Silver Lake night out with friends ends with car getting tagged

Photo by Nicola Marsh

SILVER LAKE — Nicola Marsh had finished enjoying a glass of wine Thursday night at a friend’s home when she returned to her car parked in the 2000 block of Edgewater Terrace  and discovered that the vehicle had been tagged.

I couldn’t believe it….I called the police and they said that if I didn’t have any enemies then there was little they could do to narrow it down. I would be really curious to know if anyone else got tagged.

Any other car owners on Edgwater Terrace having to remove spray paint today?


  1. welcome to the jungle!!! haha

  2. Happened to me but in a parking lot in the national forest. My Prelude was painted 360 degrees with Palmdale gang stuff. Fortunately pal thought we could get it off and we hustled to store, got mineral oil and the paint came right off with a good wipe.

  3. We live on Edgewater and there has been lots of tagging lately, including on cars. Sorry that this happened! It’s really frustrating!

  4. Its futile to call cops when something like this happens. They could care less unless its happening in front of their eyes.

  5. No respect for others. Disgusting and enraging act

  6. Silver Lake Architect

    No tagging of cars that I know of. That’s just downright ridiculously disrespectful. We do get a lot of tagging on walls & garage doors (near SilverSun). And we get a lot of garage break-ins and catalytic converter thefts. Sorry to hear & see that.

  7. IHeartEchoPark

    sorry to see you’re a victim of these jerks. we have an on-going tagging issue in EP, just no class at all, — sadly that’s life. these people will always exist and you just have to continue on and not let them win. at some point they’ll get theirs.

  8. Well, that’s not good.

    But technically speaking, that doesn’t look like tagging, that looks simply to be vandalism. Tagging is when they put their mark, their initials or other, up. This is just a blotch of paint, not any lettering. These people were not even interested in tagging, only in vandalism. And since it is not tagging, it is not necessarily even any gang kids, is more likely just some stupid kids with no respect.

  9. Random doodle-tagging is not gang-related. It’s vandalism posing as artistic expression. Just look at the big wall overlooking Riverside Drive immediately west of “Home” on Fletcher Drive. It’s reminiscent of the bad-old days when graffiti would remain for weeks, months, even years, which only encourages more tagging. Also, random tagging on cars and homes(?!) is uncommon among gang members with any sense of turf. Unfortunately, “hip” doodle-tagging is not as menacing as gang-tagging and only provokes annoyed rather than desperate/hysterical outrage. Resulting in more tagging with virtual impunity and minimal abatement.

  10. This was done on the street behind the Cha Cha Lounge. The article doesn’t say at what time this occurred. That same night, we heard some fireworks being ignited at about 2:30 a.m. and lots of laughing and shouting from that direction. The after-hours crowd that spills out of the bars in that area is a real problem for the neighborhood. There are supposed to be parking restrictions going into effect in that area in July. I hope that helps, but I doubt if it will.

  11. This is a beautiful example of multicultural art. Please check your white privilege.

  12. …if’n the ‘tag’ is gang-related, I propose that upright citizens take to the streets and car ports and march w/spay cans and markers in a ‘take the tag back night.’ Bring the kids.

    Suggest ‘gang injunction’ as first of reverse tags to be used. Who is with me?

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