Lincoln Heights’ river greenway finally open to the public

LINCOLN HEIGHTS —  The Ed P. Reyes River Greenway in Lincoln Heights is now officially open to the public after the city installed some heavy-duty gates to secure the one acre of parkland next to the L.A. River.

The greenway, which features a  small stream, pathways and new landscaping, was finished at the end of last  year but remained off limits to the public as the city secured  money to build a permanent fence and gates at the park  off Humboldt Street .

With the recent installation of the permanent  gates and fencing, the greenway opened to the public last Friday and will be open from 7 am to 7 pm daily, said Richard Lee with the Department of Public Works. While it may look like a park, the greenway is not officially part of the city’s park system. Instead, it is maintained by the city’s sanitation department as a water quality sanitation facility, Lee said.

The greenway, named after the former First District Councilman, has been touted by the city as an innovative way to treat storm drain runoff while creating new parks and public spaces along the Los Angeles River.  An underground biofiltration system  helps clean and collect the storm water using a natural treatment process.  The waterfall pumps, as well as the lights along the path that loops around the one-acre park, are powered by solar energy collected by panels on the site.

“We are proud of this multi benefit River greenway that is cleaning runoff, conserving water, and greening our communities while connecting them to the L.A. River,” Lee said via email.

The greenway opened after gates were installed

Greenway pictured in February before it opened to the public


  1. It is great that whatever crazy reasons kept this not-a-park closed have been resolved. It is an interesting place to bring visitors to the area. All hail Councilman Cedillo for not closing this off to the public – after talking with LA River advocates late in 2013 I was convinced there was some sort of spiteful politics going on.

  2. Would be great if they would do the same with the Rowena reservoir. So beautiful and off limits.

  3. As of today, the entrance along Ave 18 at Barranca is open; the Humboldt Street gate is locked. It would be nice to see both gates open so that it could work as a pedestrian through-walk….

    • Dan, The gate is open at Humboldt Street!!! Kama and I were just there coming in at Ave. 18 and we were so sad that the gate was locked at Humboldt when a guy walking his dogs down Humboldt opened the gate and walked in. It just looks locked and you simply push it open. They keep it closed because of the water feature. We saw some pollywogs and are hoping the frogs are returning to Dogtown. David and Kama

  4. Bollards & gates? Is this an embassy?

  5. David Rocket Rowley

    WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE PLAN TO OPEN ROWENA? I WOULD BE HAPPY TO SEE ANY GATE OPEN THERE!!! I hope they open the other gate and give the peds a safe place away from the traffic bullies. Rocket

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