Planning to walk the stairways of Silver Lake? Prepare to take 4,761 steps

SILVER LAKE —  Alex Pudlin is fascinated with public stairways, leading him to not only climb those stairs but to count and chart every single  step. He is sharing his findings on his blog about charts, where he has posted charts comparing the number of steps and flights of each stairway he could find in Silver Lake and Echo Park.  In Silver Lake alone,  Pudlin has counted 4,761 steps, including more than 200 on the Earl Street stairway.

Pudlin, who recently moved to Silver Lake from Echo Park, said it was important to include the number of flights as well as steps in a stairway.  “Some [stairways] are 100 steps but over 7 flights … some are 100 [steps] straight up.” he said. “So I wanted to capture that.” The charts are also color coded by type of material – concrete or wood, for example – and whether there is lighting.

Counting might be a simple thing but it’s easy to lose track when you are huffing and puffing up a hillside. “I often had to recount and in some cases has friends corroborate,” he said.

After counting the steps in Echo Park Silver Lake, Pudlin is halfway finished with Los Feliz and plans on starting to walk Highland Park.


  1. I think Alex would like this picture I took, (now the Mattachine Steps) from a past Eastsider L.A. publication:


  2. Eastside Architect

    Silver Lake chart: Where are the 138 steps from Lower Descanso to Upper Descanso? And why include the little cross-steps between Descanso Drives?

    • Those are the steps right where Descanso and Larissa split, past where Dusty’s used to be? I think I called those the Larissa steps and have them counted at 140. I wonder which flight we have a discrepancy on! As for the cross-steps, I made the decision when I started this to count all non-private steps I came across. I’m sure there are some that were missed as well (which if anyone spots and leads me to, I’ll definitely update the chart and give you the shout-out!)

      And to Gina, love that picture!

    • Easy there eastside architect. You are living up to the architect’s pedantic reputation!

    • I don’t see micheltorena on this list. Or did you make them something different?

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