Caution: Snack foods ahead

Yellow Caution-Cuidado tape at Echo Park Chevron | Dakota Smith

ECHO PARK —   Has someone launched a guerrilla campaign against unhealthy snacks  in Echo Park? Strands of yellow “Caution”-“Cuidado” tape were draped over the snack foods and sodas at the Chevron station at Echo Park and Morton Avenues on Thursday.  The yellow tape and a “Notice of Closure” sign appeared at service station after it got in trouble with public health officials for lacking a public health permit.

The yellow tape seems to come and go based on a couple of visits. While Fritos and Pepsi maybe off limits at the Chevron, you can still purchase gas and cigarettes.

Photo by Dakota Smith


  1. Gas and cigarettes? What more do you need!

  2. may be guerrilla tactic against junk food or perhaps a guerrilla tactic against litter. Many of the folks who get this grab and go junk food have a hard time carrying the litter to the next available garbage can.

  3. What a ridiculous racket. The guy is selling food from a gas station. As if we need county oversight to tell us if it’s safe or not!

  4. The sign says that the owner’s name is “Magic With 786”? So the “Magic” name lives on somehow…

  5. about a month ago when that tape first appeared, i asked the proprietor what happened and he didn’t want to talk about it at all.

  6. Wutta load of useless crap, no ‘food’ involved. ‘Murica.

  7. I agree this may be a case of public health inspectors gone wild, but really, shouldn’t they have had a permit of they’re gonna sell hot dogs and the like? It seems like every set of new owners at this location half-asses it in one way or another.

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