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Eastside Fitness & Wellness Notes

  • Ascot Hills TrailsAscot Hills Park in El Sereno offers breathtaking views, rolling hills and relatively uncrowded trails.  A 2.2 mile hike described on Every Trail  takes visitors up into hills on the western side of the park to enjoy city, mountain and valley views.  Says the Every Trail guide: “I have never seen the trails full of people. Most of the time, I can be on the trail for 15 minutes by myself before I see another person. There are dog walkers, trail runners and abuelos just getting exercise.”
  • Freeway-Close Tennis Courts Get Favorable Reviews:   The southbound 101 Freeway looms above the Echo Park Tennis Courts at Glendale Boulevard and Temple Street.  While the location may not be ideal, it’s certainly convenient for Echo Park  players and the busy courts have won favorable ratings on Yelp!  Said one reviewer:  “They’re great. Showed up around 430 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon and courts were open. Nets in very good condition. Tandem courts are a bit tight. Surface is in great condition.”
  • North East Black Knights:  The non-profit youth football and cheer leading program will be holding agility camps in June and July at Franklin High in Highland Park for kids ages 5 to 14.  “Agility camps are put together so kids and parents can get a better idea of how practice is going to be,” said Omar Contreras with North East Black Nights. “It’s primary purpose is to instruct kids how to build team work.” Call (323) 225-5690 for prices and details.

Man Up With Pilates

Sponsored by Pilates & Arts ~ Echo Park

Joseph Pilates, boxer, wrestler, and fitness innovator conceived The Pilates Method a century ago. He invented spring-loaded apparatus and hundreds of stretch and strengthen exercises that emphasize alignment and core strength. This workout program is great for guys: it increases flexibility, range of motion and helps alleviate neck, shoulder and back pain. At Pilates & Arts we’re calling Eastside guys to  try our Cool-Daddy-O special:  One free group reformer class OR 50% off a private. Promo: Cool-Daddy-O and code: Eastsideguy.  To schedule,  send mail to  info@pilatesandarts.com with Cool Dad in subject line.

The Nutritious (and Delicious) Way To Maintain That Goal Weight

Photos courtesy AAY Fitness & Nutrition

Sponsored by AAY Fitness & Nutrition

Nutritionist, Narina Minassian believes changing your lifestyle is all about making healthy choices one meal at a time. She leads the AAY! Nutrition Program that has helped hundreds of participants improve their eating habits, lose weight & live healthier lives. The next program will begin on July 12th. To find out why it works and what’s included, click here.

Everybody’s Talking About “The Core”

Pilates Universal Reformers are core to your workout | Silver Lake Pialtes

Sponsored By Silver Lake Pilates Studio

The name “core” comes up often in casual conversation especially when referring to fitness. But what is this illusive muscle and more importantly, how can it be strengthened?

The core is made up of the Rectus Abdominis, also known as the six pack muscle, the Tranversus Abdominis, which runs sideways along your low belly, and the two Oblique muscles. And we often forget that the back Extensor muscles are also part of this group.

You don’t need to spend hours at the gym or, worse, hours on the floor doing boring situps to loud Aerosmith songs. You just need to engage these muscles effectively and spend time doing specific abdominal triggering exercises and breathing techniques. This is where Pilates comes in. Joseph Pilates was a genius and designed the Pilates Universal Reformer way back in the early 1920’s, so this machine has been around a very long time and has proven itself time and time again in aiding fitness professionals, dancers as well as the general public in developing a strong core.

If you would like to try the Pilates Reformer, Silver Lake Pilates offers a free class so you can spend an hour on this wonderful machine and see what everybody is talking about.

Upcoming Events

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