Echo Park’s urban forest getting trimmed and cut

Echo Park

Ficus get a haircut on Sunset Boulevard | Christine Peters

ECHO PARK — Saturday saw more tree trimming and cutting action on Sunset Boulevard as the city begins work on an $853,000 streetscape improvement program. About three dozen trees, including the Green Giant in the 1500 block of Sunset, will or have been cut down, and more than 120 new trees planted on a 1.3-mile stretch of Sunset from Rosemont Avenue on the west and Innes Street on the east.

A ground breaking ceremony for the improvement project –  which includes sidewalk repairs, benches, trash cans and pocket parks – was held last week.

Echo Park

Photo by Christine Peters



  1. The new trees need watering and tending to! Both replacemt trees on EP ave. near Sunset were dead within weeks of planting. They are still dead proving zero shade for folks waiting at the bus stop.

    • Did you contact the Councilman? I know whenever I see a dead tree Downtown, I call Huizar’s office and it gets replaced fairly quickly.

  2. It’s not the Echo Park Library, it’s the Edenwald Branch. Heck, i just moved here two years ago and i know that.

  3. Hey! The dead trees on EP Ave. have been replaced! Yippeeee! Water, water, water por favor:)

  4. I fail to see how cutting down mature trees that already provide valuable shade (and look nice to begin with) and replacing them with saplings that will take years and years to provide what already existed really “improves” much of anything. It seems wasteful and short-sided. I guess their root systems may make the sidewalks a hazard, but I always felt it added a little character. I miss the Green Giant already. What a shame.

    • the four trees in front of walgreens are extremely over trimmed . two are passable maybe but the two on the corner could die. the tree was topped . i warned cd13 about urban forestry and there aggressive trimming but got put down and ignored! in rich neighbors in la they would never do that ( westwood, hancock park etc) there are tree laws that state you cannot ruin the integrity of a tree. the penalty is three times the retail value of the tree so those trees are worth 20 thousand dollars in their present state. so the city would owe the citizens 60 thousand, thats the law! just like lapd cannot shoot 150 bullets into some innocent persons car { they had to pay out 2.8 million dollars to the ladies}they cannot butcher trees . also it should of been done in october, not at this time to hot! when i went to see my pharmacists, she said that all her clients are sad that they don”t have shade anymore… but poor people are really not considered that much in la. and they do not know how to complain. the first two tree should of never been taken out! again in rich neighbors they repair the side walk and cut the roots{ they did that on montana ave in santa monica and many other streets! hundreds of trees but in poor echo park – take out the tree. those are puny trees that will really never give shade! i am really the lone ranger on this . nobody is fighting urban forestry!

      • as kid I used to walk home all the from Logan to Douglas st everyday 5 days a week for 7 years. These trees provided shade for my family and I on really hot days. The green giant was our mid point and we would rest there for 5 minutes and keep walking home. It is upsetting that they were taken/trimmed down.

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