Morning Report: Gang member sentenced in 2009 killings of Highland Park teens; sketch of Griffith Park assault suspect released; Atwater oil spill blamed on faulty valve

Echo Park

Under Sunset , Echo Park | Mary-Austin Klein/Flickr

News & Notes:

  • Police released a sketch of a man suspected of an attempted sexual assault in Griffith Park on Wednesday. The victim, a female, hiker, was punched several times during the assault, according to NBC4.
  • A faulty pipeline valve was blamed for spewing 10,000 gallons of crude oil into the streets of Atwater Village early Thursday.  The rupture triggered a 20-foot geyser of crude, some of which seeped into the interior of an adjacent strip club, which was evacuated, reports the L.A. Times. Officials said the the oil never reached the L.A. River.

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  1. 21 years for killing two teenagers? where is the justice in that?

    • I agree, he will be back in Highland Park in a decade. He probably had a very vocal support group that we usually see in these cases, “He was a good boy, you don’t know him personally” and “the community made him join a gang” etc

      • Right(?). As if your fictional support group wouldn’t consist of the identical (personally related?) demographic of the victims’ families. The glaring disconnect between you and the established community is indeed “Sadd” and sickening. As if you really cared about the victims any more than you do the perpetrator. Fortunately, we will outlast cynical carpet-baggers like yourself. In fact, “support groups” are beginning to percolate around that very issue. Stay tuned.

        • Proper Dos can’t help make it about race with his “mine-not-yours mentality”. What is sad is how the opportunity for him to get to know some of his new neighbors is lost because of his racist mind.

          Ever hear “can’t beat ’em – join ’em”? You should adapt that attitude because we ain’t going nowhere no matter how much spray paint you put on our garage doors and retaining walls.

        • Proper Dos, I don’t know if you realized, but the victims are dead. They won’t get a chance to be released early by the Governor.

  2. Justice wasn’t served here. He was tried as an adult but don’t see the point of it. As my family and I are sitting there hearing the judge sentence that idiot, I couldn’t believe that for 2 murders he was serving 21 freaking years! and 10 of those 21 years are for admitting to gang affiliation. He took the plea deal because if this would’ve gone to trial there would’ve been a different out come.

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