One man found shot dead near 110 Freeway*

HERMON —  Some northbound lanes of the 110 Freeway were closed late this afternoon and early evening as police investigated the fatal shooting of a man whose body was found near the freeway and Avenue 60. Police responding to reports of four or five gunshots at about 5 p.m.  found the body of a 52-year-old male Latino in the dirt just east of the northbound 110 Arroyo Seco Parkway, said an LAPD spokeswoman.

The suspect or suspects remained at large as of about 7:30 p.m. Meanwhile, northbound traffic was jammed, according to Google Maps.

* This story has been updated. Previous versions of the story had said the shooting took place near Via Marisol and the 110 Freeway based on early police reports.

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  1. i drive that stretch of freeway/offramps daily. someone please clean up the growing homeless encampments along that stretch. it has been rapidly growing within the last year. also tons of gang tags thrown up then painted over on a day/week basis…..it don’t usually see the boys in blue around those parts.

  2. Agreed! that homeless encampment seem to grow by the week….I’ve actually seen people doing drugs and drinking for all of the 110 to see….it’s a real shame considering it’s been designated a federal historic corridor…

    • from the news “cops say, he was shot in the head. The victim found in what’s described as a homeless camp, even though investigators say it does not appear the victim was homeless. He may have been visiting the area, investigators say, when he was shot dead. A motive for the deadly shooting is still unknown.”


  3. Great, another reason to use the Arroyo Seco Bike Path. Add this shooting to the list that includes: broken glass, no lighting, riding in an active flood channel, limited access, and (of course) a moderately sized encampment along this stretch of the path. Oh, and the county sprays the walls with herbicide twice a year.

  4. It is unacceptable that the city / County and Cal Trans allow these encampments. I called Caltrans a couple months ago and they said its a city problem since its on the other side of the fence.. used the my311 app to report the issue with no success. I wouldnt be shocked if the person shot was either buying drugs or was a tagger

  5. The issue of these homeless camps isn’t as simple as just getting rid of them. Especially since some of them are armed. Without the city porviding anywhere else for them to go, we should expect to see more of the same.

  6. I work in the area so I know it well!LA River and bike path stretch has become a great way for traffic among the homeless to walk back and forth from ave 43 to ave 60 and be under the radar for LAPD..I’ve seen it all from drugs to drinking to prostitution and kids skipping school and hanging out.the homeless use the local parks along the arroyo for use of power outlets to charge cell phones use the bathrooms,take bird baths.Some of these homeless carry more money than the average working person from receiving a monthly check and slanging dope.its gotten really out of hand in the past year.so I wouldn’t be surprise if he was in that area buying drugs.

  7. Does this problem belong to the Northeast or the Hollenbeck division? (the freeway is the dividing line) Who is the senior lead officer for the area? Calling them directly should be more effective than calling 311.

  8. Most of the currently inhabited homeless camps along the arroyo are actually a bit north of where the shooting took place. The area where the shooting happened used to have some camps but now it’s more of a hangout spot for gang members / taggers. I seriously doubt that this man was shot by a homeless person.

    • mwk, it’s practically the same area. the incident did not happen RIGHT where the tarp tent sculptures are but pretty darn close. how about that accidental fire last year on the hill above the encampments? the fire was not RIGHT in the encampments but pretty darn close. the specifics of the proximity of encampents to actual shooting is not the issue. the issue is that these encampments and gang hangouts are an established part of that area and there are many reasons why that is problematic. The fact is the WHOLE arroyo along the 110 is not being effectively monitered, managed, etc…….welcome to the beautiful historic arroyo seco.

      • Pardon my ignorance, I thought the issue is that someone was murdered. The taking of a human life is much more offensive to me than people living in tents.

  9. So here we are again, the murder in April turns out was most likely performed by one of the compassionate vagrants living by the Arroyo . I personally have seen the dirtbag down by the river camps when I walk my dogs.


    So now there is a verifiable murder that has taken place as result of the inaction of the city to remove this blight. Remember this sloth when election time comes around and these smiling faces ask for your vote.
    i can absolutely guarantee you if these camps were located by any of the city councils houses they would be gone in a heartbeat.
    I have lived in three major metropolitan areas that are even more inner city than Highland Park and never have I seen the disregard by public officials and city council members that occurs in Los Angeles. I have even had the police contact me and tell me their hands are tied.
    Garcetti, Cedillo, Huizar……remember this moment.

  10. Homicide committed. Suspect in custody. Could be worse.

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