Silver Lake sheep shot

Silver Lake, sheep

Afternoon on the farm.

SILVER LAKE — Forget about chickens and bees. Apparently sheep are the  hot, new backyard farm animal in Silver Lake.  Silver Lake resident Rosanna first saw and heard  a small herd of  sheep about a week ago wandering on  a hillside barnyard near Glendale and Silver Lake Boulevards. Said Rosanna:

I kept hearing a sound late at night that I attributed to drunk hipsters on Glendale Blvd. I wondered if they are just visiting to clear brush or here to stay? It looks like a farm up on that hill now behind the Mix Lofts, across from Citibank on Glendale Blvd.

If those sheep ever get tired of the hillside, the Silver Lake Meadow is always nearby.

Lofts and sheep

Sheep headed for the trough


  1. If the city didn’t put them there, the city will eventually get them out (unfortunately) if that area isn’t zoned for farm animals or the property owner does not have a permit. It will take 1 A** hole to complain about the noise or smell. Hopefully that won’t happen.

    • Amen! I hope no a**hole complains. I love sitting on my porch at night and watching the sheep — it’s very relaxing and gets your mind off the hassles of LA.

    • When the trustafarians moved in they complained about all the chickens running around! Now we know the real meaning of gentrification! It’s all about the sheep!

  2. Get your nursery rhyme right. Little Bo Peep LOST her sheep and didn’t know where to find them…. So, your caption should be more accurate to say “Has Little Bo Peep’s Sheep moved to Silver Lake?” OR “Little Bo Peep may find her sheep in Silver Lake”

  3. When asked if the noise that sounded like drunk hipsters bothered anyone everyone replied . NAAAAH !!!!! Fire Prevention and fertilization. Hope the hill can take the grazing and when El Nino arrives we don’t have sheep in the middle of Glendale Blvd …….

  4. obligatory “hipster” references.

    • Not just sheep, but “hipster sheep”. Not only that, but the one in the back looks like a trustafarian. I can spot them.

  5. Silver Lake sheep shot? I don’t get the headline. Shot by a camera?

    The story is compelling enough without sensationalizing the headline IMO.

  6. Headline lead me to believe there was a gang war between sheep and some were shot…

  7. I hope the local coyotes aren’t reading this article.

  8. Cool. I’m bringing my herding dog over tonight to walk across their backs.

  9. This is L A the clash of cultures human or animal .Bring on the cows ,elephants or what ever.
    Lump it or move to the tornado belt

  10. Hope they’re being taken somewhere to graze. That barren dirt patch that the photos show doesn’t look like a great place for them.

  11. grubbinongrits

    this is actually a pretty cool looking airbnb place I’ve wanted to check out for a while….


  12. Those must be hipster-sheep. Otherwise, I can already imagine the howls if this were working-class or immigrants who were raising chickens and livestock on their property and I would be among them. This not only attracts all sorts of rodents but also increases risk of spreading airborne allergies and diseases.

  13. I think the headline was supposed to read “Silver Lake Sheep hot”. Sure got me to click.

  14. Nothing new here. There have been small family farms in and around Echo Park for decades; one of the reasons why Echo Park’s symbol is still the rooster. I lived next door to one such micro-farm on Echo Park Avenue for several years, which had sheep, goats and chickens, among other animals. The only complaint I ever had was when the rooster would start crowing at 3:00 – 4:00 AM when drivers with their headlights on would pass by.

  15. Recently there was a lamb bleeting in my neighborhood. It began about 3:30am, by 10:30am the people who had it in their backyard had silenced it. I’m sure that’s what we smelled cooking later. I didn’t know that farm animals were allowed to be kept within the city limits, let alone animal slaughter.

    • One more thing, I grew up in farm country in the midwest, I moved to LA to get away from that. Why would farm animals living within the city limits be tolerated or encouraged here? If you want to live on a farm, that’s great, but don’t impose it on those of us who live within the city limits of a metropolitan city…go to the countryside.

  16. Are they still there? Have been looking for them.

    • 22 of them… still there on hold to start working on the weed abatement around the Silver Lake … Reservoir (?!?;-) Having a hard time keeping up with feeding them natural weeds here on this dusty hill across the side from the Silver Lake Library. And those bails of alfalfa hay don’t come cheap in the city. Any neighbors who would sent their gardeners with brush; trimmings of trees, bush and grass would be truly appreciated. Drop off location: 2389 Silver Lake Boulevard.

      PS: No Oleander please, thats poisonous to them, but I can also sort that out after drop-offs.

      FYI: http://patch.com/california/echopark/should-sheep-groom-silver-lake-reservoir-path

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