only Lane”… orange cones along the route would probably help.

  7. Stupid and selfish drivers. What a backwards group of people.

  8. End the traffic problem once and for all:

    boycott the sport of baseball.

    You won’t be missing out on much. Boring, boring sport.

    • Agreed, people don’t go there to watch the game, they go to eat fatty food and get drunk on $10 beers….

    • Speak for yourself. NObody would endure that traffic to eat worse food than they can prepare in their own backyard along with much cheaper beer if they didn’t love the game . . . and the curvy talent that regularly attends these games. Unfortunately, many people are too intellectually lazy to learn and appreciate the sport.

      • Stuck in traffic going up to the Greek Theater in Los Feliz,I’ve often wondered what it would be like going home every night during the concert season.

        “End the traffic problem once and for all.”
        Stop experiencing live entertainment.
        Stop going to the Greek Theater.
        Stop going to the Hollywood Bowl.
        Don’t go anywhere!
        Stay home and winge!

    • Aldo Thee Apache

      Seconded. Move that stadium somewhere else, Boyle Heights, Orange County, the bottom of the @$(&$( ocean. Tired of traffic filled with fat hotheaded louts looking driving like a-holes looking around for Giants fans to beat. (When they’re not busy trashing the park). Guess what? The Dodgers and their handlers don’t care about you or your cult like devotion to them. All they give a toss about is your $$$ from bleeding you dry with overpriced tickets, merchandise, beer and hotdogs. The second someone offers them $10 more a paycheck watch them switch teams.

  9. Went to the game last night; used my usual route of up Echo Park Ave, to Morton and to Academy Rd towards the “Golden State” entrance. I had no delays, per usual.

  10. Stay home and watch on TV. Oh wait…My bad.

  11. Tear down that ugly monstrosity called Dodger Stadium. Rebuild it on the Twin Towers facility next to Union Station where you can park, walk, or take transit with ease, and expand Elysian Park on the old site. I don’t understand why Dodger fans are so attached to that horrible place.

    • Are you kidding?!? It’s one of the most inspiring and relaxing places to watch a ballgame. Particularly when attendance isn’t maxed-out. It’s also loaded with great memories extending back 50+ years. Way too much whining by folks who seriously doubt are even baseball fans(?).

    • I’m actually with dodgerdog213 on this one, even though I think that Dodgers Stadium needs a major overhaul in its accessibility. It’s the third-oldest stadium in Major League Baseball, and it’s a beautiful facility. The new owners have poured hundreds of millions into refurbishing it and making it sparkle even more.

      Now, the biggest issue remains getting there and back, and for that we have yet to see any kind of real, workable solution. I suspect it’ll be a few more years before we come up with something, and in the meantime it continues to be a beautiful venue surrounded by acres of pavement and, on game days, miles and miles of brake lights. *sigh*

      • LAifer: THIS.

      • The NFL really wants to build a football stadium next to Dodgers Stadium and some believe this is the reason why the team sold for far more that it’s actual current valuation & is tied into the Elysian Park & Barlow projects. AEG seems to have pulled back from the Farmers Field downtown NFL project because football & soccer are destined for Chavez Ravine………or not.

        • Any new stadium really needs to be built with direct access to our rail lines. A downtown stadium would be accessible to almost everyone as our rail system continues to expand.

  12. Have bus dedicated lanes coming from Union Station directly to the front gate AS WELL AS a dedicated bus lane coming from the Sunset/Vermont station on the Red Line. Or ask Dodgers to work with the MTA to create some type of accessibility from the Gold Line Chinatown stop. This is an example reaching car capacity as much of LA is approaching. The only way to get ourselves out of this mess is to make it harder to drive and push people more and more onto transit.

  13. Cones would help, but writing a boatload of tickets or possibly arresting every single person who so much as wanders into the Bus Lane would do the trick also. How infuriating is it to watch somebody think they’re being so clever and smart by cutting everybody off in the bus lane … and not getting the punishment they deserve? (Which is life in prison.)

  14. Scott Gate reportedly closed today, 4/19.

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