Shopper & Diner: ‘Wear the Eastside?’ asks Eagle Rock boutique; handmade gift store opens in Los Feliz; and plenty of Goodwill to go around in Glassell Park

Eastside T-shirts | Jill Hammer

By Marni Epstein

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is so 2013. Now you can wear your neighborhood on you chest. Eagle Rock’s boutique MediaNoche  has just introduced a line of EASTSIDE t-shirts from L.A.-based map makers, Pendersleigh & Sons Cartography. Whether you want to keep your neighborhood close to your heart, or just ensure that you never get lost again, the shop is offering NELA, Echo Park, Silver Lake, and other neighborhood tees for $30.

In other Shopper & Diner news:

  • Lost or not, should you find yourself in Boyle Heights or Echo Park it’s good idea to stop in at Guisados, says CNN. They’ve given the beloved taco shop the nod for best tacos in Los Angeles.
  • Sumi’s, the handmade gift boutique is now officially open in Los Feliz, reports Racked LA. The onetime Sunset Boulevard shop vacated its Silver Lake digs for a spot nearby Skylight Books on Vermont Avenue. The space is bigger than their former storefront and allows owner Sumi Siegel to showcase a wider array of goods.
  • Racked LA also notes that Goodwill‘s massive Los Angeles Flagship location is open for business as of today on the border of Glassell Park and Atwater Village. The 135,000-square-foot store will also have a cafe and feature both Goodwill’s Community Enrichment Center and its Career Resource Center. Today’s festivities at the store  include opportunities for shoppers to enjoy drawings for prizes as well.
  • Good Eggs in Elysian Valley is kicking off their grand opening in style. The locally-sourced produce delivery service will be hosting a celebration at its Food Hub on Saturday April 12. Swing by between 2 pm – 6 pm to enjoy local food from their farmers and foodmakers and sip local beers. Tickets are $5.

Marni Epstein Epstein is an entertainment, music, and lifestyle Journalist and resident of Echo Park. She has previously worked in the film and digital media industries with FOX and Sony Pictures Entertainment. She is currently also pursuing a Masters in Historic Preservation.


  1. Grahm Wellington

    Oh boy here we go again… cue the knit-pickers in East LA with their imaginary street cred they think we care about!

  2. Actually, the East Side is full of artists, designers and musicians. We are not the kind of people who care about what others think. We are just proud of where we live and we realize that supporting local businesses keeps our neighborhood vibrant. I love these shirts and will be getting one of the Northeast LA ones, Great post Eastsider LA!

  3. People seem to skip over el sereno completely when referencing NELA.
    I guess they’ll start including it when more young white people move in.

    • ESR is in NELA? Let me ask you a question, if live in ESR and need to go to your local police station for any reason which covers your area? Hint it’s not the Northeast division.

      • Montecito Heights is part of NELA according to this t-shirt (and to the hip masses as well) right? Guess what? It’s not serviced by the Northeast division. Guess which local police station a resident of Montecito Heights, NELA would have to call? The Hollenbeck Division– the same station that serves Downtown, and dum dum dum: El Sereno. Do just a little research on your neighbors before you comment.

        I figure you’re one of the lemmings whose never even spent any time in El Sereno (outside of a quick drive down Huntington), but still eats up the late night news exposes on “the gang infested ghetto in northeast LA”. Don’t give in to the fear mongering– check out the crime rates. Highland Park, Glassel Park, and Cypress Park have more crime than El Sereno.

        El Sereno is actually a beautiful place that’s as vibrant as it is charming. Rolling hills with the best views of downtown in all of NELA. A ton of art, music, and culture. Great restaurants. It’s really a hidden gem. I’m going to shut up now- probably best to leave it the best kept secret in NELA.

    • @diane : or, you could mobilize more people in your community to clean it up, show pride of ownership, make it an attractive place for new businesses to open up.. instead of waiting for the white people to move in…

  4. I think of El Sereno as the Eastside and not Northeast Los Angeles for several reasons:

    It’s the easternmost neighborhood in Los Angeles. It’s even east of the original East Los Angeles (now Lincoln Heights). It’s home to Eastside Cafe. Every single gang there represents the Eastside. Eastern Avenue runs through it. It’s on the other side of the Monterey Hills from the Arroyo Seco, around which Northeast Los Angeles is oriented. And finally, if it and Lincoln Heights are included in Northeast Los Angeles then that leaves Boyle Heights as the only Los Angeles neighborhood within the Eastside not to have defected to NELA — a one neighborhood region? You can’t have a region of one. Being part of the Eastside is nothing to be ashamed of… even if you live in Hillside Village.

    • By stating that people should not be ashamed of being from the Eastside, I think that you’re wrongfully implying that Diane (or anyone) would be ashamed of being from the Eastside. She only mentioned that she or some people traditionally consider El Sereno a part of Northeast Los Angeles (which is true despite what younger have read on LA Times Mapping LA project) while many others dismiss it. I didnt pickup on any inference to longing to be a part of that community over the Eastside. That line reads like a prosecutors closing statements, rendering the preceding segments as more of rebuttal than a response. El Sereno is the Eastside = Guilty as charged.

    • why did you mention that “Being part of the Eastside is nothing to be ashamed of”? You make it sound like someone would have a reason to be ashamed of the Eastside…. did that not seem offensive to you or is that what you were going for?

      In any case, it’s your opinion man– you’re entitled to that. I’m just not convinced by any of it. Really seems to be more of an attempt to keep El Sereno out of your righteous kingdom of NELA than to define it as the Eastside.. I hate to tell you this, but there are many people who actually consider Highland Park and many of the areas in this newly adopted “NELA” to be part of the Eastside– don’t worry I’ll spare you the shame by making sure to keep it a secret 😉

      I get that we classify regions by grouping communities that are within close proximity and that share similar culture– it’s human nature to want to identify with a community–, but much of your reasoning sound like a far stretch to segregate a less desirable community from your territory.
      – None of your arguments are rooted in historical facts.
      – I’m not convinced by the geographical remarks, but I’ll take your word for it… i guess? I think you would have had a better shot arguing that El Sereno is not far enough North than pointing out that it’s super far East (Northeast LA has “East” in it’s name just like the Eastside- so I don’t really see your logic). On the other hand, most of El Sereno is North of downtown so I guess it would depend on what your relative zero point is if you were going to attempt a “not North enough” rebuttal.
      – As far as “Eastern Ave.” running thru El Sereno… really? I’m sure someone can find a street/institution/taco cart in NELA with the word “Eastern” in it.

      Funny how people go to such great lengths to pick and choose which neighborhoods they want to identify with. Nevertheless, your Amoeblog articles are really entertaining. I really enjoy and will continue to read those.– keep up the great work there– much respect..

    • El Sereno is not a part of NELA because the Eastside Cafe is here?? What!? Their official website says that it’s located in the Northeast Los Angeles community: http://eastsidecafe.org/about/eastside-cafe-background/

      I totally agree that El Sereno will start being considered part of the NELA community by more and more as gentrification continues in the area over the next few years. The hip newer residents of that community will let us in their club once we get a few more art galleries, coffee shops, and xeriscape lawns– and they’ll probably have some convenient justifications for why it is definitely a part of NELA haha

  5. El Sereno is in NORTH East Los Angeles (NELA).

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