Echo Park pedestrian injured in collision with restaurant delivery car


ECHO PARK — A woman was being treated for a head injury tonight after police said she ran into the street and was struck by a restaurant delivery car, prompting a three-hour street closure as officers conducted an investigation.

Witnesses said the woman had been yelling at a man across the street for several minutes at the corner of Montana Street and Lake Shore Avenue when she ran into the street and was hit by a Rodeo Mexican Grill delivery vehicle that was turning at the intersection at about 6 p.m., said LAPD Officer Jason Cho.  The woman suffered a head injury and was bleeding after hitting the pavement, Cho said.  He did not have any information on her medical condition.

It did not appear that the driver, who had not been speeding or drinking, was at fault, based on eye witness accounts and a preliminary investigation, Cho said.

A two-block stretch of Montana Street was reopened to traffic at about 9 p.m.


  1. Brandon Burkhart

    Look both ways before you run into the street, kids.

  2. Kelly, was that you?

  3. Raul all ok???

  4. Any updates on the lady’s condition? I saw her lying there right after it happened – she wasn’t moving at all and there was a fair amount of blood. RE: the earlier comments, I get that you gotta laugh or you cry, but it was pretty sad and not funny at all.

  5. Don’t act surprised Charlie. This is the New Echo Park. Being kind and neighborly is a thing of the past.

  6. Ah haaa! That’s why my food from Rodeo was cold!

  7. Bike Worshipper

    It wasn’t the woman’s fault — why should she have to exercise any more responsibility than the woman on Rowena who did the same thing, which brought about the closure of two lanes of traffic under the argument that that would improve the traffic flow. Restaurants kill, and this is the proof of that. As is the case any other time someone gets hurt in a once-in-50-years accident, we should now finally recognize that something must be done about these restaurants. We must take action to close all restaurants, or at least make them stay out of the bike lanes. Why wasn’t that truckload of supplies being delivered by bike anyway!?

    Restaurants kill! Kill all the restaurants. The only good restaurant is a closed restaurant. If we didn’t have restaurants, we wouldn’t have injured and dead people. We must take action!

  8. my son almost hit by one of the delivery cars from rodeo, we make a complaint , to the manager they all ways cam, speeding , from the alley , I guess the boos timing , the drivers, he have all this inexperience young drivers , do they have driver,license , ???????? or they drive fast to make a buck,

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