Highland Park suspect in standoff with officers [updated]

HIGHLAND PARK — A female robbery suspect has been involved in an hours-long standoff with officers today, keeping a SWAT team at bay while police and media helicopters hovered over head. The standoff in the 5700 block of Aldama Street began this morning after deputies with the L.A. County Sheriff tried to serve a search warrant, according to and LAPD spokesman.

Eastsider contributor Nathan Solis, on his Twitter feed, said a warning issued from the police helicopter said. “You don’t want to suffer the consequences of being gassed out of your house.”

* Update @ 2:39 p.m: The standoff appears to be over. A loud bang was heard at the scene, said Solis. The sheriff’s department, in a brief statement, said that another adult was believed to be inside the location. The sheriff’s SWAT team was brought in to assist the department’s Transit Services Bureau, which polices Metro bus and rail lines.

Highland Park residents have been posting their accounts of the standoff on social media:

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  1. Yes, being gassed out of one’s house is not a fun consequence… from the police nor your husband who had too much fondu.

  2. As i was leaving Popphysique at 10:50, i saw a swat team suiting up in the parking lot behind Figueroa and 57th.

  3. … it’s spelled Aldama.

  4. Correction–the helicopter was not hovering, it was circling over and over again. It would have been nice if it had been hovering then the folks in a several square (circular) miles around the incident wouldn’t have to waken to the racket of a 2 ton mechanical beast circling overhead. Why do you have to circle? Why can’t you just hover? Afraid of being shot down? Hover higher–the higher, the less noise. Can’t you afford binoculars? Infrared camera with a zoom lens? When will we switch to drones? Or swarms of drones? This will be a thing of the past. Sorry guys–cool job, but…

    • Agreed, still don’t understand the need of helicopters! Are the expecting the suspect to fly away? So American!

  5. She has kids in there, that’s why it’s a standoff. Fucking helicopter woke me up at 10 am.

  6. Leave that poor girl alone Damn Northeast always over doing it for reals this is all unnecessary for one person who is not armed and has no hostages really the cops need to stop showboating themseleves. Northeast Police are like hollywoods second string actors always over acting at all the wrong moments. WHEN IN ALL REALITY THEY NEED TO LOOK AT THEMSELEVES WHAT A WASTE OF TTAXPAYERS MONEY

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