Echo Park murder victim identified

ECHO PARK –  Police identified the victim of Sunday’s fatal shooting as 35-year-old John Alvarado. Detective Julian Pere with the Rampart Division said  the shooting is believed to be gang related but police have few details about the suspects.  The victim was near his home when he was shot  on Sunday, June 1 shortly before 3 a.m. while standing on the sidewalk  at 1027 Alvarado Street.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Rampart Division homicide detectives at (213) 484-3650 during business hours or the Rampart station at (213) 484-3400.

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  1. does anyone know if there will be services?

    • why are you so eager to know if there is going to be service or not if you are his friends I want to know how did you guys meet her how did you know him so we as a family can feel comfortable to give you what type of service is going to be held

      • Bella, I am his neighbor and he was always nice to me, always had a kind word. I heard the shots and his suffering and it’s shocking and saddening. I would like to attend his memorial if possible.

      • I knew John for 10yrs and he wAs food person. He killing didn’t have to do with gangs. That night he was killed he was head out to an after party. So people talk if you don’t know don’t judge.

  2. my cousins did not deserve to die like this.no one is perfect everybody makes mistakes in life who are you to judge him or his lifestyle you don’t even know what he was doing that nightI hate how people pretend that they are not sinners if you have never sined in your life throw the first rock if not keep your own comments to yourself if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all have some respect for this family that we are very very hurt of what’s going on.I think it’s unhealthy if his kids get on here and read what people have to say so I asked in a nice way if you have nothing nice to say please do not say anything at all my cousin was a good man yes he made some mistakes in life but who doesn’t.

    • If you are looking for sympathy for anything gang related, you’ve come to the wrong place.

      It is sad when anyone dies especially at the hands of another, but being associated with gangs and thug life is a dangerous but accepted risk that that individual chooses.

      It’s like losing a friend to lung cancer but he was a 2 pack a day smoker. It will eventually get you; the question is “when not if”…

    • when i was younger, i had a friend whose father raced dirt track cars as a hobby on the weekends. he always knew there was risk when he stepped behind the wheel, and he accepted this risk because he loved to race cars. it was the life he chose. when we were in 10th grade, my friend’s father was killed in an accident while racing. a lot of people came out and said some pretty harsh things. “he had a family, he shouldn’t have been racing. he left behind a wife to raise the family herself. he loved cars more than he loved his kids.” this was all so disturbing to my friend and those of us around him. why were people judging his father? his family didn’t judge him. they knew what his passions were and encouraged them, despite the risks.

      i didn’t know your cousin. i’d never heard of him. all i “know” is that the authorities are calling this “gang related”. is it? i don’t know. but if it is, and your cousin chose to live his life this way, then you need to know that he understood the risks. is it tragic? of course it is. it is always tragic when someone loses their life. but people find it less tragic and more willing to judge when a death occurs by something they see as preventable. i don’t know why, but they do.

      if your cousin or my friend’s father would have died from cancer or from a heart attack, no one would say anything. but they died at the hand’s of the choices they made. they may have never intended for this to happen. they may have never expected it. i’m sure they didn’t hope for it. and yet, for some reason, the fact that they died because of their choices gives people something to judge. and judge they will.

      my friend took it personally when they judged his father. and i understood why, but he needed to understand that they weren’t judging him (my friend). you should know that people aren’t judging you. don’t take it personally, as hard as it may be. you are the one left to protect your cousin’s name, and it is understandable why you are upset. but don’t waste your time on this message board. be with your family. take time to grieve. take time to remember the good times you had.

      and if you are worried that this will happen to someone else you know – a friend, a brother, a son – then it is your voice that they should hear telling them that they should stop taking these types of risks. because the consequences of our choices are real. i’m sorry that you had to find out.

      may peace be with you and your family.

    • See that little key on your keyboard with the picture of a tiny dot on it? That’s called a period. Try using one next time.

  3. That’s sad and scary. I had thought that area around alvarado and sunset was getting better. Apparently, it still is not very safe.

