Eastside Property: A colorful corner of Echo Park now on sale at $3.25 million

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ECHO PARK — For about a dozen years, the mural featuring an earth mother figure with outstretched hands has loomed over the busy intersection of Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.  Behind that mural by Ricardo Mendoza is a two-story medical office building with about 12,000 square-feet of space.  Now, that building along with a small parking lot is up for sale at an asking price of $3.25 million, according to LoopNet.  Would it make sense for a new owner to keep the property as a medical office building or go after a new restaurant  or other types of tenants on gentrifying Sunset?


  1. Has been it 20 years since they painted the mural?!? Wow I still remember the outline going up.

  2. I hope the mural stays!

  3. The City Council is hell bent on making Silver Lake/Echo Park look like Anywhere, USA.

    • What does the City Council have to do with a private real estate transaction? The owner put it up for sale just like you would your house or an apartment building, the city council has nothing to do with.

      • You don’t understand though. It’s all HUGE MASSIVE conspiracy that goes all the way up to the Pope and the Obama administration.

      • CM O’farrell’s motion to cap the new building height at 45′ at least protects this from becoming another 100 ft tall in EP. This building is not on the register, it can be torn down. Even with the 45′ limit, if the developer wants to build new they can take advantage of certain incentives that can allow up to 75′ tall in a 45′ zone. With the mixed use incentive and the Density Bonus incentive for low income, this could really change the heart of EP.
        Sadly, the Community Design Overlay does not extend to this lot, which would have protected the building from demolition.
        We’ll see what happens, but with that purchase price, there are big changes ahead for that corner.

        • I doubt that will happen. The lot looks too small to put in a driveway, and the late twentieth century zoning no doubt requires tons of parking to build something tall here (which is the real reason why mixed use buildings are industrial scaled and ugly in LA… you simply can’t build charming small ones like this anymore.)

          But I wouldn’t mind seeing that massive parking crater across the street redeveloped… such a waste of space.

          • I am willing to bet this will be torn down for a new mixed use building in no time at all. With regard to parking, from what I have read, the City of LA has been working to reduce the number of parking spaces required for new construction.

            This is from the LA Times in 2012.

            “On an 11 to 1 vote, the council passed an ordinance that permits the creation of new parking zones where developers, landlords and business owners can seek to reduce the number of parking spaces required for their businesses or new construction projects.”

          • Read further down that article:

            “City Planner Thomas Rothmann said any new parking district would require votes from the Planning Commission and the City Council before it could go into effect. He said that the council could also choose to increase parking requirements in a particular neighborhood if it wanted.”

            I just don’t see it happening. Even if the new owner wanted to demo and build something taller, and the city somehow managed to waive the parking (can you imagine the sh*tstorm O’Farrell would have to endure), the developers would no doubt still want parking anyhow (could be tough to even get financing without it.)

            And just look at the lot, where would you squeeze in the driveway? I just don’t think it’s even possible without buying up half the block (the taqueria, the liquor store and the shoe store.)

            FWIW, I’m all for reducing parking requirements in LA, but I don’t see it happening outside neighborhoods directly connected to Metro rail. LA’s just not a very progressive city when it comes to land use.

  4. Why make this whole story immediately about gentrifying? Why can’t the dissuasion be about a unifying topic rather than a divisive one?

  5. Geez. Hopefully the medical offices remain.

  6. A friend of mine is helping broker a potential deal….interested clients..CPIk, Cheesecake Factory., restoration hardware

    • Jer, too funny. If the Cheesecake Factory wanted to be in Echo Park they would have taken over Barrigan’s old place. We still do not even have a “real” Starbucks in Echo Park. We won’t get anything that is a big chain corporation for years. Silver Lake has to be turned into Old Town Pasadena first before these kind of tenants spill over into Echo Park. Echo Park funk, some of it good, some of it bad, will be with us for a long time.

    • I really hope NOT !

  7. Who owns this million dollar property ???

  8. Glad you think I’m funny…..go on any of those mentioned corp websites….enjoy

  9. Is this urban Outfitters cue to break into the hood?

  10. Maybe EP4ME was laughing so he wouldn’t cry — like I am at the thought of a California Pizza Kitchen where that mural is.

    • Normal Norma, Jer is just trying to stir up readers of The Eastsider LA. None of those companies are interested in investing in this building. I was laughing at his attempt to get attention at his outrageous claim.

  11. The mural must stay…. I love Mendoza’s work!!! Great mentor, art teacher, and friend!!! He’s such a great person,

    • The mural is good for keeping taggers at bay. Other than that, it’s eeeeh not so good.

