Hillary hater leaves a mark on Silver Lake

Anti-Hillary graffiti at the Silver Lake Dog Park. | Photo by Thomas

SILVER LAKE — The graffiti in Silver Lake has recently taken on a political overtone, with the words “Hillary Lied People” scrawled across a bulletin board display case at the Silver Lake Dog Park. More of the same graffiti was spotted along the Silver Lake Reservoir walking path, according to residents.

“Seems so out of character for our neighborhood,” said Casey Revkin-Maugér of the graffiti, which is apparently in reference to former Secretary of State and potential Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Revkin-Maugér said that efforts to get the graffiti, which has been around for  about a  week, cleaned up have taken too long. A Silver Lake resident named Thomas, who snapped the photo above, submitted an online clean up request to the city’s Anti-Graffiti Request System. However, the request, which was assigned to the local graffiti clean up crew, was cancelled and reassigned to the the Recreation and Parks Department, according to a response Thomas received from the city. However, as of this morning, the bulletin board display cased remained marked up.

“We are surprised and a little outraged that the City has declined to remove this offensive graffiti,” said Revkin-Maugé.


  1. Tea bagger taggers… that’s new.

    • Pretty sure no tea party in Silver Lake.

      By the way it says “Hilary Lied People Died” which I’m sure is in reference to the Benghazi scandal… which is true…

      Last thing we need is Clinton.2

      • if, as you claim, this vandal’s statement is true, what exactly was it that she lied about which caused anyone to die?

        • Well, she did vote for the Iraq War. I’m certainly not endorsing this graffiti, but she’s probably more hawkish than drone-wielding Obama, and it’s sad that so many are willing to settle for further corporate dominance of the Democratic Party just so a woman can be nominated in 2016.

          For someone who really values peace, economic fairness, and sustainability (and who happens to be a woman), one should look to someone like 2012’s Green Party nominee Jill Stein. As for Hillary Clinton, one might as well vote for Condoleezza Rice.

          But again, spray-painting in public parks is not the way to go. In fact, it’s probably better not to encourage this type of thing by publishing a photo of the graffiti in a media story.

          • If you think the Iraq war was bad, just wait a few weeks until the next Iraqi civil war kicks off. ISIS, the Sunni extremist group that even Al Qaeda thinks is too radical, is on the verge of taking over Baghdad. Saddam Hussein wasn’t a good guy, but when we invaded Iraq, we stirred a hornet’s nest that isn’t going to calm down any time soon.

        • U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens was among four Americans killed in an attack by Muslim protesters on the U.S. consulate compound in Benghazi.

          • There is no scandal… just a bunch of hyperbolic pols and talking heads trying to score political points over an unfortunate event.

  2. Taggers, whether gangbangers or non-gangbangers, are scumbags. I’d be willing to bet we can’t pin this one on gangs.

  3. Hillary Duff. She is always up to no good.

  4. I’m willing to bet its the D-bag that used to claim that he was the mayor of the dog park. He used to walk in and stick an American flag on the side of the community board. Always spouting his political beliefs just loud enough for everyone else to hear. Everybody got sick of him and apparently kicked him out for a while.

  5. Casey Revkin-Maugér

    Update. I contacted our Councilman Mitch O’Farrell about the graffiti, and he and his office have been incredibly proactive in working to remove the eyesore. I expect it will be cleaned up very quickly now that his office is on it..

  6. The headline is a bit harsh.

  7. Im wondering why this is automatically a political issue at all? What if its some guy pissed at his ex-girlfriend ‘HILLARY’ who lied and possibly walks her dog at this park? Maybe the headline should read: ‘APPARENT Hillary Clinton Hater…’ Either way this is BS.

  8. This doesn’t make sense. The right has co opted the old left trope, “Bush Lied People Died” which obviously refers to the misinformation used to justify going to war with Iraq where thousands of people died. With Bengazi, if you believe there’s a scandal there, it’s the misinformation after the event where four people lost their lives. So, it really ought to be, “People Died Hillary Lied.”

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