    • This is an isolated incident. The area is quite safe.

      • Actually it’s not that safe,.

      • hahhaha ,,, Ace you leva .. you don’t know whut ur talkn bout ..
        I wana see u wlk down that street at night homie ,, then we see whassup

        • hahahaha Lobo I don’t hang with things (cockroaches, skunks, fatherless gang members etc.) that only come out when the lights are off.

          You do not scare me you winning little ho. you think you the only one packin?

        • Lobo is a domestic terrorist. He has to attempt to intimidate people online because he is probably 5’5, fat, and bald in real life. I would be just as angry if I was as short and fat as Lobo.

          • Calling him a domestic terrorist gives a little too much credit don’t ya think? I think one has to terrorize someone other than his little sister to be a terrorist…

        • @EL LOBO

          HeY HOmieZ Dus TEH CUMPUTERS at thes LIBRraries nOT have SPelCHECKS? KEep IT Realz son!

          Thank god your ilk is being offed by the slow drive-by of gentrification.

  4. Mr. Alvarado killed on the street that bears his name.

    That’s gotta be pretty rare eh?

  5. If he riding dirty he bound to get caught up, don’t cry about the consequences if u ain’t bout that life.. He wasn’t innocent, no gang members are, he chose a life he wanted to live, no one forced him, no sympathy here

  6. Sad story but he was old enough to decide something better for himself 35 years old really still gang banging ?? So not worth it. They need to grow up

    • again he was not in a fucking gang . kate !!!!!!!!!!

      • Really Bella?? Was he a carnival worker…? Because he had tats all over him. Big top locos? Bugsy? Don’t use this platform to disseminate lies and intimidate the community. My question is where was the Family and the cops to intervene as this person dangled nightly on that street like a slow moving target. Injunction malfunction .

  7. Hey, it’s 3am, ya’ll go to sleep.
    If you’re not committing crimes, theres nothing going on at that hour.
    Don’t be ridiculous, normal law abiding citizens are safely in bed before 3am.

  8. Poor bugsey

  9. I was very sad to hear about John’s (Bugsey’s) death! And I am very sorry for his family’s loss and send my heartfelt condolences! I met him many years ago, through a mutual friend, when I needed help moving and had no one to help me and we became friends. We lost touch, after I moved away, 7 years ago but had occasion, back then, to talk about his life and how he wished he could have done things differently. I saw the good in him, as I do many people I meet! I knew who he was, what he did, where he came from and who his brother and friends were. I wished I could have helped him see that he could have started over, like I have and have tried to do with many people I have met, who were heading down a dangerous road and leading a not so safe life. Some were able to turn around and start over, others, sadly, have ended up like Bugsey. It breaks my heart! However, no matter what his lifestyle, I know he loved his family, especially his children and his parents! He would cry with me when we talked about them and I cried with him and for him, too! I believe that NOBODY deserves to be gunned down and taken from this world, the way he was, no matter what the circumstances are! I have lost several friends due to alcohol, substance abuse, violence, incarceration and I just wish it could stop! I lost another young friend to a senseless murder, 2 years ago and another friend that I have known since he was two years old, was almost stabbed to death in Echo Park, as well and is still in the hospital, fighting for his life! My Father was born and raised in Echo Park and I lived and worked there myself, for years and things there have changed and it is very sad to read about and hear about from my friends who still live there! I detest violence in every form and have been a victim, myself of violence and I did nothing to deserve that behavior coming from friends or foes! It doesn’t matter where Bugsey was, what time it was, where he was going or what he was doing, his murder was senseless and I hope that the person or persons responsible are caught or do the right thing and turn themselves in and pay for what they did to John Benjamin Alvarado! Rest In Peace, Bugsey! Despite everything, you had a big heart! This I know! You will be missed by those who knew the man you were inside and the for the good you did do in your short lifetime!

  10. Wonder what he could of been if he had left the neighborhood and gang.

  11. Sleep in peace bugsy

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