Mother’s Day brings back memories of an Echo Park murder

Echo Park

Michael David and daughter | Courtesy Jeanne David

By Terese Jordan

ECHO PARK — A gruesome murder in the middle of an intersection is still haunting  Echo Park  three years later. 30-year-old father Michael David was shot and killed one day before Mother’s Day — May 7, 2011.  He was walking on Sunset Boulevard near Echo Park Avenue at about 12:30 a.m. when he was confronted by three alleged gang members who would chase him down. One of the men would fatally shoot David in front of terrified witnesses.

As this Mother’s Day draws near, David’s mom, Jeanne, can’t help but revisit the most painful moment of her life: “I didn’t know it had happened for two days. I was wondering why he wasn’t calling me back … It’s Mother’s Day. That’s how I found out.”

Now three years later, two suspected gang members are scheduled to go to trial for David’s murder: 26-year-old Jeffrey Cardona and 25-year-old Hakop Sardaryan have a court date set for May 15.  Assistant District Attorney and prosecutor Herbert Yun says the trial is expected to last two to three weeks. But a third suspect, Peter Michael Lopez, is still on the loose.

What’s particularly disturbing about the case —  police still have not revealed a motive for the killings. One source with knowledge of the investigation believes David’s murder was random — that he neither knew nor provoked his attackers. “I raised lovers, not fighters,” says Jeanne, “I raised him to be in touch with his emotions, be mindful and thoughtful…he was street smart.”

David’s loss took a toll on his entire family, especially his 4-year-old daughter: “I never saw a child mourn before. That was the most crippling. She was 4. She never went home again. It was very difficult for her. It was difficult for all of us.”

And what’s also difficult for the entire community to comes to term with is that what happened to David, who worked at the Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake, could have potentially happened to anyone. But, his mother says she’s optimistic that those involved will be brought to justice:

I really give this one to the universe..this really wasn’t about the killers. I figured the killers would be taken care of…I forgave immediately. The main thing form me is this child of mine was terrorized and brutally murdered and that wasn’t anything that should have happened to him.”

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Terese Jordan is a writer, producer, and violinist living in Echo Park. She has produced broadcast news and documentary television for CNN, NBC, and Discovery.


  1. the line about never having seen a child mourn before, really got to me. that is incredibly sad.

  2. Who said we don’t need a gang injunction? Gang members don’t need a “motive” for senseless killing.

    • Echo Park native

      Ace Or should I say Anal ? your right about gangs ” there a lot of hipster . that try to dress like motor bike gang at the lake in there pedal bikes drink alcohol and act like idiots . where are LAPD ,

      • I see you posted at 7:31am. Not enough time for the booze to wear off? Check back in later. Maybe the brain will have recovered by then.

  3. Terrible, thanks for reminding us, and hope those responsible are convicted and put away.

    Only disagree with word ‘gruesome,’ a word usually reserved for murders involving dismemberment and other horrors visited upon victims. This was senseless homicide by handgun, unwarranted and horribly random. And could have happened to any of us.

    • Have you ever watched a human being bleed out and die from a gaping wound? Wasn’t it horrifying? I doubt the witness found the murder to be less than gruesome.

      This article isn’t blowing the story out of proportion with sensationalism, so your subjective criticism of the diction won’t help anyone understand it better.

      • A certain blogger and I once worked together at a local newspaper, where we routinely discuss words, photos, etc., and I think he understands. Sorry, but pending more details of the homicide I’ll have to wait to change my ‘diction’ re the incident.

        It was a terrible, terrible murder of an obviously nice gentleman who was minding his own.

  4. The birth of a child is the most special event for a mother, father, family, and friends. We must remind children of all ages to respect LIFE…there is no place for violence of any kind.

  5. don’t get caught slippn….. orrale !!!!

  6. Echo Park native

    Seriously , what was he doing at 12;30am walking around EP ? There two things a male does at that time at night in the streets , buy drugs or solicit prostitutes . So which one is it .
    Hey Mr. Lobo your right he was caught SLIPIN !

    • Echo Park resident

      Wow, Echo Park Resident. Are you that naive and ignorant to assume that there might be many perfectly legal reasons an individual would be out in Echo Park on Sunset Blvd. at midnight on a Saturday?? Guess you better get on down to the Gold Room at 11:59pm on weekends and make sure you tell everyone they should go home before they start buying drugs and hiring prostitutes!

      I was present at the time of this incident. I was seeing a show at the Echo that night, and walked across the street to El Prado with some friends for a drink after the show. Not long after we were inside El Prado, we heard the rapid popping sound of gunfire and some screams. A crowd of people rushed outside to see what was happening; I’m pretty short, so I didn’t see much, but I remember the sirens and police showing up soon after. Several blocks of Sunset were closed off for several hours — and, since I drove to the show with a friend whose car was parked in the closed off area, we were forced to wait until 3am before we could walk back to the car.

      There is nothing wrong with being out in a popular area at midnight on a Saturday. As I remember, there were any people out that night — the weather was nice, the bars were open. Your assumption that anyone who is out on Sunset past a certain time is a criminal is disrespectful to the memory of this man who was killed for no reason whatsoever, and to your neighbors who want to feel safe walking around their own neighborhood and enjoying the local businesses at night.

    • Burn in Hell, Echo Park native

    • I’m not sure if you are on meds or just plain disrespectful. Micky was one of my best friends and he had nothing to do with hookers or drugs. You must not be from L.A. He was one of the most humble down to earth friends I had. He had a passion 4 life and loved his family and friends very much, especially his 2 children and his mother Jeanne. To sit here and disrespect someone who you know nothing about is completely idiotic and senseless. Micky loved to have a good time and enjoy the good things in life. He wasn’t a gangbanger or a hipster in any way, shape, or form. He was a good homie who had my back no matter the reason, and he always remained loyal till the day he died. God rest his soul. I love ya Mick…R.I.P. MICKY-Uncle Moose

  7. SilverEchoTangoCharlieFoxtrot

    Echo Park native must have forgotten its residents are fortunate to walk to a restaurant, bar, food truck, or store after midnight. And what were the two Latinos doing last night after 11pm on Sunset Blvd & Beaudry??? Oh, that’s right, tagging the wall below “The Elysian” apartment building. Stay classy. Keep Echo Park beautiful.

    Pro Gang Injunction.

  8. For your information, echo park native, the man was walking home. He lived on Echo park and Sunset, right on the block he was senselessly gunned down. Ignorance is shit.

  9. Mickey was my best friend growing up and I can say that the furthest thing from his mind was trouble. He was walking home from a local bar after watching another friends indie reggae band play. He worked at Trader Joe’s, practiced yoga and meditation for the sake of being at peace. He was a kind and gentle man as well as a caring father.

    My thoughts are with you Jeanie and Ollie. Much love.


  10. Micky was an incredible guy. Rest in peace, Michael David! Go Kings Go!


  11. the people that senselessly murdered this guy were not gang members. they were in a tagging crew. your collective ignorance on the matter is understandable when you did not grow up in this area nor have respect for the people that had lived here previously. R.I.P

  12. Echo park Native

    Here we go again , lets get it right ” He slip and that what happens in LA , one less asshole to worry about

  13. Karma is a B_ _ _ _ _!

    So the shooter was arrested 7/22/14
    Just an update because it was never reported

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