      • I’m sure he’s great and all, but that is one of the fugliest murals in la.

        • Tony the Main Spoon

          The vibrant colors are awesome to view everyday, love this mural. Symbolically it fits the neighborhood. Of course old man “ace” and old man “old man” would enjoy this piece in person like the rest of us, just don’t forget to bring your old man super powered wraparound sunglasses to help your eyes take it all in, boys! Scott Summers “XMen” shades would do, if your not to old to know what Cyclops wears in the comics. You should know, the comic was first published in the mid 60’s. Now those are fugly.

      • @Ace

        Taggers don’t respect murals. They don’t respect anything.

        Taggers recently destroyed the Native American murals by the Southwest Museum in Highland Park on Marmion Way.

        Taggers are utterly useless.

    • Agreed. The vivid colors and content capture the diversity and geographic tone of what is the greenest stretch of land in L.A. It is also provides a link to the eastside’s history of murals. Of course “Ace” and “Oldman” hate it. It represents everything they areN’T.

      • Careful everyone. If you share a opinion that differs from the likes of “Proper douchey and tony” you may be called old and out of touch…

  12. From someone who has lived her 15 years I say…Lets see if the fascist that call themselves advocates for Echo Park will force the new owners of the building to keep the mural. Because you know when I buy a million dollar building for my business, I don’t want to put a sign on my building that represents my business, I want a mural that was painted for someone else that speaks about something other then my business. BTW, I have met the artists, think he’s great, but no one should be forced to keep murals on sides of their business, like the Quinceanera mural enforcement on Senor Fish’s building. Yes I said it!

    • Who knows – maybe Gracias Madre will want to open a second SoCal location here, and will feel like the mural is a useful representation of their business. Or perhaps some other restaurant or business that appreciates this mural.

    • PS, Hey Eastsider, pretty sure the mural was finished in 2002 so that’s 12 years not 20. Check the link you posted in your story.

    • Sorry, Jen, you lost me at “facists” and then you became boring.

      The building is overpriced, and the mural
      (though I don’t totally love it) is absolutely important to the neighborhood.
      Without parking no one can run a successful
      business at that corner unless they make a deal with Walgreens.
      It’s sad that speculation went so crazy, prices went
      up so high, so fast, that only the fanciest biz could afford to move in…
      but they would soon move out because
      lack of sales.

      In Bizarro World, the city or the Community tries to accommodate new small businesses which sell or serve something different, so there is a reason to come visit Echo Park! But that is not the reality here. . To the highest bidder
      goes the building and we shall all take bets on what it will become. I mean even the coffee house couldn’t save the
      Chicken Corner mural (even though they seemed to have tried their best).

      We all know it’s going to be a multi-story LIVEWORKLOFT or some such monstrosity. Tall enough to see the Lake,
      We think there is a height restriction, we heard there is one, but there was also one way back when someone put up that four-story peach-colored stucco house at the top of Cerro Gordo back in the 1980’s.

  13. Mural sucks .

  14. Murals are not cave paintings. Artists and communities need to get over the whole representation BS. I see nothing about the horrendous mural which speaks of/to me as a life-long resident of this city.

    • I’m not only a lifelong resident of the city but also of NELA and this mural speaks to me, the community’s identity, and the history of ELA. Besides, it’s much better and wholesome than some corporate logo and too valuable to be whitewashed for another overpriced business that goes out of business in six months.

    • Btw, the “artists” who scrawled in ancient caves hardly thought they were creating “paintings”. It’s the simple act of artistic expression that makes them valuable. Get It?

  15. brush and floss

    The mural is great but I always liked the smiling tooth in the window next to the woman’s neck

  16. When I moved to Echo Park in 1979 this building was still an old-fashioned, wooden-floored drugstore. The old
    vertical “Drugs” sign remained on the corner of the building until the late nineties when it was torn down and
    lost during some up-grades/repairs.
    A newsstand selling international as well as local papers extended along the outside of the Echo Park Avenue wall, front to back in those days. A few years later a vehicle took the corner too quickly and ran over a patron reading a paper.
    I was told that the building had originally housed the Shriners organization.

  17. My dentist is in this office….I hope he stays close. This building is right smack in the middle of the route that a majority of the Logan School kids use to get home. I hope traffic doesnt become an issue.

  18. look! we don’t have that much time.
    i love the mural. it is very beautiful.

  19. Come on really ! It’s Ugly mural

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